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By: sarah.elizabeth.7121
Total Access Urgent Care
Following a snowstorm here in the area, I needed to get to urgent care for a sinus infection and ear infection early one Sunday morning. After going to one closest to my house that was not open during it's scheduled hours I googled another clinic and found this one. As soon as i walked in I begin to fill out paperwork and was immediately taken to a room before I had even finished the forms. The room had its own TV to pass the time while I waited. The first doctor I saw was very personable, friendly, empathetic, and easy to talk to. Soon after I was visited by the physician and his assistant who gave me an exam and asked questions about my symptoms. He was very thorough in explaining to me what he was seeing and finding during my exam. He gave me his opinion and recommendation for my treatment and answered the questions I had. It was recommended that I have a shot. I am very afraid of needles and began to have anxiety. When the next doctor came in to administer the shot I let him know of my fear and my anxiety. He was very empathetic and did a fantastic job of calming my nerves and putting me at ease. He told me it would be over before I knew it. As I was looking away I barely knew it was going to happen when he did administer the shot. It was the best way I have ever been given a shot because I was actually comfortable as he engaged me in other conversation to distract me. All of the staff that I encountered was very professional and definitely let me know they hoped that I would feel better and would do what they could to help. This was hands-down one of the most efficient and pleasant doctors office visits I have ever experienced. I would recommend this clinic to anyone in the St. Louis area as well as I would myself return for treatment if needed.
By: Wenzen D.
Total Access Urgent Care
This Urgent Care office has become my go-to dr's office for immediate healthcare. I have a myriad of complex health issues I'm dealing with, which at times need immediate attention in addition to my regular dr's appts. The staff at this office are kind, caring, compassionate and utterly professional and knowledgable. They are very efficient and fast with their services - there has never been a time I've waited in their waiting room, I've always been taken back to a room and assessed immediately. No longer do I worry about making a drs appt when sick, I just go here. With their 8-8 hours, I know any day of the week I can get fast effective care. Most recently, I have a sinus infection also causing breathing issues. They had me on a breathing treatment immediately following assessment, quickly did a lung X-ray and assessed. I was quickly breathing much easier, and left a short time later with medicine in hand, as they knew I was in a time crunch.Beyond this, several months ago my boyfriend was having a serious heart attack. We didn't know, altho I strongly suspected, what was happening. I called ahead and let them know what was happening symptom wise.. They said to get him in immediately and they would have everything ready, which they did. They rushed him back and onto an EKG, confirming suspicions. They then immediately called an ambulance, and called over to St Anthony's across the street, who then rushed him immediately into treatment. He was out of surgery before we knew it. They literally saved his life with their quick action.i can't speak highly enough of this staff and office for urgent care needs. I highly recommend!
By: Kerry M.
Total Access Urgent Care
I love this place! Any time I'm sick or suffering a flare up from MS they are so willing to help me. I have never had service like this from my doctor to emergency rooms ever. I have never waited to be seen they are very prompt on triage and seeing the doctor and the doctor takes his time with you and actually show compassion and give great advice. I was in need of care two weeks ago for severe leg and foot pain, they did a ultra sound right on the spot to make sure I didn't have a blood clot and thank God I didn't. I was still unable to see my primary care doctor so I went back to them they did x-rays to make sure nothing was broken. They spoke at great length with me explaining follow up care with a neurologist. They gave me a list of people to see and referred me to them. This is something my dr. was not doing and Dr.Bruckel and his other Dr.'s knew this is what I needed and I'm so thankful that they were so helpful to me. I felt stuck and if I didn't go to them I would still feel horrible,but now I'm able to get thing rolling thanks to them. Thank you so much to Dr. Bruckel and all the incredible staff he has working there. You have given me hope and I will never forget this!
By: Hugh M.
Total Access Urgent Care
Everyone upon entering very professional. Among most urgent care facilities in St . Louis this one being the most reasonably priced and affordable for uninsured people. Doctors actually take the time to listen and then they take the time to do a full exam to get to my underlying issues that I have been seen by 4 doctors over the past 3 months. None which fully examined and looked at the body for the infection I was complaining of. This facility did and for the first time less than 24 hours later and after 3 -4 months feeling like I have something crawling on me everywhere has ceased going back to normal and clearing up. Which was a bacterial and fungal issue. The difference between this facility and others pay for what you receive. This facility did not try and take me for my money and was up front the whole time. Very excited that I have sent out numerous emails and texts for the great service provided to me. Only if hospitals were like this. Obama care might not have been needed. Great job doctors and staff.
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By: Helen M.
Total Access Urgent Care
Needed services of an urgent care facility. After searching numerous care centers in my area, I was shocked by the negative reviews. Didn't want to put myself in their hands. Remembered my daughter-in-law visited an urgent care facility a few months ago so I asked for her help. She highly recommended Total Access Urgent Care. What a great surprise. From the moment I walked through the door till the moment I walked out, I was greeted with nothing but friendliness and concern for my reason for being there. I was seen immediately, treated quickly and thoroughly and told to return in 2 days for a follow-up. 2 days later, the fourth of July, I again received a friendly greeting and was seen right away. Can't say enough good things about Total Access Urgent Care. Though not conveniently located for me if I again need urgent care I will definitely go to Total Access. Helen M.
