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By: peggy.shackelford
Serve Virtual Enterprises Inc
I am another victim of this company. They hit my account 5 times for $200 ea within a day and a half. Thank goodness the bank stopped it and returned the money.
By: napafan
Serve Virtual Enterprises Inc
This company billed my Sears Citi card three times in January for a total of $250. I disputed it with Sears, they reversed it, closed the account, opened a new one transferred the balance *including* the $250. I disputed that they reversed it. Citi has now rebilled me, I have re-disputed, and told them that I will continue to dispute and not pay until Serve Virtual provide proof of service delivery. Well wait and see, but glad I found this site so I can prove to Citi that there is a track record.
By: richiemadden
Serve Virtual Enterprises Inc
Same here! $50 two times. Called the company and they said they process Amex gift cards. I have never purchased an American Express Gift Card. Fortunately Wells Fargo has "Wells Protect" so they are refunding me the $100 in fraud charges.
By: thatbex
Serve Virtual Enterprises Inc
Fraudulent charges still happening as of 2/4/13. Charged my credit card $50 four times over 2 days. Citi called a "Serve" rep while I was on the line and they took limited info and "confirmed" that I have no account with them. No explanation as to how the charges we allowed either by Serve or my cc company. Charges reversed and new card issued. I've had only regular usage in the Washington DC area with online use at Amazon and other national, on-line retailers. Not sure if Serve Virtual Ent is a front or just a pawn in the scam, but it looks like the damage is adding up nationally so hopefully a federal agency can step in and catch these jokers.
By: sue.dalpe
Serve Virtual Enterprises Inc
This is a fraudulent so called company. I was fortunate to look at my online statement when I did because they charged 6 charges totaling $250 to my credit card in the last two days. Discover card is awesome and closed the account immediately and I do not have to pay those charges. The person I spoke to heard about this company and knew they are thieves and they have a history of doing this. I just hope with the investigation they arrests these people. I did not want to give them even one star but apparently I need to at least give them one star in order to submit my comments!
By: barbara.killian
Serve Virtual Enterprises Inc
Fraud!!! I have had about $800.00 taken from my debit card and I can't believe there are people that want to steal others money when they won't work for their own. what a rip off this site is. Hope you all get caught.
By: jack.r.saraceno
Serve Virtual Enterprises Inc
This company is ridiculous. They charged me $50 and I never registered with them and never heard about them before today. Had to call my debit card company and cancel the card and report it as fraud. Is this a real company or an online company? If it is real how the heck did they get my debit card number?
By: lirantha
Serve Virtual Enterprises Inc
Happened to me, too - two credit card charges for $100 each, on Jan. 8 and 11. I've only been in Tallahassee and Ohio in the last 6 months and my card hasn't left my possession, so if it's a problem with someone passing receipts, it's probably from one of those two places. Unless everyone else posting here is from Tallahassee/Ohio, my guess is that an internet vendor got hacked.Jason J. Hogg, Patrick Graf, and Nicholas P. Johns are all listed as officers in Serve, according to (which pulls its data from the Florida Department of State - confirmed by cross-checking on the DoS's site, Those three as well as someone named Abhijeet Ambegaonkar are also listed as officers in a company called DigiCro LLC. It is or was a registered business with the Florida DoS (Foreign Limited Liability) with an address listed as C/O Revolution Money, Inc. (the credit card business run by Jason Hogg that was renamed Serve after it was bought by American Express in 2010). It's registered as a software development company, and has filed no annual reports; a Google search also pulled up DigiCro as the name of a Playstation game (Digital Number Crossword). The addresses for Revolution Money/Serve and DigiCro are identical through 2012, when Serve filed to list its new address as the World Financial Center in New York.Abhijeet Ambegaonkar and Patrick Graf pop up again together here, from sometime around 2009-2010 based on the last news posts: - where Abhijeet Ambegaonkar is described as an expert in international markets and Patrick Graf as someone who has launched industry disruptive companies. Meanwhile, the only Abhijeet Ambegaonkar on Facebook is listed as a system administrator at FinIQ Consulting Pte. Ltd., a financial engineering company based in Singapore. Isn't the internet fun?
By: movictim
Serve Virtual Enterprises Inc
OMG! I need to check my account balance more often. Found about a dozen transactions from 1-4-13 to 1-11-13 totaling at least $1,000. First one was for $100 then $50 the other times. Just called to cancel my debit card with the fraud department but still have to talk to the credit union. They should have caught it, I think.
By: gretchenlord
Serve Virtual Enterprises Inc
This company tried to take $50 out of one of my credit card accounts. Thanks to Chase for catching it and calling it to my attention. I'm fully protected and Chase is going to contact all of the major credit rating companies to tell them my account number was stolen. I've never heard of this outfit before. Do any of you know what they supposedly sell?

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