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By: noasbuilts
Adhair Enterprises LLC
I work on remeditaion projects at many old facilities that have changed hands mulitple times over the decades and have been used for a variety of purposes over the years. When I get to them they need work, in my case environmental cleanup. 99% of the time I am left with multiple excavation and construction jobs to do, on a sprawled-out, forgotten developement, with no drawings to work from. Calling the universal utility locate program is great, if you only need to know where the public utilities stop at the nearest public road. When you need more than that, call Steve. I cannot count the times that I have used Steve on my projects. He is a great resource and one of a small group that actually perform this kind of service. If you don't believe me, make a few calls to all your local plumbers and contractors. Steve has had a high success rate on the projects that I have given him, and if he does not think that he can find something, he will tell you, not feed you a line of garbage. Call him first, but call him in advance if you can, because there is a good chance I've already got him scheduled.
By: Vivian D.
Adhair Enterprises LLC
I contacted Mr Malone after being told by the WaterDistrict that the loss of water pressure in my house is a major leak in the water line under our driveway. Mr. Malone patiently looked for the leak and after 3hours concluded that there must be a mistake with the WaterDistrict conclusion because he could not find any leak, going as far as calling the water District to refute their conclusion. In the end, Mr Malone's conclusion was accurate and that we were able to resolve our issue by simply having our water turned back on which was accidentally turned off. Mr Malone went over and beyond his duty to help me resolve the problem. He is honest and reliable. If not for his accurate conclusion we would have incurred a lot of expense in tearing up our driveway to look for a leak that did not exist.
By: Michael L.
Adhair Enterprises LLC
Mr. Malone was outstanding to work with and obviously an expert in the field. I was able to secure his services for the date I needed and he arrived on time and prepared. He was able to make a determination as to the location of the leak without difficulty and then contacted all of the necessary officials with his findings. I am confident based upon other reviews that the plumbers will find the leak within his marked zone, and that he will come back should any issues arise. I would definitely recommend Adhair Enterprises to anyone with a similar situation. I should also note that Mr. Malone is a veteran of the Marine Corps, and it was an honor to meet him personally.
By: Jake H.
Adhair Enterprises LLC
called Adhair about a leak we thought was in the slab floor. Steve came out to see if he could locate the leak. using his equipment & experience, Steve made several efforts to find the leak & explained this was his best effort, after such he marked a place on our floor; however when the plumbers searched at that spot they could not find the leak. Steve returned, which he didn't have to based on his contract that I signed, & looked where they busted the floor but they opened up a very small area. The leak was actually 2 ft. away from that mark based on his further efforts. I respect Steve for returning without any additional cost.
By: sherryanson
Adhair Enterprises LLC
Had Steve out today to locate a water leak in my townhouse. My condo association was telling me the leak was under the concrete slab and I would have to have floors taken up and concrete broken up to find leak, at my expense. Steve was able to verify the problem is not on my water line, but on the main water line, so I am not responsible for repair cost. This has potentially saved me a lot of money. Would highly recommend Steve and Adhair Enterprises. He is very knowledgable and explains everything very well.
By: jasun1
Adhair Enterprises LLC
Servicing pools & spas we had a need to find a leak in return line of the spa. This leak had been there for 3 yrs. without anyone finding it. Called Steve & he came & did what one other tried using air & microphone with no luck. Then he used a combination of hydrogen/nitrogen, placed it in the line & found the leak. He did it twice to make sure & it was correct. Fitting was broke within 1 ft. of his mark.
By: S. W.
Adhair Enterprises LLC
We hired Steve Malone to locate the leak in our pool, which he did in a couple of hours. He was on-time, friendly and easy to work with. What really impressed us, however, was his willingness to come back out to our house a few days later, at no cost, on a HOLIDAY, when the person we had hired to make the repairs wanted to confirm something with him. You can be assured that Steve will see the project through to the very end.
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By: Katy M.
Adhair Enterprises LLC
We called him out to find a leak in our pool. I'm so glad we did, because we more than likely would have had to break up our stamped concrete to find it. He found the leak to be in our fountain line and not the main lines. As far as pricing goes, he was cheaper than the other 2 companies I called AND, he got us in right away. The other companies couldn't fit us in for over a month. Thanks, Steve!
By: Hathor D.
Adhair Enterprises LLC
Steve was out to my house on Friday in order to search for leak(s), I had called early in the week in a definite panic. As a new homeowner, I had no idea what to expect. Luckily it was not as bad as I thought!! He was on time, had a pleasant personality, respected my house, and most importantly he had a fair price. Thanks for making this experience almost painless!
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By: Michael W.
Adhair Enterprises LLC
I needed to have my T-Box located to shut off the water supply to my home from American Water Company. The plumber I had called was not able to locate the T-Box after searching for over an hour. I called Steve from Adhair who promptly can out, and by using his special equipment was able to quickly locate the T-Box. I highly recommend Adair Enterprises!

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