By: Alan D.
Total Access Urgent Care
Wow! You won't see that often concerning a first time health care experience. My wife's primary care physician was unable to see her soon enough when she woke up with a swollen face and fever. We searched the internet for nearby urgent care facilities and noted a distinct difference in the way people evaluate TAUC. From arrival, and being greeted by a pleasant, professional lady, we were in a treatment room in 10 minutes, being seen by an emergency care tech in 5 more, and a doctor soon after that. Dr. Terkonda was very pleasant, conscientious and professional in assessing my wife's ailment, and provided excellent care. This facility has my STRONGEST recommendation for someone who cannot see there regular doctor. These people are outstanding in every respect. I would recommend more comfortable waiting area chairs -- but you aren't in them very long!
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By: Martie M.
Total Access Urgent Care
This was my second visit, the first being on Christmas Eve morning for Bronchitis and this time for an allergic reaction. I feel so very grateful for the care I received both times. All the staff are not only courteous, and polite, but totally committed to giving above the call of duty care. Today, I arrived before official opening, and the receptionist invited me in to wait before the official opening time. I was seen by a skilled and engaged technician within minutes. The doctor came in almost immediately, and 15 minutes after opening time, I had an IV and was getting the medication I needed. My experience there both times is that every member of the staff is ready to listen carefully, diagnose and prescribe thoughtfully, and willing to do everything possible to get you through an urgent situation quickly and easily. It is really a healing environment.
By: janice.seiffert
Total Access Urgent Care
I would highly recommend this medical facility to everyone I know. I have been to several urgent care centers over the years and none came close to my experience here. I came in limping with a severe pain in my hip that I awoke with. I didn't even get the paperwork filled out before I was taken into a room. The nurse finished up the paperwork for me and was thorough, kind and very empathetic. The Dr. was in right away and did a thorough check-up, listened carefully to my history and ordered an x-ray immediately. He was reassuring, prompt with the results and follow-up instructions along with my x-rays on a CD. All of this in less than 40 minutes. Much better than the ER and truly dedicated medical professionals. I wouldn't go anywhere else in the future should the need arise. If I could have given six stars, I would have!
By: Tony M.
Total Access Urgent Care
Total Access Urgent Care is the only urgent care I will take my family to from now on. I live in Festus and the closest facility is Tesson Ferry. There are plenty of other urgent care options locally but none that comes close to the professionalism and care I received at Total Access. Upon arrival, I was immediately notified that all their rooms were currently full and there was 4 people ahead of me waiting. I was shocked at how fast they move people in and out. I only waited 20 minutes and was in a room with an EMT checking vitals and recording symptoms. After a chest X-ray they discovered I had pneumonia. I received an IV right there and a dose of antibiotics and a steroid and was out of there with my prescriptions in hand in 90 minutes. Complete satisfaction! The absolute best experience I've had with any E.R. or urgent care ever
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By: Anita D.
Total Access Urgent Care
I have been to lots of Urgent Cares, but this one has won me over! They took me straight back to a room after filling out just a brief page of info, not needing my life story. My visit was a total of about an hour, but with the care I received that didn't bother me at all. On top of antibiotics they gave me a shot of steroids to speed up me feeling better and cough syrup with codeine so I could sleep. I didn't use their on site pharmacy, had them call in to my local one since I had to stop there anyway, but the treatment, care, the hours they are open (7 days a week too), and the hospitality was awesome! The nurse even walked me to the front desk when I was done. Hopefully I don't get sick for a while, but when I do, this is where I will go, even with the fact that there are some that are closer to me.
Tips & Advices
Under most health insurance plans, urgent care visits will require a copay that is usually less expensive than emergency room visits, but more expensive than standard doctor visits - around $120 on average. Urgent care staff do not have much information regarding individual coverage, so be prepared and check with your insurance provider to understand costs.
It is common for urgent care physicians to recommend follow-up treatment after an initial visit. Most commonly, patients will be asked to return to the clinic or their primary care doctor if symptoms get worse or do not improve in a certain amount of time. Patients might be referred to a specialist for treatment of more complex conditions. Or patients may simply be given a few basic tips for recovering at home. In any case, patients should follow the doctor’s advice regarding next treatment steps.
If needed, urgent care doctors can prescribe medication to treat conditions. This may include antibiotics for an infection or pain medication for a broken bone. Be sure to follow the doctor’s instructions for taking these medicines.
Be sure to explain your symptoms to physicians in as much detail as possible. Note when or where the symptoms first appeared if possible. Inform urgent care staff of any medical conditions you may have, all allergies, and all medications you are currently taking. Also be sure to bring proper forms of identification, and any health insurance cards/information to help process your visit.
You should be able to find a 24-hour urgent care clinic by searching online resources such as Be sure the location is included in your health plan network before visiting.

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