By: Nova D.
Gateway Science Academy South
I was leery of writing a review because I dislike those who only write reviews when they're negative. I will try to be balanced and fair. The academics are strong, the principal is fair and a good human being with an incredible work ethic, most of the staff are generally happy and overall I was feeling glad we found the school. The one thing that is discouraging is the prevalence (from our perspective) of negative reinforcement by teachers (not administrators). I think the teachers could use some professional development in the area of compassionate guidance and positive redirection. This would be a great school if those were more standard. I know how hard it is to be a public school teacher, at least I can only imagine, so it's hard to be too critical.
By: Erik T.
Webster Groves School District
Some of the finest public education you can find. The principle is amazing. The staff is renowned for caring for students. Great sports and camaraderie.
By: shrimpclocked
Clayton High School
The campus is a safe place to attend. This school simply is fantastic! There are many resources available to you.
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By: Mary L.
Nottingham High School
Best school ever! The principal and staff are excellent and the students are outstanding!
By: heather.herman1
Affton School District
I love this school went all my life and would love my children to go to Affton
By: bobby.greta
City Academy
I love this school. The best thing I could do for my second grader.

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