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By: snsaldana
Scott Hale Plumbing Heating & Air
We have worked with Scott Hale on several projects in our home. Our initial appointment was for a tune-up. Upon learning of our systems' inefficiencies, we then had a new AC and furnace installed. We subsequently raised some questions about our purchase, and the company took the time to visit us at home to talk more about it. We were invited to visit their office and speak with employees, and we had a delightful experience learning how things work within the company to provide quality service and customer care. We were then given a complimentary service protection plan (SPP). We used the SPP to have a whole home inspection of plumbing. We then had toilets rehung and multiple plumbing tweaks throughout the home. I was most excited that Scott Hale was also able to vent our basement dryer outside. We were informed of a plumbing need in the shower which turned out to be a misdiagnosis. In the end, through another visit from the wonderful plumber, Anthony, we discovered a tub leak had not been properly fixed (by another company as an emergency call). The larger issue was a leak in the shower piping (not the shower pan as initially thought and planned to repair). Scott Hale's employees performed a great amount of work to fix that leak and replace the hardware then did not bill us. Scott Hale has gone the extra mile to ensure we are satisfied with the work and pleased with their customer service. It has become a sincere pleasure to work with this company, and we have grown to trust them and will rely on them for future plumbing, heating, and air conditioning needs. Further, they work closely with a subcontractor for drywall, painting, and handyman work. This person did fantastic work for us to repair the ceiling and wall damaged by the leak as well as the ceiling patch for the dryer venting to the outside. I would recommend Scott Hale highly. This company provides prompt service, performs high quality work, and cares enough to put forth extra effort and diligence to optimize the customer's experience.
By: jessicaramirez
Superior Water & Air
So our water heater went out and my husband and I decided to get a couple of bids. 1 of the guys didn't even show up. Another quoted $700 PLUS CODE Uprades but wouldn't clarify the cost of the upgrades before hand-- That made us feel pretty wary. The last quote was through Home Depot they set up an appt from their installer-- Superior Water & Air. Their quote, was actually a little higher than the 2nd guy, But it was all inclusive and up front. They including upgrading the exhaust chimney pipe-- I guess ours was too small. They got a permit, the city came out and inspected the install, they had included about 5 other upgrades-- Including a little blue tank that sits on top of the water heater-- to bring it up to code, so their Price was actually a lot lower since they included everything in the price and didn't try to nickle and dime you with all of the upgrades like the other guys. Again, none of the other guys mentioned a permit or inspection, so they can probably cut some corners and do it for a little less since they are just changing out the tank--, but since my kids have bedrooms downstairs I like the idea of doing it right and having the exhaust chimney upgraded-- I really like the guys from superior, they fixed some issues with our dyer exhaust while they were there, they put a runner on the floor and were careful with the walls, they even covered their shows since it was wet and snowy outside-- Oh and we were able to put it on a home depot card at 0 percent interest for 18 months. I love these guys, I have seen few other comments from people saying the quote was expensive, but when the guys from the city left the inspection paperwork, I saw that the Inspecton fee was $80 and Superior had taken care of that-- They didn't try to add it on after the fact. I think that is the honest way to do business and I will definately call these guys again Jessica and James
By: nadiaplinkett
Scott Hale Plumbing Heating & Air
My husband and I are writing to commend the excellent service provided by Paul, Josh, and Colin reconstructing our sewer line and installing a new water line from the meter to our house. While no homeowner ever dreams of having an eight-foot-deep trench twenty feet long dug in their front yard, the professionalism Paul, Josh and Colin demonstrated made the experience less traumatic.Last April, Paul and Josh arrived at our home to address a drainage problem. They inspected the sewer line as best could be done with the camera and explained what appeared on the screen. They returned to explain the options to correct possible problems. My husband and I appreciated their through and low key discussion of the possible options that might be necessary. That same day, they promptly ad efficiently arranged for jet cleaning of the sewer line, repeat camera inspection, marking of necessary utility lines, permits and delivery of equipment. We appreciated the plywood placed over the lawn to prevent covering the grass with dirt. We appreciated that the work discussed in advanced was the work actually performed. There were no unpleasant surprises or delays. Paul, Josh and Colin were courteous and respectful and extremely hard-working. Josh and Colin skillfully operated the backhoe. You can be proud of their work. Respectfully, N and J Plinkett.
By: yukon1244
Superior Water & Air
I first found out about Superior Water and Air when I spoke with a duct cleaning representative at my local Costco.  I figured that if Costco trusted them then I should have them give me a no obligation bid and see what it would look like to clear out all the dust coming from our vents.Their representative named Guy came out and once he was able to assess everything and our particular set up (which was not common) he provided us with a very detailed and easy to understand plan.  He was not pushy or shady feeling at all.  He explained really what would be the best for our home long term.We scheduled an appointment and had Guy and Tim come out to provide the service since he was the one most familiar with it.  They were very professional and put cloths down to be respectful of our carpets and rooms.Once the service was complete, we were very satisfied and glad that we had it done by Superior.  My wife who is very sensitive to dust has been breathing much better ever since.I would highly recommend Superior for any service due to my experience.
By: t-roy10
Superior Water & Air
Bought a Hague Soft Water system in 2001 from a different company. The tank ruptured, I called the company I bought it from, they explained that the tank had a 25 year warranty and to call Superior Water as they are now the authorized dealer for Hague. The Service manager came to my house and confirmed it needed to be replaced. He explained, I would have to pay for the shipping of the new tank, probably $500ish. I thought it was fair and expected based on warranty literature. He ordered it, called me when it was in, set up an appointment, called me the day before to confirm, called me on their way. Martin and Trent showed up, both very nice, pleasant and professional. They were here about an hour switching everything out and listening to my BS. They made no mess and everything is working great. I paid with my CC and offered them a beer, (they graciously declined because they were on the clock.) :-). These 2 guys were great, I would let Martin and Trent in my house again.
