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By: carolynsk
Kindred Hospital St Louis
I hope that you never have a need for long term acute care for your loved ones, but if you do, insist on going to Kindred - St Louis on Lindell.Having had the need for a great deal of acute and rehab care for my mom in recent years, I can speak from experience. The level of quality, safe, compassionate, consistent, and expert care can not be surpassed. All of the staff that we encountered were truly exceptional. They truly CARE ABOUT AND FOR the patients entrusted to them. My mom was treated with respect and compassion by everyone as was my family. Paul from the front desk knew our names, housekeeping greeted us with smiles and kind words, Deb, our case manager was involved and kept us informed, Fred from Radiology was always kind and extra gentle with our frail mom, the Therapy pros from PT, Speech, and Resp were wonderful and mom liked the food too.There are not enough glowing adjectives to describe the bedside nurses (Stephanie, Tracy, Rachael), wound care nurses (Michele and Andrea), and CNAs, (Marva, Rene, Sulaney) as they were all simply outstanding. The physicians even had great bed-side manners and get this...the senior hospital administrators introduced themselves to us. The most important part of healthcare decisions, in my opinion, always come down to the quality of care and I could not have made a better decision for my mom than to admit her to Kindred St. Louis on Lindell.
By: Mary K.
Kindred Hospital St Louis
We love Kindred Hospital! Everyone was super nice and treated us like family. My dad was in Kindred for about 3 weeks. He needed respiratory, physical, occupational, and speech therapy after falling down a flight of stairs. Everyone was compassionate and took wonderful care of my dad. They rallied and cheered him on to get better. The receptionists were very friendly too and made us feel welcomed. My dad is moving to another rehab facility and I hope the care will be just as good. Kindred set the bar very high. With that said, I have to admit I was less impressed with the doctors. The pulmonologist (Dr. Omed) has zero bedside manners. He heard report from the respiratory therapist then he made eye contact with me from the hall and didn't even bother to come in to meet me or see my dad. I was not happy. Another doctor had zero bedside manners also. I think Kindred doctors need to take some bedside manner courses. They can take lessons from the nurses and therapist.
By: Linda C.
Kindred Hospital St. Louis - St. Anthony's
I was admitted from another hospital, where imbecame septic with MRSA, doctors were not sure they could save my ankle and foot, or if i would be able to walk again. 2/3 rds of my ankle had to be removed, and no prosthesis could be used due to rejection. I spent two months there with the antibiotics, and learning to walk again. The small amt of bone left, and scar tissue formed to act as the whole ankle bone. I was a nurse, knew the odds were against me, but the staff was excellent. They nutured me and took care of my every need! I truly love the staff! Also, the facility was spotless, the food was good, and i enjoyed when they brought in the therapy animals. My stay went quickly! God bless you all!
By: Marie V.
Kindred Hospital St. Louis - St. Anthony's
I was at kindred hospital for 6 month the staff became part of my family. I was very sick and I needed a LTAC hospital. Most of the staff was great. Therapy was great Janell and Renee worked very hard but got results. I want to thank all the nursing staff for the wonderful care and putting up with me. Katy case management was outstanding. Food was ok. The rooms could have been cleaned better. If you need help to get things done look for Stacy she is a great advocate for the patients. I'm glad I got to go home but I miss everyone so much. Thanks Marie
By: Jerald W.
Kindred Hospital St. Louis - St. Anthony's
The experience was good. I will say most of the staff was good as well. The food was terrible I never got what I ordered. I want to say the most outstanding nurses were Beth, Melba, Mindy and Sherry. Stephanie from housekeeping was great and I don't want to forget Stacy she was the only one that could fix my tv and she brought chocolate ice cream to me every day. Thanks to all the staff that got me back home.
By: Dural G.
Kindred Hospital St. Louis - St. Anthony's
Staff was great! Food was really bad I never got what I ordered and it wasn't fresh. I was upset about discharge planning I was told I was leaving on Tuesday I got dress and waited all day and nobody came to let me know I wasn't leaving. I was discharged to a rehab the next day around 6pm. I really like the union representative she was very nice and treated me with respect. Thanks for the wonderful care!
By: Shirley T.
Kindred Hospital St. Louis - St. Anthony's
Everyone was so nice! Janell and Jen from therapy was great. Nurses Erwin, Indra, Vicky, Shirley and Babette are all great. TV and channels were awful. Discharge planning could have been a little better. Food wasn't that great. I want to thanks Stacey for coming to my room almost every day her positive energy and bright smile made it a much better place. Thanks Shirley
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By: Ray S.
Kindred Hospital St Louis
My husband was sent to Kindred Hospital St. Louis and I will have to say I was very pleased with the care my husband received. My husband was a very sick man and the nurses, cna's and Doctors all did a wonderful job. I wish the visiting hours on the weekend were earlier. I also wish the lobby areas on the floors were more inviting. They are cold and ugly!
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By: Ray S.
Kindred Hospital St. Louis - St. Anthony's
Great Hospital My husband Ray received excellent care at Kindred Hospital not once but twice. They have some great caring and compassionate nurses Ryna, David, Vicki & Kathleen. CNA are wonderful Cynthia & Jasmin did a great job. Therapy Jen was great and Katie from respiratory outstanding. What a great team. Thanks for all you did.
By: Sevdzida S.
Kindred Hospital St. Louis - St. Anthony's
The staff was amazing, but they worked really hard. The patients Kindred gets are very sick patients. I think the staff is over worked. My mother didn't speak much English but the staff tried really hard to get what ever she needed. Jennel from therapy was great with mom. Evening nursing staff was outstanding. Thanks Sehovic Family
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