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By: Douglas R.
Barrow Construction, Inc.
Initially, I would have given Buba and Barrow Construction a B or B+ for the work performed despite some minor things that were never completed. As to the length of the project, I would have to give him an F. What was suppose to be a 2-3 month timeline from start to finish, ended up taking a full 6 months, and then not everything was finished since Buba had already moved on to other projects and was not willing to attend to the remaining work. What was so frustrating for me was the constant excuses he would give me as to why things were taking so long. Finally it occurred to me that Barrow Construction was either over extended in it's projects, was having serious financial problems, or both. As to the financial problems, that's a certainty. Upon near completion of the project, Buba was given a deposit in the amount of $1,500 for some roof work I was going to have him do as well. Shortly afterwards, he told me he would not be doing the roof and would refund my deposit. It's now been over two months and despite my many efforts to reach out to him, he has chosen to ignore my demands. If that wasn't bad enough, a few weeks ago I received a lien notice from one of his subcontractor's lawyer stating that I was responsible for an unpaid bill in the amount of $1,100. Finally, his stated 12 month warranty will not be honored in regard to a plumbing problem I encountered two weeks following completion, or a window that I pointed out was cracked at the time it was installed or soon thereafter. Since it now spans the entire length of the window, I notified Buba again after numerous previous efforts that my tenant was concerned for her safety as Irma was approaching, but again my concerns were completely ignored. I pleaded with him in my last e-mail to please just make this right and avoid the headache and expense that we're both going to have to endure through this process, but again my efforts were ignored and no response whatsoever. Doug Ronco Wabash Rentals LLC 727-459-3937 10/7/17 It's now been over 3 months and I'm preparing to take Barrow Construction to small claims court. He has chosen to ignore the extensive documentation I've submitted to the BBB and will soon have his rating lowered substantially when his second 10 business day timeframe has expired to address my grievances. This week I'm going to be filing a complaint with extensive documentation to the Pinellas Board of Licensing Contractors to see if they're willing to do anything.
By: Doug J.
Ace High Painting & Construction
This company does not pull permits and will do major structural work without a General Contracting license. They do electrical and plumbing work without being licensed. The texture is the worst texturing I've ever seen. For advertising that they have been in business for over 20+ years one would think they knew how to texture and paint. They quote a job low, then add for doing extra work they say needs to be done, that didn't. Sloppy, unorganized work. They are the most unprofessional people I've met in the business. They do not even start work until 10-11am, are only there for a couple hours, leaves, then says they are going to need more time to complete the work. There are enough bad reviews to be warned of this company.
By: Dennis K.
Resource Property Management
This place needs to work on their customer management skills. I’m a new owner in the Isla area thinking I would receive a friendly welcome to the neighborhood. Unfortunately the only thing I’ve received from Resource Management is heavily enforced rules, forms that need to be filled out and charges for the services they provided.
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By: Mon'a D.
Rex Rentals & Realty
I Only Put 1 Star Because You Can't Put No Stars! This Has Been The Worst Year Of My Life Renting From Them! First When We Moved In We Have A Roach Problems 1 Week After Moving In! And It Wasn't Like They Were Small, They Were The Really Big Ones With Wings! So there Was No Way They Could Say We Brought Them With Us(We Have Never Had A Roach Problem). Whe Not called About This Problem We Were Told That's Was Not There Problem But Our Problem Even Though They Were Clearly There Before Us! That's Not Even a The Worst, The Guy Kym Who Runs It Is Very Rude And Nasty! The Person We Usually Deals With (Ms.B Was The Sweetest, Understanding Person Ever) Quit Because Of Kym The Manager And The Way He Talks To People. Now We Have To Deal With The New Girl Who Has No Idea What She Is Doing! We Have Had To Have Plumbers Come Out 2 Times Within The Last 3 Months And Both Times They Said That Our Pipe Lining Was bad And We Had Roots Growing In The Pipes And Thats Why We Were Having The Problems With The Toilet Not Flushing And The Shower And Sinks Not Draining Or Getting Backed Up In One Of The Bathrooms! Now Today We Get A Letter Saying We Have To Pay Them 82.50 For The Bill Because They " supposedly found tampons in The pipes" But No One Ever Told Us This Into Now AND NO ONE IN OUR HOUSE USES TAMPONS! When Asked Why The Plumbers Never Told Us This The New Girl Onya Said They Don't Have To Tell You anything! But This Is My house Where I Pay Lights Water And Rent! What Do You Mean? PLEASE DO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY A FAVOR DO NOT EVER RENT FROM THEM!
