By: Derrick W.
612 Kitchen and Cocktails
I went to 612 last night with a group of friends and was truly impressed with the experience. The restaurant itself is very pleasing on the eyes, it has a level of class that I wasn't expecting when I stepped in that immediately let me know that I was in for a treat. The atmosphere felt very inviting and cozy even while the decor reflected a finer dining experience. I started off with a glass of their award-winning sangria, which was incredible. It was served in a little mason jar which reflected the Prohibition era theme that was subtle, yet apparent throughout the evening. For my appetizer, I had the pork nachos and they were without exaggerating, the best nachos I've ever had, mostly due to the smoked pork. I can't say enough about those nachos, my whole table devoured them. Next I had the Bugsy Malone, an original drink created by the owner with cucumber lemonade and gin I believe. That was unlike anything I'd ever tried before! The taste of the cucumber was strong with very light citrusy undertones that made for a really special drink. For my meal, I ordered the slider trio (beef, pork, veggie) while my friend ordered the taco trio (beef, pork, veggie). We both split our meals so that we could share everything. That's one really great thing about the menu: everything is designed to be very easily shared so you get to try a little of everything. There are also a decent selection of vegetarian options as well! The food was excellent, especially the veggie taco and pork slider. What really made them special was the sauces, which are all made in-house. The beef slider is topped with a bacon-tomato sauce while the veggie burger had this really great avocado aioli. You can also order any of their sauces separate if you want to dip your fries or something. My last drink was the signature 612 made with grapefruit juice and jalapeños. I will warn you, the grapefruit juice is pretty strong at first, but if you mix it up, the jalapeños give it that spicy kick I was looking for, what's especially cool is that the more you stir it, the spicier it gets, so you actually get to tailor the drink to your taste buds! I don't know that I could drink more than one in an evening, but it's a nice alternative to a Bloody Mary in that it has that spice and tastes almost like a meal in a glass. I was really glad I saved room for desert because the bread pudding was really good. What really sets it over the top is the scoop of fresh in-house made vanilla ice cream, it's optional, though honestly if you get it without, you're doing it wrong. I ended up spending about $50, which I thought was completely reasonable for a 3-course meal with three fine cocktails and an unpretentious classy dining experience. At several points the owner/manager came up to my table and chatted with us about our food and the restaurant. Another really special feature of the menu that I thought was awesome was that they had custom-made mocktails made without alcohol. I love this because it allowed for our designated driver to enjoy the full experience with us. At one point, the mixologist came up to our table and after asking my friend what kind of flavors she enjoys came back with a custom-made nonalcoholic beverage. That level of care and attention is rare to find nowadays and will certainly have me coming back! Five stars! Keep up the excellent work!
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By: madal72
Drunken Fish
The only way to describe the food and service is simply "Outstanding". I had the pleasure of dining at The Drunken Fish at Westport this past weekend and I will become a regular. The night started off with a very pleasant greeting at the hostess stand and again by our waiter once we were seated. The bar was full along with the restaurant throughout our dininig experience. This must say something because as soon as a table was ready to be seated it was with many people still waiting to be seated. Our waiter had a great personality and was able to describe the menu in a way that made want to try something new. His energy level was high as well as his selling abilities. The food ranged from Appetizers to Sashimi and Nigiri Sushi and from Regular to Signature Makimono Rolls, Stir Fry to Fried Rice. The menu had many great items to choose from. After the many suggestions our waiter offered we decided on the Soft Shell Crab Apprtizer which was Soft-Shell Crab lightly battered with a Katsu sauce. Our waiter suggested a variety of wines and we went with the Greg Norman Pinot Noir which complimented the crab very nicely. We then decided to try The Drunken Fish Roll, The White Tiger Roll, and The Starburst Roll. All were outstanding in presentation and in taste which makes you want to go back and try them all. It is not only hard to find good food these day's but it is harder to find a server as dedicated to his craft as our server was Saturday night. I will not only be back but I will certainly tell my friends and family of my experience at The Drunken Fish Westport.
By: Crystal S.
Carousel Kids
I have been going to carousel kids since it opened. I have tried other secondhand stores for buying and selling and carousel kids does not deserve these harsh reviews others have given. The store is clean, the food plan is inviting, and the staff is friendly. I've come to know the owner by name and she recognizes me when I come in. The way I look at it you can spend hours of your time holding a garage sale or dealing with people on Craigslist and get more cash or be done with it in one stop in much less time for less cash. (My time is worth a great deal!) As far as buying from them, I shop there like I do elsewhere. I watch the sales and take advantage of their special promotions. Clothing is discounted up to 80% off when they change seasons, for example. Let's all remember that they are running a business and have employees and overhead that dictates what they can pay you in order to keep their doors open. I personally encourage my friends to stop in and check it out, especially when they are pregnant. I dressed great while pregnant with my last two babies thanks to the fantastic maternity selection at carousel kids.
