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By: sabrinajordan
Prime Time Pizza
This pizza is ridiculously awesome. Best pizza in Salem? Try best pizza in Oregon. Or America. Maybe the Universe. This pizza could probably cure cancer. I cut my hand with a knife last week and just rubbed a slice of Green Monster on it. BAM! It healed up instantly, like I was f'ing Wolverine. Another time, I stopped and got a Extra Large Power Forward on the way home from work and came across a bunch of police surrounding an apartment complex. As I pulled up, I witnessed a man dangling a baby over the third floor balcony. Without hesitation, I ran forward, pizza in hand, and just as he dropped the baby from the balcony, I threw the pizza to break its fall. Miraculously, the baby was unharmed, and the man on the balcony was dead. Cause of death? Blocked airway... a chunk of Italian Sausage, to be presice.This pizza performs miracles. It can save lives. It can heal the sick. It can probably even get you a girlfriend. Buy this pizza today. And tomorrow. And every day for the rest of your life.
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By: Mark T.
Padington's Pizza Parlor
Ordered a pizza to go and was told 45 min is that ok? after about 35min I asked how it was going. It is not in the oven yet. I asked again 10 min later and was told it was the next to come out. 10-12 more came out and not mine. 45 min passed and no pizza like I was told. Finally, after I waited over 1 hr and 10 min after being told 45 min the # was called. No wonder I don't patronize Padingtons, haven't got what I was told! High prices. ?????
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By: Elizabeth A.
Domino's Pizza
Awesome place, good food. Ordered pizza and a sandwich. I didn't like what they had so they changed the sandwich a bit for me, asked for no bacon. When food got here I realized there was bacon on my sandwich (I'm allergeic) so I called and asked about it. He made me a new one, delivered with no charge, and gave me 3 dollars off next time I order. Great place. Thanks guys :)
By: forest.adair
Donatello's Pizza
This place was amazing, you have to come try their pizza! The NW is the best; however, the NY is just as good. The NW pizza taste just like Pietro's, and Walery's pizza, you have to come try it out. There is even a game room, a TV, and a jukebox for the whole family to enjoy
By: claudia.keltz.9
Little Caesars Pizza
I really like there pizza and the cheese bread is super yummy . The service is great on lancaster and silverton road . Thanks for always giving me great food !!!!!!! ooh p.s. the price is terrific for such goodness .
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By: Benjamin T.
Padington's Pizza
Always the best... Bottom line! HUMDINGER!!! The ingredients are amazing and very consistent high quality. Thank you for doing the lunch pizzas as well. That kind of value and taste for the money cannot be matched.
By: Shai F.
Walery's Premium Pizza
Always friendly people and amazing food!!! Always leaves you wanting to come back......Don't forget there homemade ranch!!!!
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By: repo_girl
Pizza Hut
For the most part the pizza is wonderful. Hot and fresh and exactly what was expected. The service seriously sucks.
By: charles
Donatello's Pizza
The food is Amazing!!! The pizza is the Best in town!!! Would Recommend to Everyone.......
By: roguerafter
Padington's Pizza
Simply the best pizza in town and one of the best if not the best pizza in Oregon.

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