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By: Victoria B.
Urban Style Flats
AVOID! I lived in this building in 2012 soon after it first opened and it was HORRIBLE. Not because they were just getting on their feet but because it was so unsafe! The security guards were never around and because of this cars kept getting broken into, including my own. They showed me the footage and a man walked around the parking lot for 20 minutes before breaking into my car and security was no where to be seen. On new years my neighbor came downstairs soaked blood grabbing his face and ran outside screaming and the guard on duty did nothing! I had to call the police and handle the situation, he was apparently slashed in the face by his roommate. The management is a sham, the building is terribly constructed and as soon as my lease was up I left for Fusion 1560 in a similar area but much safer. I know everyone has different experiences in every building but between my car getting broken into, my stuff being stolen, my neighbor being stabbed, and the handy man CONSTANTLY coming into my room unannounced and leaving me gifts, I would not recommend this to anyone.
By: Suzy L.
Skyline Fifth Luxury Apartments
If you like feeling like you live in a dog pound, move here... because you will hear yapping dogs 24x7! It's crazy!!!
By: Georgia R.
Urban Style Flats
This place is a cesspool. Over run by bugs, garbage everywhere, and dont forget the urine and fecal matter that litters the hallways - and not to mention they clean the carpets about once a month. The elevators break on a weekly basis, the laundry room is broken on almost a weekly basis, and the wifi doesnt work even though that what was promised in your lease. And take a look at the air vents in the hallways and elevators... caked with dirt and grime. They dont even try to cover up how filthy this place is. Oh yea and if you didnt know your advised to boil your water at urban style flats "just to be safe"... I didnt realize Florida is considered a third world country. I hope to god the health department shuts this place down, it is down right unsanitary and unsafe.
By: Paula D.
Urban Style Flats
Cable used to be part of your lease. Not anymore. Parking within a mile used to be possible, without having to spend $60 A MONTH to park in their new parking deck. A/C units do not cool apartments and end up costing you $100 plus a month in electric bills. No water pressure in the shower (it's a trickle) and usually no hot water either. Elevators constantly broken down. People don't clean up after their dogs, and lock them in their apartment all day long, where they howl and bark, making the complex sound like the humane society. The bar downstairs is a constant source of noise. Drunks on their patio will keep you awake until 3AM, and on the weekends, they blast music so loud into the courtyard, it knocks pictures of the walls and shelves in your apartment. Complaints fall on deaf ears. I have lived in probably 20 different apartment complexes in my life, and this is by far the worst. STAY AWAY.
By: urbanstyleflats
Urban Style Flats
I moved into Urban style flats, never really taking a close look. Once I moved in the depth of my mistake became apparent. One there is "NO" parking i mean (none) at all they don't have a useable parking lot. Something that may seem not that big of a deal. every resident here has gotten towed at least 4-5 times (please ask them if you make the mistake of coming here) . Who wants to drive around for an hour looking for parking with groceries in the car, then carry them a mile. They tell you that they have parking in the back lot when you sign your lease, this is a huge lie!! the waiting list for the small back lot is almost a 1 year no one stays here after a year so you will never get to. When you have guest they will get towed as well, there is nowhere for them to park at all. Let say your having friends over, it always a huge inconvenience trying to find them parking. The Ray game, a one mile radius is blocked off you can barely make it to the surrounding 5 blocks all the cross streets have barricades. there are about 100 home game that spread throughout the summer over half the year so you WILL have to walk blocks just to get to your apartment, and and you will have to move your car every two Hrs because there isn't any long term spaces nearby. My first day - My apartment was filthy the grout in the bathroom was brown the shower still had hard water stains on the tile. The tub was orange from rust all the pipe in this building are from the 60's so the water comes our rusty and orange (including drinking water). I could go on about how when you get out of the shower, you feel like you have a layer of residue all over and your hair gross, but plan on buying all of your drinking water, you won't want to clean your dishes much less drink the stuff. This place is ghetto and unsafe i literally carried a knife for a while, just to walk the dog. there are homeless people wondering the halls checking for unlocked doors, hood rats in the gym with dread and shirtless sweating all over the machines. When you walk the halls is smells of dog urine and weed. there is always homeless people and your neighborhood hood rat trying to con you out of something as you hit the sidewalk. The air-conditioning HAHAHA if you can call it that. In the middle of summer don't think for a second these little crappy window units will keep your place cool. you will get home from a long day at work and your place will be 85 degrees. The sound emitted from the unit is 92 decibels I measured it from my iPhone app this may not seem bad but wait until you want to watch TV, listen to the radio, relax in quite. there is a constant humming of the AC that never ever stops. Once the compressor kicks in it will wake you from your sleep. It make this place feel like a ran down motel not a place you want to live for any duration. The elevator they rarely work and everyone has a constant fear of getting locked in them. (THAT HAPPENS ONCE A WEEK) no joking. There are usually 2 working elevators throughout the year if your lucky. Two elevators for the entire ghetto community of thousands. It isn't uncommon to wait 7-8 min per elevator run due to over use. when the other two do open up usually only for a few days before someone gets stuck. there has been hundreds of request to fix and they just keep saying they are getting a new one. its been almost a years and it has become a common joke in the stairwells. If you visit i won't you to run up 7 flights of stair and back down and consider doing this several times a day. (I workout almost everyday of my life) buy by the time you find parking 1 mile away and carry groceries up 7 flight then back down to run errands what ever you have on is steeped in sweat.
