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  • 1.Wcc Pumpkin Patch

    2975 Pioneer Dr

    Saint Paul,MN

    8.50 mi

  • 2.Lendt's Pumpkin Patch

    6903 Wyoming Trl


    27.46 mi

  • 3.Happ-E-Hill Pumpkin Farm

    N4380 State Road 35


    27.86 mi

  • 4.Pinehaven Farms Pumpkins & Family Entertainment

    28186 Kettle River Blvd


    28.93 mi


    We had so much fun visiting this farm that I had to write about it. I couldn't believe how much there was to do, and my kids loved it! I was suprised to see bad reviews on here, but found out those we

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By: Chris F.
Fury Antiques
This is an incorrect address and phone numbers ! There is no business here, it is a private residence !
By: William C.
Shamrock Plaza Liquors
I recently moved into the neighborhood and have checked out that Shamrock Liquors has a very nice selection and more importantly, Makahn and his uncle Gurzmi (I apologize for misspelling the name) are very friendly. Makahn asks me often for suggestions on products to add, which I've been happy to do. They really do want to offer a great selection and have a keen grasp of customer service. I highly recommend Shamrock Plaza Liquors!
By: Camisha M.
Creative Kids Academy
My kids really enjoy coming here.They have met new friends,learned new and exciting things.The staff are very thoughtful and caring.We have been part of cka family for 9yrs and we love it.
By: F S.
World Around US
This daycare is absolutely horrifying, from the director to the staff. The director is the worst, she does not know how to run a daycare. She is rude, unfriendly, & overall and horrible person. There were reports of her staff hitting and kicking my child, which she did nothing about I see the same staff go in the daycare every day. After I made a complaint about her staff hitting and kicking my child she kicked us out after I threatened to call licensing on this. The toddler room is horrifying when Ms. Sheena is in there, she does not do anything with the kids, no arts crafts, and she sits on her phone all day. This is a daycare where teachers, & aids are supposed to be paying attention and have a structured plan for the children each day. The toddler room lacks it, I have spoken to other parents & they state that the toddler room with Ms Sheena and the School age room with Ms Dawn(the director) is a horribly run rooms. They have no structure, no field trips, no schedule, to arts & crafts & they sit and play with toys all day or do nothing. I will never refer anyone to this daycare after how my kids and I have been treated, also when you try and call the owner and the other World Around us Location she NEVER calls back…. Wouldn’t you want to know how your other location is doing or hear complaints? Oh wait the director at NSP location and direct/owner at White Bear Lake location are best friend. THIS DAYCARE CUTS CORNERS TO SAVE MONEY AND THEY SHOULD BE PUTTING MORE IN TO MAKE IT SEEM LIKE A DAYCARE. More food for the kids, more field trips, more busing for the field trips, more interactive things for children.
By: Briny B.
Shamrock Plaza Liquors
5 Star, Indians run it, very friendly.
By: joshua.eckton
Plaza Maplewood Theater
Its wonderful having a value theatre in the area for our family.
By: lynn.worde
Ann Taylor
DISAPPOINTED in this store! I stopped by this store with girlfirends. Looking for the sales rack savings. I found a dress for my friend and one for myself. but I needed the next size. I asked sales gal to see if there was one at another location. She left to check. I was told there were none. I left with nothing. My friends bought a dress and many other things from the sales rack. I FOUND the dress at Ridgedale, they had three of the size I had requested from Grand Ave Store. I was kinda mad that the gal told me there were none.. I bought 2 dresses at Ridgedale. Poor representation at Grand Ave. store.
By: sjerven4
Child's View
I have only had a great experience so far!!!! My husband, two girls, & I toured the Cleveland daycare and met with the owner, Jim. This is my first time leaving my children at a daycare or with someone I do not know.During our tour of the toddler room, we saw the children interacting very well with each other and the staff. The staff made a point to come and meet all 4 of us and made us feel very welcome. During our time there, one staff member yelled, "group hug!" and all of the kids ran and they all hugged each other. Overall, this is exactly what I need for my two-year-old...learning how to get along with and play well with other children and adults too. Additionally, we toured the infant room. The staff there were very sweet and accommodating...asking us what we would our 1 yr old likes to eat, what her nap schedule should be, and any specifics that we would like them to follow regarding her care. I expressed my concern that my 1 yr old is very shy and has separation anxiety. We continued to tour the infant areas and left our 1 yr old to play with the other infants. She was stimulated by the other kids, the staff, and the fun environment -and didn't realize that we had left the room. Talk about making me feel AT EASE! We met with Jim at the end of the tour and he asked us if we have any questions or concerns or if there is anything he can do to make us feel as comfortable as possible with our girls being at his daycare. Overall, I'm thrilled that both of my children are attending this daycare and feel very blessed by the staff that are caring for them. This is a no-brainer that this is THE second home for my kids.