By: Bonnie B.
Terry G Perkins Construction
Terry G Perkins Construction did a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, utility room addition to my house. I am completely unsatisfied and angry. My hardwood floors buckled almost immediately. Terry tried 3 or 4 low costs ways of fixing the problem, everything short of fixing the problem. He never refinished the floors although he promised to. He also chose a horrible HVAC system from a company with a horrible reputation (Nordyne). From day one it would not cool the addition. The installer came back multiple times and was unable to make it cool properly. Parts rusted on the outside compressor and two coils have failed. Terry acknowledged that it was a poor system but did nothing to correct this problem. I asked him if he would pay half the cost of a new system from a reputable company, and he refused to do that. He did acknowledge that it was a poor choice but he basically said his choice was my problem not his. In addition literally thousands of dollars worth of jewelry was stolen by subcontractors working the job. There is no way of proving this but they were the only ones with access to the house when the jewelry went missing. I have not tried to hold Terry responsible for this, because I know that he would just blame the subcontractors (that he chose). I cannot recommend him and will certainly never use him again.
By: Marie L.
Resource Property Management
Leigh Tessler is unhelpful and useless. He ignores people. Problems don't get solved with him. You are a property management firm that is not doing a good job. Please hire someone that will actually help residents.
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By: Brittany D.
All County Suncoast Property Management
Very rude people who work for this company especially Sharon Konrad. I like where I live but wI'll br moving due to this property management if you can even consider calling them that. Not at all property management.
By: Lorene D.
Anglo Homes
Anglo did a remodel on my dining room and was supposed to fix a leaky slider. The next rain it still still leaked. They came back and again said it was fixed. During the Aug storm we had a major leak no flooding. I had an inspector out to find the problem. He wrote a description of a slider pan installed incorrectly that was causing the leak. I have spoken the Adam once and he said he would get back to me. That was 3 weeks ago. I have left many messages with the owner Henry as well. I am very dissatisfied..
By: Ali M.
All County Suncoast Property Management
I am compelled to write a review after seeing all these old negative reviews. I am an owner and All County manages my condo in Seminole, FL. My property manager, Alicia, is attentive to my questions and seems to really care about my property. I am a very happy owner and my tenants seem happy as well as they pay rent on time and keep my condo nice.
By: Ali M.
All County Suncoast Property Management
All County manages my Condo in Seminole and they have always been prompt with contacting me when the tenant has an issue. They are quick to fix any issues that arise and they are always prompt when I have questions. I am very happy with them! All my headaches of renting, tenants, plumbing and appliance issues have gone away!!
Tips & Advices
If there is ever a dispute regarding payment over the course of the project, a contractor or subcontractor could place a payment claim, or lien, on your property. To avoid this, ask the contractor to sign a lien release, which is a legal agreement that states that any payment accepted is final. This can come in handy if a contractor has his or her own payment issues with their subcontractors. Signing a lien release form certifies that any payment made by a client to the contractor is enough to pay for any goods or services rendered.
Absolutely ask. Paying too much up front offers the homeowner minimal leverage if the quality of work does not meet expectations or contractual specifications. Try to establish a reasonable pay schedule, such as paying 10 percent of the total cost for each 10 percent of the work that is completed. Include this payment plan in the contract, as well.
Before any money changes hands, there should be a contract to sign. Make sure the specifics of the work and all costs are listed in the contract, including details. If you forget to have something included in the contract after signing it, there's rarely a chance of recourse.
Ask the contractor for proof of their certification before signing anything, as well as their proof of insurance. You should also check your homeowners insurance policy to see if they offer coverage for contracted work. You may want to call your insurance provider and ask for more details on what your plan will and won't cover.
Yes. Plans for how the work site will be cleaned at the end of each day as well as at the conclusion of work need to be put in writing. An experienced general contractor should make every effort to keep the workspace clean and prevent dirtying or damaging any other area. Even so, talk with the contractor about the daily schedule, the logistics of transporting workers and equipment, and how cleanup will be handled.

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