By: dean.hyers
I am retracting my previous scathing review and updating my rating to a really positive one. I'm leaving my original complaint below to show how mad I was, however I got numerous calls from Walgreens until they reached me to make things better. (I saw their tries in my caller log.) Not only did I get excellent customer service, a heart-felt apology, and a customer retention offer to make me feel better (essentially a gift card that had a value similar to what I spent the night I was so upset), but it was not some retention person calling. It was the actual person from the staff who I had the bad experience with, genuinely sorry. She said, "You are the kind of customer we're trying to keep, not turn away." I could hear in her voice that she wasn't reading from a script and really felt bad. I was quite touched by the call, especially from the very person in question. That showed taking responsibility. I have since returned my business to them and have had very good customer service since. I was wrong about them. You DO get empathy. They do care about you. Everyone has an off-night and that just happened to be it. They have done one step better than treat me flawlessly from the beginning. They lost me and won me back, which says more about who they are as people than if it had just been perfect the whole time. We all make mistakes, and how you make up for them ultimately sets the bar. I am very pleased now and will keep going to this Walgreens.Don't expect empathy from this branch. They will deliver you the meds but if you have a problem, they won't care. I expect they will do their job, but the part of doing their job that they aren't very interested in is the basic "human touch" of caring about their customers and showing empathy when the customer is frustrated. I had to pick up a few extra days of a prescription just to tide me over until a doctor visit, and the insurance charged me nearly the same for 3 pills as they had for 30. I didn't realize there were only 3 pills in the bottle until I got home. I called, and I probably would have accepted the situation had the staff person showed an ounce of empathy. Instead, they said, "it doesn't seem like much to me," and "it's your responsibility to read the prescription." These are acceptable statements on their own, but when someone is frustrated, the store should take 10 seconds to say, "Wow, that's frustrating," or "I'm so sorry about that." This person was unwilling to provide any empathy, so the message I got was "Walgreens doesn't value it's customers, just their money." I recommend finding a different Walgreens. Or better yet, if you give Target on University a try, much to your surprise you will find that the customer service is far better. Steer clear if you wish to be anything but "customer 396." I'm switching to target.
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By: Tony C.
Walmart - Pharmacy
I was looking for an eye drop med for my wife and Al was helping me he was awesome tried 4 different locations and have dealt with many pharmacist at different pharmacies and felt like I was bothering them but not Al he called to try and find it he wasn't able so he called the Dr to find something close to what she needed Awesome job Al we switched from Walgreen's to here because of that
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By: Stacy M.
Lloyd's Pharmacy
I was trying to fill a prescription for my son I went to all the BIG pharmacies and a few of the little ones too no one had his medicine. Out of all the BIG pharmacies not one even offered to order my son's medication. I went to Lloyd's hoping for a long shot they would have it, they didn't but offered to order it and had it there within 2-3 days my loyalty is with them all the way!
By: Diane T.
Setzer Pharmacy & Gift Center
I've been buying my medical equipment, lift chairs and scooters from Gabby for 15 years. Gabby always makes himself available and has very competitive prices.He has made deliveries and pickups himself. He stands by his products. His staff is also very knowledgeable and ready to help!

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