By: mindyschultz
Child's View
Jim and the crew are the best, most wonderful group of caregivers that I have come across. The staff was always very informative - and knowledgeable. And better yet, they listened to us, and what our wishes were as a family for our child.I could not recommend them more.I never worried about my child when they were in the hands of A Child's View.
By: lindsayferrismartin
Child's View
Based solely on my interaction and conversation with the owner Jim. When a daycare facility refuses to share information about themselves or employees and tells you flat out they don’t have background checks on their employees or can’t share it with you, then this should be a RED FLAG!We went up stairs to “Talk more” where he just sat in his chair. And didn’t say anything. So, I started the conversation. “So what can you tell me about your place? Do you have an outline of either the infant or toddler program (my child is 14 months)?” Jim replied defensively with, “No, I don’t need an outline; everything you need to know is on our website.” Me: “Well my husband set up this appointment and found you, I have not seen your website and have no idea what’s on it. Since I’m here why don’t you tell me about your programs?”Jim (patronizingly) : “Here read this brochure.”Me: “Ok thanks?”Me: “Why don’t you start off then by telling me about your staff, are they all originally from MN?” –I ask this questions because if a person committed a crime in another state, it may not show up in the MN state background checks. Jim (defensively): “I have known my staff for over 29 years and I know they are all from Minnesota.”Me: “so you know for a fact that your employees have been born in, raised in and never left the state of Minnesota?”Jim (defensively): “I’ve known my staff for over 29 years; I know they are all from Minnesota.”Me: “Where is the list of your employees and names?”Jim (defensively): “I don’t have a list. I’ve been in this business for 29 years. I know everything about my employees.”Me: “Let me rephrase, I’d like a list of any of your employees who will be interacting with my child and to see their background checks.”Jim (defensively): “I have been doing this for 29 years. I know all of my employees and I don’t need a background check.”Me: “Jim, someone has to ask these questions, I’m not trying to be rude or discredit you, that’s great you’ve been doing this for 29 years, I get it. But I just met you and have not yet met a member of your staff. You may not need a list of your employees’ names and information about their background check, but you’re crazy to think I’d just drop my child off with a complete stranger without knowing ANYTHING about them.”Me : “Jim, how many employees do you have working here?”Jim (defensively): “I have a ton of employees, with both locations.”Me: “I’m curious to know who exactly will be interacting with my child.”Jim (defensively): “You walked by them when you came in.”Me: “Jim, there were 4 adults downstairs when I came in. With no introduction, I have no idea who is who.”Jim: “two of them where parents.”Me: “ok, so you only have two employees?”Jim: “Yes.”Me: “And then the woman who comes in for “creative movements?” What about staff from the toddler room, do they ever come over and interact with the infants?Jim: “Yes.”Me: “What about your staff from the other location, do they come over and help out occasionally.”Jim (defensively): “Yes.”Me: “So essentially there could be 3 or more other people I haven’t met, in addition to the standard 2 employees in the infant program (which I haven’t met yet either)? So how can I find out more information about those people who will be interacting with my child?”Jim (extremely rude): I have been doing this for 29 years, I know my employees.Me: “Jim, I’m not asking you how long you’ve been doing this, I’m not asking if you know your employees, I hope you would know them, I’m asking how I can get to know them and ensure, I’m putting my child in a safe environment. I’m specifically asking for information about them and background checks.”Jim: (beyond rude): Well I don’t have that information.

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