By: macomo55
I looked up Booster's Cafe after reading about it in St Louis Magazine. As I entered the door I felt like I was back in 1985 in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire. Why? The owner/managers first opened an American style restaurant there where one could get a real hamburger and fries, pancakes and other food that reminded an American of home. I was elated to find them in St Louis after so many years and the food lived up to my expectations. Gone are the hamburgers and in their place is a breakfast that is out of this world as well as sandwiches, soups and other delights. The carrot-ginger soup was smooth and tangy, although I would have liked a stronger ginger taste, it was devine. I am going back today and taking some of my family because this is a place that deserves lots of business for what it meant to so many Americans abroad and the delightful food they have brought St. Louis! Check it out!
By: seagrass
Monarch Private Event Space
I was a first time customer and very impressed. We had a large group and our waiter, Aaron, was marvelous. I had the oysters - and they were far superior than any I've ever had. Aaron suggested a great wine pairing that I instantly fell in love with. I was disappointed in the pear salad. I had hoped to try the fall salad that was described on their website, but it wasn't on the menu. The pear seemed out of season and tasteless but everything else was delicious. I came back for a second visit and this time I tried the Southern Bistro. This menu is very affordable. The gumbo and those boudin balls were very, very tasty. I am becoming a big fan and plan to go again soon.
By: Roice H.
Carousel Kids
I love this place. They are a kids resale shop. They have a great variety of sizes and it is all well organized and good quality. There is also a room with pre-owned toys and also some new stuff. I have been happy with every purchase I have made there and so has my wallet! Buying clothes for a cute little girl can get pricey, especially since she changes sizes well before the stuff gets a chance to wear out. This place has a good variety of stuff and the prices are great. I haven't sold anything there, yet, but am gathering some of her old toys up to take in.
By: Judy B.
Sassy Jac's
Absolute best in Soulard. Love this place. The food is always, I mean ALWAYS exceptional. Tuna Tacos, my husband's addicted. I love them too but want to try other dishes because I know it's all so good. Monte Cristo, OMG. Melt in your mouth. How did he get ham to be so tender? And the sauces, magnificent. Meatloaf, great. They even offer Creamed Corn as a side. This is NOT your mother's creamed corn. It's amazing. I always have to laugh as we pass the line outside Bogart's around the corner---those people just have no idea what they are missing only a block away!
By: bobby_obmaces
Altai Mongolian Grill
I had my reservations about this place at first. But it is convenient when I don't feel like cooking and have a craving for stir fry. The reviewer that said that some of the meats were frozen were accurate. But, the final product all depends on how you season it and what sauces you use. They have little cards to give you decent combinations. The cook and staff were friendly and there's a flat screen to watch the game or the news. So I felt like I was at home. I would go back. I wouldn't go out of my way. But if you are close, give it a try.
By: Amber J.
The Christy
My husband and I had our wedding reception at The Christy on August 23, 2014. It was absolutely fabulous! We cannot say enough wonderful things about the staff, venue and food!! All of the pre-planning was so easy and smooth! The night of, the event manager was spot on keeping the show running smoothly! And, the bartenders kept up with our party crowd! The food was exceptional! All of our guests commented on how tasty it was! All food is made in-house and it shows!I would highly recommend The Christy for any event!!
By: X R.
Tripe City
I went in and the food was good. The customer service left much to be desired. I have yet to walk into a business establishment where the person who takes your food order seems irritated that you are there. The prices are a little higher than what I am accustom to paying, however look to support any new black owned business that is brought to my attention. Needless to say I will not be back nor recommend this establishment unless they become a drive thru restaurant or they have better face representing them.
Tips & Advices
Wheel caster is the angle created by the steering pivot points, from the front to the back of the vehicle. It is positive if the line angles forward, and negative if it angles back. A positive caster typically makes the car or truck more stable at higher speeds.
The camber angle of a wheel is the measured angle in degrees, between a wheels vertical alignment, perpendicular to the road. Wheels perfectly perpendicular to the road are at 0 degrees. This is considered ideal to prevent uneven wear on the surface of the tire and also to maximize standard performance. This is part of the alignment of the vehicle and can be adjusted for performance purposes.
Wheels can absolutely affect gas mileage. Larger, heavier wheels and tires create added weight to the car, generally decreasing mileage; lighter-weight wheels are prone to enhancing gas mileage.
As long as the wheels are made by an accredited manufacturer or machine shop, they are safe to use within the boundaries set forth by the manufacturer. There can be exceptions with random wheel failures, but, generally, they are completely safe as long as they are installed correctly and driven within the guidelines set forth by the manufacturer.
Changing wheels can affect the performance of the car. Size, width, and weight are among the factors that affect performance. Some wheels emphasize straight-ahead performance, usually associated with drag racing, while others are associated with performance and handling, while still others are purely ornamental in nature. Tires have much more impact on performance than wheels, however.

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