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By: Kailind L.
M L King Tire
Charge me ten dollars to tell me they can’t fix plug my tire then tell me it’s 15 if I use debit card this makes it hard to support black businesses
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By: Stephanie N.
Innovated Construction Service
There are two sides to every story. When we got involved with Mr. Gupta, we were under the impression we would be paid in a timely manner, and we were working with a straight shooter. We were fooled. After two bounced checks, and asking us to lie to a bank, we really didn't want anymore part in this matter. We didn't steal fron anyone, if anything we still aren't paid the full balance for all the change orders Gupta added separate to our intital agreement. Gupta, bad mouthing people who have bent over backwards for you, to ensure your store got open when you couldn't even pay suppliers, is bad news. We wish you well, and would appreciate all facts being displayed before pointing fingers. Have a great day.
By: Narinder G.
Innovated Construction Service
10/07/2017OverallWe chose Innovated Construction to build back our gas station on June 2016. At first, the project was seeming to go right and on schedule. As it got closer to the end, thats where the project took a downfall. The project manager kept promising a completion day, but failed many times to be done by that time period. Also, another problem we are still putting up with Mr. Randy Green (project manager) and his team is that they still have not finished the entire job after a whole year. First of all, a night window was to be put in with a drawer which Mr. Green claims to have possession of, but will not come and install it. Second, he has been paid to rebuild the carwash back, but never came back to even finish that. Thirdly, he still has our beer turf which has already been paid for, but not even delivered yet. Fourth, he did not even give us matching shelves with our counter shelves which he claims it still has to be paid for, but who would buy the whole counter display without matching shelves. Fifth, the hood he installed is already giving us problems. This list could go on and on, but I will leave to right here.This construction company is not a good professional company to go with to complete your construction needs. They may have a good price which is neither too cheap or expensive. The people running this business may end up cheating you out of your money. We are writing this message after failing many attempts to reach out to this company to finish their job and leaving with the only option of going to court. We just want to inform others before your cheated out of your hardworking money.
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By: Alan C.
Jeff Pruden Construction
Jeff prudent is scam and will ask for money before he does the work and run off. If he does the work without asking for money first he will mess your house up and say he fixed the problem but all he did was solve it temporary and make the situation worse. That's why he does work without a permit because what he does is illegal
By: Erik R.
Bokal Development
Did a job and he still has not payed us for it at all they will not call us back or any thing next step is to call the police and get a builders lean on that job
By: Mike W.
Quinlan Construction Services
Contracted for $3500 master bath work (new shower and tile floor). We added a hall bath caulk job and he ran into unexpected work underneath our shower. Approximately halfway through the job, he sent an unprofessional text stating that he might go out of business because he was losing so much money on our job (we didn't set the contract price, he did). We offered to pay more because of the extra work and he responded with a request for $1500 more, or 40% over the contract price. I asked for a write-up of the extra expenses so we could work something out and he became belligerent and threatened small claims court if we did not pay. I fired him then and he demanded $3303 of the original $3500 for a job about 45-55% complete. If we didn't pay that, he said he would file a mechanic's lien on our home. We left him a check for $1000 in addition to the $1000 down payment, or $2000 total, for the work he had done. He wrote "VOID" on the check and taped it to our front door. He then told us he would go file the mechanic's lien and proceeded to write several more unprofessional e-mails. He ended with this e-mail: The lien was put on your house on Friday stupid. I am going to get a judgement against you and freeze your assets until I get paid...I am clairvoyant and he must be psychic because he can predict how long showers can last from a picture. I left XXXXX (name redacted) construction a nice message and tomorrow I am calling BBB about his email badmouthing me that is defamation of character. The bottom line is you are void of morals and virtues and I wish to God that our paths had never crossed. We will both present our case and the judge will make a decision and if I lose I could care less and if I win that is even better. Pieces of ***** like you that think they can screw people over and get away with it need to be held accountable and your judgement day is coming."
By: Anthony D.
Top Notch Material And Distribution
Left a job I had to go work for this company only to be let go after a week because I could not on less than 24 hours notice drive a company truck for a pick up and delivery in Arkansas. And if that wasn't enough being told by management that I would receive two weeks pay so I could find another job well needless to say I got a one week payment with 2 weeks noted in the year to date amount. This company clearly has no concern for its employees!!!
By: escriner
Charter Communications
If I could post with ZERO stars I would. I have been waiting since 11/8/2016, almost 5 months to get 3 cables that run across by backyard. It is ridiculous trying to get this done, I have called them at least a dozen times, do not waste your time on this company if you have other options for cable. Their customer service is deplorable!!!!!!
By: Dada W.
Fred M Luth & Sons Inc
The workers at Fred M Luth and Sons were doing a sewer repair for the metropolitan sewer district in the street outside of my home. I was impressed with how courteous all of the men were and how much they tried to limit the inconvenience for my neighbors and I
By: Lenai D.
R S D Contracting
Ron is a thief! Never provide any "deposit" up front. Do not hire him! He stole $2100 claiming it was a deposit for labor and materials. Check multiple bad reviews on BBB!!
Tips & Advices
With the correct tools and conditions, changing a tire oneself can take around 15-20 minutes. Professionals at auto shops can change flats in about half that time.
The ideal tire pressure for the majority of vehicles is between 30-35 psi. A specific vehicle’s optimal tire pressure depends largely on the car’s make and model; the owner’s manual will list its ideal tire pressure. This information can also be found on a placard within the driver-side door jam.
There are two types of spare tires: donuts, which are smaller and far less durable than a vehicle’s regular tires, and full-sized spares, which are the same size as a vehicle’s standard tires and can be used without restriction. Generally, it’s not advised that donut spare tires be driven on for more than 70 miles or at speeds of more than 50 mph.
No, multiple tires can be replaced at one time if that service is needed. The majority of auto shops have the tires and staff on hand to fulfill the requests of customers that need to replace more than one--or even all of their tires--if needed. Some offer discounts if more than one tire is purchased.
A tire plug is a rubber stem used to seal holes no bigger than 1/4 inch (6mm) in diameter. Do-it-yourself tire plugging kits can be purchased online or from many auto body shops if you choose to repair the tire yourself. Attempting to plug holes bigger than this size is not advisable, as the tire should be replaced at that point.

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