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By: Daja T.
Old Navy
To: old navy or old navy managerHi, I am dajeona mclucas.I am fifteen and a half years old.My birthday is may 27,1999.I am writing this review to you guys to get employeed and I am willing to work for you guys. I am smart,intelligent,mature,energetic, hardworking,neat,and an respectful person.I like to draw,study,travel,and to write. I am making a's and b's in school.I attend Francis Howell central highschool and is in grade 10th.this is what I like to do n who I am.I wrote this to give you some information to help with deciding whether or not I deserve the job.I want this job because you are one of my top favorite brands,I want to learn how to work in this type of field work, and I love n enjoy of helping others and communicating.especially have them satisfied. I heard you guys where hiring from my mother.thank you for taking out of your time to read my review and to contact my number is (314)-363-2788 ,or www.dajatoocute@gmail.com
By: Skylr S.
Old Navy
Hi! I'm Skylr Smith. I'm 16 years old. I had worked as a camp counselor which also included working with money, filing, settling issues and more. I also worked at Kmart for 3 months but I'm leaving to find somewhere closer to work because of the snow that's coming soon. I am very professional and experienced. I worked with people who could barely speak English and with disabled people who could barely speak. Yet, I was still able to get them what they wanted. I am the best for this job and it's located not too far. My email is skylr.smith@yahoo.com if you want to contact me.
By: Fumilola A.
Old Navy
Hey, My name is Fumi I will be 16 in a few days. I have a very unique and bubbly personalty. I would be good for this position because and I get things done. I was looking for a position to join the staff member team. I live pretty close so readability is not a problem. I am really excited to work in retail and ready to take on some adult like responsibility of having a job. I hope that we can get in touch my email is fumi.adewale@gmail.com. Thank you so much
By: whittnie.stroud
Red Racks Thrift Store
Love this store!! I'm so obsessed with the cheap prices, awesome quality, and amazing selections!! I bought a gorgeous wooden rocker from there for 9.98! Games are about 1.98 where other resale stores are at least $4. Furniture is cheap along with everything else!!! Also they have wonderful sales too (as if they're really needed.) I would totally recommend this shop to everyone!
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By: Mikala D.
Old Navy
Hey,my name is Mikala and im 13 years old and i was just wondering what i can do this summerso i wanted to see was it any jobs for a 13 teen year older then i found old navy in i really want to work at a cute in fashion place so i knew this whould be the right job for me ....����☺����,so i really hope u like my review in i get to work with some amazing workers
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By: Reehd B.
Old Navy
Hello,my name is shy-Anne and I'm 14 years old and I was looking for a job this summer ,because we have to move from our home and I wanted to help my mom out with some things so I was wondering if u are hiring I would really like to get a job with you guys I'm good with counting and sorting thing out so could you all please help me out ����thank you
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By: Brionna O.
Old Navy
Hey , My name is Brionna Sonnier . I am 15 years old and will be 16 in a few months . I find myself to be a good working young lady . I am very good with people and following instructions . I was wondering if I could join our staff member team . Please email me @ brionna_onyae@ymail.com , if you are interested . Thank you
By: Jűsťìcê W.
Old Navy
Hi my name is Justice Watson and I am 15. I would like a job it doesn't matter what job I just need one to get paid so I can start taking care of my self and buying my own things.. If u would people email me back so we can talk more @- justicejones586 @gmail.com or message me on Facebook please and thank you!
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By: Trevor K.
Old Navy
Hey, my name is Trevor and I am 15 years old turning 16 in september (about a month from now) and I was just wondering if there's any jobs available for a teen my age at Old Navy, I don't live too far from this store and I'd appreciate it if you could get back to me. Thanks!
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By: Deidra A.
Old Navy
hello, my name is Deidra and I am 15 years old as of now, ill be 16 this summer, a few months. Im looking for a job in kids clothing and im very interested. Im mature and cound handle the job greatly. write back or contact me by email at deidra.adams@yahoo

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