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By: froggywoman
Designer Resale Boutique
Have shopped there and found things I liked, have also had things there on consignment. However, Am not pleased with the way the people who worked there handle consignments, they so not have the old "customer is always right" theme. Recently I went to a lot of time and trouble to get together some very nice handbags to take to the shop, but slap my hand did not take them at the time they wanted me to, so with one foot in the door I was told, without a smile, we don't take stuff today. Now I look at it this way, this is a two way street I bring things to sell, you sell them both make some money. This is not Saks Fifth Ave. it is a resale shop without things to sell you have no shop. The better way this could have been handle is "we do not take things today, however, since you went to the trouble to bring them I will accept them. Or, I am so sorry you had to come up here but we do not take things today, however we would love to have your items could you please return at name date. Much better service, also when things are sold you have no print out of what was brought in and what sold, at the end you do not know what went to charity, it is not transparent. Also, when I have taken things to the shop no one even bothers to help by even holding the door open so you can get in with your hands full.
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By: Mary C.
Designer Resale Boutique
I have taken many clothes here for many years. I always have to call or stop by before the send me a check, if I've sold anything. It seems that only a few things ever get sold and than they donate the items. I might as well donate them myself and get my tax donation. It's not worth it anymore.It's unfortunate because they have nice things to buy but if you are selling things,something doesn't seem right to me.

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