By: John D.
KC's Construction and Home Improvement
STAY AWAY!!!! IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A SWIFT, AND PROFESSIONAL SERVICE I WARN YOU... STAY AWAY!Kelven from KC Construction was hired for a kitchen plumbing/ remodel back in early Aug 2014. He seemed like a pretty well-rounded professional when we initially met, but after doing work with him he proved otherwise. Kelven failed to mention that he had a FULL TIME JOB and that he does work on the side(when he has time,) we had a few hick ups which in the beginning it wasn't his fault(insurance check took 10days to clear) however as time went on Kelven took WAY TOO LONG. What could have been done in 2weeks took 2months in counting... and get this... HE STILL IS NOT COMPLETE!! We called and messaged him, he responds late and gives many excuses. Bottom line, when someone pays you for service there has to be an OBLIGATION that the customer is being valued and we weren't.given that.In the end we had someone else to finsih up the job, we were ssooo disappointed. And they wonder why BLACK businesses fail.FYI- I am Black, so it hurts me to admit this fact.Here is my email holtd@wusm.wustl.edu contact me if you have any questions concerning this review!Thanks, Dave.
By: lisaerekson
V's Home Renovations & Handyman Services
Vishal was a referral from a friend who has done a lot of work on homes in the area and knows this kind of work well. He said that V was completely trustworthy and very skilled. So, we called him and set up an appt. V called back quickly, came by and thoughtfully assessed our house's list of repairs. He was honest about what he was and was not able to accomplish. His rates were very reasonable (I had gathered two other bids) and he seemed really nice, as well. So we hired him. V accomplished the work on time, without any mess, in a very satisfactory way. We will definitely call him again if the need arises and heartily recommend him.
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By: mebdrion
Olneya Restoration Group
The rep that came out, Tim, showed me damage and potential leaks that I had no idea existed. Our area had been hit by heavy wind storms and unbeknownst to me the shingles had ripped up off the roof and then settled back down (the nails came out of the wood). He took detailed photos and showed me signs of hail damage as well as wind damage. He then sat down and really took the time to educate me on what my options were, which I really appreciated.
By: hateterriblesvc
Olneya Restoration Group
Happy Customer - They did a great job on my insulation install. Was very professional and knew more and did more than just blow in more product. Closed off places that needed to be closed. House is very comfortable now.
By: stephaniedunlap
V's Home Renovations & Handyman Services
Vishal has integrity and does a great job! He is very pleasant to work with, too. I will be working with him on future projects.
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By: Jamie B.
KC's Construction and Home Improvement
Bathroom plumbing repairs, wall repairs, mailine water repair. He was friendly and affordable. Highly recommend!
By: happycustomer3670
Olneya Restoration Group
Just an awesome company. Crystal is great!

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