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  • belly piercing!!

    i am 14 n getting my belly button pierced there next month and my cousin Shelbi just got hres done last saturday! and she says they r really nice n it i cheap far as i know n it works cus no other place will do underage belly button piercings!! i am sooooo excited n happy!!!!

  • Belly Ring

    I Just got my belly pierced from there and I follow the instruction on how to take care of it..but now it's starting to heal but I just try switching it out cause I bought a 14gauge ring and it would not fit..So I put back on the old ring and now it hurts worser then before..So I don't know if i should let it heal or go back and see if they can put a new ring in that will fit...Anyways i think the ring that they use to pierce it with is too small and to thin and how r u suppose to let it heal with it just gonna swallon and skin grow over the ring...other then that they are really nice people...

  • Just Ears

    Hi, My name is Nessa and i'm typing this review because Just Ears is a great place. I realize some might have conflicts with their store but they are very gental and respectful. I'm 14 and got my nose pierced there a little less than a year ago. It was perfectly fine and healed painlessly and quickly. I liked them so much I'm planning on going there in a few days to get my lip pierced. :) They have wonderful customer service and will treat you well.

  • just Ears

    just ears is pretty good :) i had my navel [belly] pierced there and it took a while to heal but it turned out fine. but for some reason i have extra skin on my top. but i love their customer service. great! very talkative and they make you feel really comfortable about your new piercing.

  • Just Ears

    I've been going to Just Ears for years, I've had all of my piercings done there with ZERO issues. This includes a belly piercing which I had done over 10 years ago. It never got infected and healed just fine. This past weekend, I had my nose pierced. I have 7 other piercings in my ears, all of which they did a great job. I myself, would never get a piercing with a needle. THERE IS NO NEED TO BASH THEM. IF YOU DONT AGREE WITH PIERCING BY A GUN, THEN DONT DO IT. KEEP IT TO YOURSELF AND MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!


    this place is cheap but you know what they also are good at piercing ears. so what if they use a gun on other places, people should look into it before they go there if they really are going to make a big deal about it. if you don't like how they do stuff there then stop with the attitude and do something about your whinningness and go somewhere else. just because some people like how they do there stuff, doesn't mean that you have to change there minds and want them to come to your store because you want business. i got my ears done there twice and i'm getting two more and nothing was wrong with them. maybe you just are too picky about what you want done.. k thanks.

  • I am reporting you to the proper authorities

    Yes, Hello. I am a professional Body Piercer in Minneapolis and I would like to know why 'Just For Ears' is doing body piercings? I have had many of your customers come through my shop who were given improper aftercare instructions who are confused by your inability to answer questions concerning the piercing they received in your establishment. You are not properly trained on how to preform a body piercing, how to 'troubleshoot' in the event there is a complication during a piercing procedure or how to react in the event that the customer themselves has a complication (passes out, has a seizure, v0mits). I doubt you follow the strict sanitation and sterilization procedures that normal tattoo and body piercing shops are required to preform. What you are doing is illegal and you must stop.

    I am reporting you to the Alliance of Professional Piercers, your local H3lth Department as well as the State. I urge anyone who feels this way to do the same.

    To all those reading this. I have seen the training manual (a 3 page book) on how to operate a piercing gun. The ""most important part"" of the procedure is to make sure the client approves of the markings. I heard at Claire's they make you watch a 15 minute video, followed by practicing the techniques you learned on pieces of card bored. The cold hard fact is that piercing guns were originally manufactured to tag livestock on farms.

    I did not go through 2 1/2 years of intense training on how to preform body piercings in a safe and clean environment to be contradicted by you 'fly by night, make a quick buck' hack jobs. You are hurting your clients and I can't believe you haven't been sued yet.

  • i wouldn't go here if i were you

    this place might be cheaper than a lot of other places but i would not recommend it. saving a few dollars isn't worth it because its going to cost you more in the end. i was very dissatisfied with the piercing i got here. for one, you're supposed to use a gauged needle to do it, not a piercing gun and tell them to wait 3-4 weeks to complete the piercing themselves. that's dumb.. if you're going to do a job you should do it the whole way through from the start. i went way out of my way to go here because i thought i was getting the better end of the deal, little did i know they weren't doing it anything near right.

  • its a great place

    i think just ears is great to get ur ears and other stuff pirced i think there jentel and know what there doing
    im getting my nose pirced there and i got my ears pirced there and my lil sister lele got her ears pirced and my big sis kayla got her lip pirced and it did not hurt she said and by the way the people are awsome

  • piercing guns for body piercings?

    Piercing guns are meant for ear lobes only and can cause lots of damage on other places of the body. In many parts of Minnesota it is illegal to use a piercing gun anywhere but ear lobes because of the many dangers. If you want a body piercing, please seek our a professional that uses a single use needle and sterile technique. Using piercing guns for body piercing is irresponsible and gives body piercing a bad name, please stop.

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