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By: Douglas R.
Barrow Construction, Inc.
Initially, I would have given Buba and Barrow Construction a B or B+ for the work performed despite some minor things that were never completed. As to the length of the project, I would have to give him an F. What was suppose to be a 2-3 month timeline from start to finish, ended up taking a full 6 months, and then not everything was finished since Buba had already moved on to other projects and was not willing to attend to the remaining work. What was so frustrating for me was the constant excuses he would give me as to why things were taking so long. Finally it occurred to me that Barrow Construction was either over extended in it's projects, was having serious financial problems, or both. As to the financial problems, that's a certainty. Upon near completion of the project, Buba was given a deposit in the amount of $1,500 for some roof work I was going to have him do as well. Shortly afterwards, he told me he would not be doing the roof and would refund my deposit. It's now been over two months and despite my many efforts to reach out to him, he has chosen to ignore my demands. If that wasn't bad enough, a few weeks ago I received a lien notice from one of his subcontractor's lawyer stating that I was responsible for an unpaid bill in the amount of $1,100. Finally, his stated 12 month warranty will not be honored in regard to a plumbing problem I encountered two weeks following completion, or a window that I pointed out was cracked at the time it was installed or soon thereafter. Since it now spans the entire length of the window, I notified Buba again after numerous previous efforts that my tenant was concerned for her safety as Irma was approaching, but again my concerns were completely ignored. I pleaded with him in my last e-mail to please just make this right and avoid the headache and expense that we're both going to have to endure through this process, but again my efforts were ignored and no response whatsoever. Doug Ronco Wabash Rentals LLC 727-459-3937 10/7/17 It's now been over 3 months and I'm preparing to take Barrow Construction to small claims court. He has chosen to ignore the extensive documentation I've submitted to the BBB and will soon have his rating lowered substantially when his second 10 business day timeframe has expired to address my grievances. This week I'm going to be filing a complaint with extensive documentation to the Pinellas Board of Licensing Contractors to see if they're willing to do anything.
By: Ed G.
J B Import Automotive Repair
Ryan and his crew always do a great job and will take good care of their valued clients! Highly recommended.
By: Mike M.
Rainbow Muffler
Today was my first visit to Rainbow Muffler based other clients comments. Like most of the positive comments, I had a great experience with the professions that worked on my 1968 Camaro RS. They recommended a deep throated muffler system, fixed my drivers door handle and a marker light and parking light. Each mechanic was friendly and professional. No rip off at this shop. I'll be back anytime 'Camie' needs some maintenance. Do Not Heasitate to call or stop in.You'll find knowledgable and friendly stall!Mike (from 'Madeira Beach'.
By: Carla M.
PoFolks Restaurant
I was visiting my sister st from Venice to attend church ,4/9/17 with my sister & a quick lunch. Very busy after church crowd. When we were escorted to our two top table that is located in the path of a door way, I asked for another table & the hotess and manager refused to allows us to sit at another table across from where we were sitting. To say the least we left.I'll never go there again. The food maybe good. Hotess & manager suck!!!
By: Damion A.
Anchor Central Automotive
He replaced my serpentine belt and 2 days later it broke and he expected me to pay for the product again. I had another mechanic look and he said it as the wrong belt to begin with.
By: Michael K.
Jerry's Automotive Service
I was down in Florida to visit my 90 year old father. he had a clicking noise in steering wheel of his car and his long time shop told him it would be over 900 to repair. My dad did not trust what he heard. I looked up shops on line and after calling a up few Jerry was jammed buy agreed to look at it while I waited that day.I took him 30 seconds to check it out, show me what was wrong and gave us a price of 200 plus tax and set up appointment for the next day.Picked up car next day with noise gone, showed me old part and bill was exactly what he said it would be.I have been in the automotive field for 45 years and I was impressed that he did business the way EVERYONE should do it.Thank You Jerry.Michael Kohler, Westtown NY
By: Elise H.
Mahoney Auto Repair
My 2500 Chevy truck almost didn’t make it to Mahoney’s. I was assured they would diagnose and repair my vehicle. In just a few hours the work was complete. Mahoney’s claimed the problem was just a faulty MAF sensor which they replaced. Only $224.00 and two miles later I made it home, although something did not seem right. The next day my truck drove worse than ever. I finally took it to Maher Chevy where they correctly diagnosed the issue for $89. Turns out the turbo-up pipe was cracked, and it needed replacing. Now I’m no mechanic, but it’s obvious to me Mahoney’s had no idea what was wrong. Would an honest mechanic create a diagnosis and complete unnecessary maintenance just make a buck? No way! I would not recommend this place to anyone.
By: Lorene D.
Anglo Homes
Anglo did a remodel on my dining room and was supposed to fix a leaky slider. The next rain it still still leaked. They came back and again said it was fixed. During the Aug storm we had a major leak no flooding. I had an inspector out to find the problem. He wrote a description of a slider pan installed incorrectly that was causing the leak. I have spoken the Adam once and he said he would get back to me. That was 3 weeks ago. I have left many messages with the owner Henry as well. I am very dissatisfied..
By: Nelida V.
Rainbow Muffler
A bunch of scammers. These people overcharge me for parts and did a bad job. Did not solve the problem. Took my car to another shop and the problem was the coil. Nothing to do with a starter or belts which what the rainbow muffler shop changed. They need to stick to mufflers and leave the real job to those that know what they're doing. Dana treats you nice to then rob you blind. Shame on them all.
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By: Lorena T.
Bay Area Auto Glass
That is a wrong address. We went yesterday there to submit a complaint and we couldn't find any information of this "company " . Very dissapointed.
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