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By: carolynsk
Kindred Hospital St Louis
I hope that you never have a need for long term acute care for your loved ones, but if you do, insist on going to Kindred - St Louis on Lindell.Having had the need for a great deal of acute and rehab care for my mom in recent years, I can speak from experience. The level of quality, safe, compassionate, consistent, and expert care can not be surpassed. All of the staff that we encountered were truly exceptional. They truly CARE ABOUT AND FOR the patients entrusted to them. My mom was treated with respect and compassion by everyone as was my family. Paul from the front desk knew our names, housekeeping greeted us with smiles and kind words, Deb, our case manager was involved and kept us informed, Fred from Radiology was always kind and extra gentle with our frail mom, the Therapy pros from PT, Speech, and Resp were wonderful and mom liked the food too.There are not enough glowing adjectives to describe the bedside nurses (Stephanie, Tracy, Rachael), wound care nurses (Michele and Andrea), and CNAs, (Marva, Rene, Sulaney) as they were all simply outstanding. The physicians even had great bed-side manners and get this...the senior hospital administrators introduced themselves to us. The most important part of healthcare decisions, in my opinion, always come down to the quality of care and I could not have made a better decision for my mom than to admit her to Kindred St. Louis on Lindell.
By: Mary K.
Kindred Hospital St Louis
We love Kindred Hospital! Everyone was super nice and treated us like family. My dad was in Kindred for about 3 weeks. He needed respiratory, physical, occupational, and speech therapy after falling down a flight of stairs. Everyone was compassionate and took wonderful care of my dad. They rallied and cheered him on to get better. The receptionists were very friendly too and made us feel welcomed. My dad is moving to another rehab facility and I hope the care will be just as good. Kindred set the bar very high. With that said, I have to admit I was less impressed with the doctors. The pulmonologist (Dr. Omed) has zero bedside manners. He heard report from the respiratory therapist then he made eye contact with me from the hall and didn't even bother to come in to meet me or see my dad. I was not happy. Another doctor had zero bedside manners also. I think Kindred doctors need to take some bedside manner courses. They can take lessons from the nurses and therapist.
By: bill.cieslinski.5
SSM Health St Mary's Hospital
My wife and I choose St Mary's hospital to have our 1st baby. This was a big decision, but was the best one we ever made. All our nurses from Triage, through recovery were fantastic. Everyone went the extra mile to ensure our comfort was top priority. Anything and everything we needed was taken care of immediately. We felt everyone went out of their way to help us learn what to do after we left the hospital. The newly remodeled hospital along with awesome food service made St Mary's the best place for our baby to be born. The nurses at the hospital love their jobs and it really shows. They care about all patients and there needs. Thanks to everyone at the hospital my wife / baby and dad are having the best Christmas ever!. Happy Holidays and thanks for giving us the confidence and knowledge we needed to start our new family.. : )
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By: lc1177
Esse Health
I have 2 sons and we have been going to Dr. Matt for about 5 years now. We were very attached to our previous pediatrician, so we he announced he was retiring, it was a big deal to find someone with similar philosophies on health and wellness...and someone we could trust. Dr. Sherman actually recommended Dr. Matt. And we have been very pleased from day one. It is a larger office, but the staff runs a tight ship and everything is always organized. My boys were not infants, so my appointments and questions have dwindled over the years, but Dr. Matt and their staff is always very attentive. My boys ask - why do we drive all the way from IL to see the doctor? Well, when you find someone that doesn't push medicine, but is practical and you trust, you just don't choose to go somewhere else.
By: Linda C.
Kindred Hospital St. Louis - St. Anthony's
I was admitted from another hospital, where imbecame septic with MRSA, doctors were not sure they could save my ankle and foot, or if i would be able to walk again. 2/3 rds of my ankle had to be removed, and no prosthesis could be used due to rejection. I spent two months there with the antibiotics, and learning to walk again. The small amt of bone left, and scar tissue formed to act as the whole ankle bone. I was a nurse, knew the odds were against me, but the staff was excellent. They nutured me and took care of my every need! I truly love the staff! Also, the facility was spotless, the food was good, and i enjoyed when they brought in the therapy animals. My stay went quickly! God bless you all!
By: Gram C.
Abbadessa, Steven M, MD
Today I called to make my first appointment. Katie was pleasant and there was a smile in her voice. Katie you make my day. Some people do the same job you do everyday and don't do it with the enthusiasm and kindness that you share over the phone. Looking forward to meeting you. If I was in the same business I would offer you a raise and take you to my office. But I am not and so Dr. Abbadessa should give you a raise and keep you there. I spoke with "Mo" and she values you as well. Looking forward to meeting the entire staff. She said Katie is the face of our office - how true. Some one buy that lady lunch and let her know what a terrific job she is doing!!!-Gram Cracker
By: Just M.
SSM Health St Mary's Hospital
My mother went into the ER at this hospital. I feel that she was a innocent, unsuspecting, sitting duck victim that fell into the hands of inexperienced, careless, evasive and uncompassionate staff that totally misquoted what I has said to them in their clinical noted. They told me that she was a very sick woman when she got there, but she was no sicker than the last 5 or more times that she had been there. She has been at this hospital many times and did have multiple medical conditions for a long time. This visit she was there for observation, she had been vomiting and the nursing home wanted her to get checked out. well she checked out alright and checked into the morgue.
By: Jewell H.
SSM Health St Mary's Hospital
In December, I went to St. Mary's for a routine procedure and was treated with the utmost respect and care! Each nurse that I came in contact with made sure that I was comfortable and that all of my questions were answered and needs met while I waited for my surgical procedure. I felt like I was among family! To top it off, when I left I was given a soup mug with a can of chicken noodle soup and a prayer! In addition, all of my paperwork was given to my husband in a neat folder, everything about the procedure and other pertinent information. I would recommend St. Mary's to anyone looking for a personable , warm, and efficient hospital! Jewell H.
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By: Colorato C.
Apex Network Physical Therapy
I have been to Physical therapy for different reasons for the past 30 years. These were visits in on all the continents and countries I lived in at the time. I can recommend Taylor Lumsden and his crew to anyone that is willing to listen and apply everything they try teach you. These are by far the most carrying, knowledgeable and hands on advanced professionals that you will encounter in this business. I have been visiting ever since they opened and there is no other place I will go.I am officially spoiled patient (customer) and you don't have enough starts in this rating system to rate their awesomeness. Highly recommended.
By: Marie V.
Kindred Hospital St. Louis - St. Anthony's
I was at kindred hospital for 6 month the staff became part of my family. I was very sick and I needed a LTAC hospital. Most of the staff was great. Therapy was great Janell and Renee worked very hard but got results. I want to thank all the nursing staff for the wonderful care and putting up with me. Katy case management was outstanding. Food was ok. The rooms could have been cleaned better. If you need help to get things done look for Stacy she is a great advocate for the patients. I'm glad I got to go home but I miss everyone so much. Thanks Marie
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Academic medical centers offer a broad range of specialized services, from allergists to urologists. Some of the larger medical centers have entire hospitals or clinics focused on a particular medical service, such as cancer treatment, though specialties vary among the centers. Patients whose community hospital or local doctors do not have the facilities or expertise to address complex medical conditions can be referred by their primary care physician or local specialist to a major medical center (there are more than a dozen in the United States).
Yes. In addition to their inpatient hospital services, medical centers can offer a wide variety of outpatient services, such as pain clinics, rehabilitation centers, surgery, imaging and laboratory, mental health treatment, and outpatient cancer treatment. Medical groups – doctors in private practice but affiliated with the medical center--will also have offices within the medical center.
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