By: Julie T.
Superior Water & Air
Our family has been researching Air Filtration/Purifiers for a few months and thought we would test-try out a small unit in our home. I have severe allergies to pet dandruff and outside pollen. I wasn't expecting a huge improvement but that is exactly what we saw! We got an awesome deal and quote and scheduled installation! All of the employees working in our home were professional and did not detour from their job. They did detailed work and got the job done! Cleaned out our air vents in a proficient and timely manner as well as helped unblock a vent that had a soda can in it from the builders! I was given easy instructions on when and how to take care of our air scrubber as well as filter. I feel that they did an outstanding job, cleaned up their mess and helped us have a new start to clean air in our home! Thank you Cody, Tyler and Quentin, and Especially Jeff Buck. We will continue to refer friends and family to you guys and appreciate the job you all did!
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By: Jules C.
Superior Water & Air
OW...The BEST service ever! If you want honest quality of work then James Cadigan is the guy to ask for. No lie. My family and I are so grateful for all of James hard work. We had a water heater leak. James was able to come out and take a look at it and give us some good options. He was able to install a new one and redo the piping the same day. He was very honest and informative from the beginning to end. What really impressed us the most was how he made sure that things were done carefully and correctly. He didn't take any short cuts. He takes responsibility for his work and truly did the best that he can. He didn't make or leave a mess. End result looks amazing. Again, if you want the best this is it. Excellent customer service. Great morals and ethics. Professional, concise and caring with outstanding results. Thank you so much! We are definitely recommending you and if ever we have heating,water or air problem you'd be the first we'll call.
By: formermarine
Superior Water & Air
These guys installed a Noritz Tankless Water Heater and it has worked Fabulously. With 5 kids, it seemed that someone always got stuck with Cold Water, We now can now run 3 showers at the same time and have the Laundry going. The install wasn't cheap, but I did do my research and feel that we got the best value. They upgraded the gas line and meter, they included a conditioner/ descaler to prevent scale buildup which is something to worry about with our Riverton Hard Water, and they ran new ventilation PVC Pipes about 20 feet worth through a finished basement. I like the fact that they don't surprise you wit additional charges-- Its all included with no extra charges. They made some cuts in the ceiling, but as promised, sent a drywaller who refinished the area all at no additional charge. They did everything they said they would do and more. I'm a hard guy to please but would gladly recommend Superior Water & AIr.
By: baileyc730
Scott Hale Plumbing Heating & Air
Scott Hale has earned a new loyal customer. I called the first thing Friday morning to have my AC looked at. The gal on the phone was terrific. Pleasant, professional and concerned about my problem. She sent me a Tech and he was here in less than 30 minutes. Justin was professional and pleasant and also concerned. He explained my problem, gave me options on its repair and got to it immediately, all along explaining what he was doing. Your industry has its clients at the mercy of the contractor. At any point a contractor could take advantage of its customer and sell him more than he actually needs. The client is oblivious as to what the aspects are for what he needs, he simply wants it handled.Justin was great. I compliment you on your team. I wish that every company, contractor or business I deal with had as much character and honesty as yours. My thanks for a job well done.
By: Terry R.
Superior Water & Air
Courtney came out and diagnosed my A/C and found the problem quickly. He communicated what was wrong and how to fix it in terms I could understand, then ordered the parts I needed. Came back when the parts came in and installed them with no problems. Turned the unit on and now I have A/C again. Clean appearance, asked to use shoe covers in my house. Professional skills, able to find the problem quickly and had the knowledge to fix it. (The last company I used sent three different guys four different times and they still couldn't get it to work.) He even took a minute to pet my new puppy, I know it seems silly but little things that all add up to excellent customer service. I learned about Superior Water and Air from my next door neighbor and I'll be happy to pass on a 5 Star recomendation when someone ask me for a referral.
Tips & Advices
You can keep your air conditioner running efficiently with some preventative care measures. Shut off the power to your AC before cleaning it or performing any of these tasks:  clean your filter at least twice a year; remove leaves and twigs from cages; clean the fins with a garden hose or special spray, then use a butter knife to straighten any that are crooked; keep your yard clean so the fins won't get blocked; cover the unit up for winter; and make sure it's level or you run the risk of damaging the inner workings of the unit.
To clean your air conditioner drain, first shut off the power to your unit at both the thermostat and the breaker. Then remove the drain pan. If the pan is full of water, soak up the liquid with a few towels or rags or use a wet vacuum. You can use a solution of water and distilled vinegar, or substitute peroxide for the vinegar, to clean out the drain pipe. Let the pipe sit for a while in the solution and then put all the parts back in place. Once you start using your air conditioner on a regular basis, check it periodically to ensure condensation isn't building up.
If you happen to live in a hot and humid area of the country, drainage problems can occur with your unit since moisture can trap itself inside the system. Routine maintenance can cut down on drainage issues by cleaning out any mold or algae from blocking the drain. If you notice moldy smells whenever you turn the thermostat down, check on your system.
If you notice your system is acting inconsistently, the sensor is most likely out of place. Turn off the unit and reach behind its control panel while carefully bending the sensor back into place near the evaporative coil.
Find out where the noises are coming from. A banging or clanking sound could be due to a loose part. If you hear a hissing sound, it's most likely because of a refrigerant leak and you should contact an HVAC technician as soon as possible.

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