By: rl4273
Urban Style Flats
Keep looking! More cons than pros!Cons:-they have a grassy lot for parking which you cant park in on certain rays home game. that leaves 70+ cars fighting for about 25 two hours spaces around the complex. - the apartment has horrible infrastructure- pipes break, bathroom ceiling caved in. -internet is super slow. must buy equipment to make it faster -elevators and laundry are down almost every other week-residents are not too friendly-trash chutes stink 24/7 which leaks into the hallway -maintenance takes forever-people say management isn't the friendliest, which i haven't experienced. Although they aren't nicer than the front desk staff and janitors. - they have wall ac units which can get expansive quick. good luck in the summer - trop has events that can get loud such as battle of the bandsPros:-the overall building is nicely decorated.-nice area...really close to everything downtown - they give away a bunch of rays tickets on fb-there's security, but not at both entrances.
By: justin.kregear
Urban Style Flats
I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone. The younger crowd thinks it's ok to blast music thoughout the floor 24/7; especially on college breaks. Many more roaches than other apartments I've lived in; probably because the younger crowd is not as clean. The trash areas located by the elevator smell awful almost all the time. Management will lie to you; don't expect them to follow through on anything they say or be responsive to repairs. Maintenance comes into your apartment without giving any notice and once did not even leave a notice they came in. Your packages will be lost at the front desk; they will make it to you eventually but it may be several weeks later. Also, parking is terrible. They have a paid lot that works out fine but finding parking for guests is very challenging on game days.
By: nazcar
Urban Style Flats
Keep away from this place! They are only in it for the money. I always used to make rent payment online. NOW they start to charge you $10 'convenence fee' just to pay online! So they make you pay EXTRA $10 month to make rent payment online. Can you say RIP OFF?! Live here if you like throw away you hard earn money.
By: raysfan39
Urban Style Flats
Sorry guys but the review from LadyEmm is most definitely fake (employee most likely). Either that or she is a college student and her parents pay for her lifestyle and she is enjoying 'living' aka partying- here. If you are 22 and want to have a good time (and don't mind the occasional cockroach or horrible management), and money is no object, by all means, stay here. LadyEmm even says: "There is a young crowd living here, with young crowd type problems, but the maintenance/cleaning crew is always on top of it." What she means is the cleaning staff will probably clean up you neighhbor's puke in the hallway within 24 hours. Also,, urine in stairwell (pets?) tho I suppose it could be a sorrority girl who had a little too much fun. If you are a young professional, or even 'older', like me (30-something..GASP!) looking for a quiet, affordable place- STAY AWAY! I talk to all my neighbors, not 1 single person has ever told me they enjoy living here. Also they will tow your car in a heartbeat. Also, I wish I could give ZERO stars but 1 is the lowest.
By: ladyemm
Urban Style Flats
The makeover on this place is truly incredible. Everything has a fun, modern feel - it makes me happy each day. The building has some of the BEST views in all of downtown! Seriously, I have a million dollar view for less than 1,000 a month: all of downtown, the bay, the sunrise... it's AMAZING. The gym has a personal trainer, there is a bike room, the concierges are warm and friendly, the pool is big, the utilities are FREE... I honestly feel so incredibly blessed to have found this place. The square footage is small, and the place is still being renovated, but COME ON this place is soo much better than its price tag! There is a young crowd living here, with young crowd type problems, but the maintenance/cleaning crew is always on top of it. This place is awesome. Check it out.

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