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By: Spankin' E.
First Class Mens Clothing
So the company president is flying into town tomorrow and I'm told to wear a sport coat..which I do not own one that fits. After Goodwill, Wal-Mart, TJ Maxx & Dillard's (hey, I started cheap and worked my way up) I was directed to this place by the Dillard's lady who couldn't find anything to fit around my 300lb short & stocky frame. As I approach the place I see the guy grabbing the gate and pulling it down. I stopped dead in my tracks but he insisted I come on in. I told him what was up and he immediately looked me over and walked me to the back of the store. He promptly put a jacket on me...close, but a bit big so one size down and I was feeling better about things. He mentions the pants for another hundy but I said that I already had pants that would 'work ok I think' and I didn't have time anyway to have them hemmed. He raised his hand right away and said 'oh no, I do them NOW!' - I said you mean tonight?...he says 'Right now!!' - Less than 10 minutes later he has me fitted, the pants taken in back and hemmed and delivered back to me...no joke. He then asks what color shirt that I'm wearing and I say maroon so he starts to pick out a tie. I tell him no worries, I already have the shirt/tie that 'will work ok' and then he points to the sign that reads 'Buy a suit, get a free shirt & tie' -- I say 'Perfect! let's go with blue then so he grabs a tie and lays it out...but it's too busy with lines every direction so he says no prob, you grab one and I'll get you a shirt. So, I look over the hundreds of ties laid out and one kinda grabs my eye so I pull it out and think 'I like it...blue/black goes great here' -- I take it up to the counter and lay it down as he is leaning over preparing my things...the tie he has on is the exact same tie I just picked out....unbelievable. He bags it all up, shakes my hand and wishes me good luck with my meeting the next day and I'm on my way. Outstanding service to say the least...at a time that I needed it in a very desperate way.
By: Darryl R.
First Class Mens Clothing
I have been buying my suits there since 2011. Proprietor Moe is always attentive to my needs making sure the suits tailored properly to my build. All I have to do is describe the upcoming event and he will come through with excellent suggestions on colors, styles, etc. I have received nothing but compliments at events when wearing suits from First Class. I suggest you run, not walk, to First Class Mens Clothing at Mid Rivers Mall.

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