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By: becki.garver
Fantastic Sams
About a month ago I decided to treat myself to a perm. I haven't done this for about 10 years. I went to Fantastic Sams in St. Peter. 1st questioned the price. $94.00 as my hair is longer. I had to think about it because $94.00 is a lot of money for just my hair. I said Ok, how long will it take? 2 1/2 to 3 hours! Long story short, I went ahead with it. Just as I was getting done, school has gotten out and they were getting busy. The waiting room was full. She tried to sell me their products (understandably) and I said no, couldn't afford them. Went up to pay. Remember I was told $94.00. She told me $104.00. I figured ok..taxes. Then she says..Oh wait a minute, I used that deep conditioner on you, that's another $10.00. So it will be $114.00 .I was stunned! Yes she DID use a conditioner on me. She told me when she was doing it but she never ASKED me if I wanted it or even if I wanted to pay for it. Why didn't I say something there, right away? Too many people and kids, didn't want to make a scene. Will I go back? Probably not. Will I recommend them? Probably not. Be careful. I had a good experience turn sour.

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