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By: gregf321
Creative Audio Video and Automation
As a do-it-yourself person, I was apprehensive to use an A/V and Automation contractor/consultant company to assist with the design of my installation. I've done the task a multitude of times in the past on my own, and been pleased with the results. The only reason I strayed from this was that there was a particular piece of equipment that I could not get direct, and had to go through a licensed reseller. I'm pleased to say that I'm so glad I did. The quality of work is excellent. He and his staff are fast, clean, and efficient. They are great sources of knowledge in the field, which is great for me, as I like to ask lots of questions. I would say Kevin's key differentiator, however, is his level of customer service. He always does what he says he's going to do, and has always been willing to go above and beyond. He's also very respectful of the client's timelines, realizing not everything can be done at once in all circumstances. Yes, I was apprehensive on my first purchase/installation from Kevin. I certainly was NOT on the second, and nor will I be for the additional that are to come as I continue to add full automation to my home.
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By: Maggie C.
New Market Hardware
For one, street parking and signage if owned by a private entity, is the responsibility of that private entity. That means that, so long as the aforementioned street parking is located on their property, their signs and asking others to not park there are both totally LEGAL. Secondly, the staff is eager to help a confused or lost customer and when I needed help, a woman graciously offered her services before I could ask, she brought me to the 2.5 inch wood screws I needed, then proceeded to tell me that, while they cost $0.16/each, she would give me the dozen I needed for $1 and when I asked if they took card, that same woman responded that they did not for a dollar and encouraged me to come back another time with the money. Naturally, I hurried to my car, scraped together the necessary change and returned to a smiling and somewhat surprised face. Bottom line, it's a small business run by nice people and every time I have gone in, I've come out satisfied, the other reviews I've seen are extremely negatively biased.
By: mike.mushkin
One Umbrella Printing is easily the most comprehensive custom printer I have ever visited. Impressive design work is showcased throughout the shop, and the quality of the printing continues to impress after many months and washes for my daughter's custom softball uniforms.Friendly sales staff that all really know their stuff make custom orders at One Umbrella a breeze, and my son Geoffrey really liked the tee-shirts they stocked too! He's always asking to come back to pick up some more 'threads'.Really couldn't be happier with my experience at One Umbrella. Can't recommend it enough!
By: rsanders5714
Creative Audio Video and Automation
In an time when good service is rare, it was refreshing to do business with Creative Audio Video. From the very beginning, Creative Audio Video was responsive to the specific needs of Andy’s Seasoning. CAV personnel kept every agreement and always exceeded our expectations.We found the staff to be professional and very competent. The work performed was excellent. The one word to describe our experience with CAV is OUTSTANDING.It is a true delight to do business with Creative Audio Video. Thank you very much.
By: Karl B.
Stacy Gift Shop
Roger2010 CompanyWelcome!We are here to help you find the best deals on the internet. We have deals for just about anything you can imagine online. We have special offers from dating to online dvd rentals to health products. One thing is certain, if you're looking for a great deal on products online you have found the right place. You can use the categories below to narrow your deal search or simply use the drop down menu to find exactly what you want!
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By: Sara L.
Grafica Fine Art & Custom Framing
Lynn and Lary Bozzay are the best! They were so helpful with my framing. They brought me many different options for matting and frames. I never felt rushed. And I was so delighted with the final product! Thank you, Grafica! You are my Go-TO place for framing.
By: Caitlyn F.
Addi Lu'S
This store has clever ideas for you, the family, and your house.. It's family owned so, good service.. And amazing I mean AMAZING jewelry, pillows, clothes, etc. I love it so much they made my momgram ring and how much detail was one tht was amazing!!!
By: petewood70
Fabrication Arts Center
Nancy Derton of Fabrication Arts Center and I designed the perfect wedding gift for my new wife. I told Nancy what I wanted and what it was to symbolize and she took it from there. The necklace she designed couldn't have been better. I will be back.
By: codykinstler66
Fabrication Arts Center
When we decided we needed a fence to keep our two year old from running in the street, we called Brian at Fabrication Arts. He not only designed but produced the most beautiful fencing I have ever seen. Thanks Brian for your talent and kind way.
By: matildahaynes51
Fabrication Arts Center
I am a stained glass artist and was so thrilled to find Fabrication Center. I am able to buy many of the supplies I need to create my pieces but best of all..they have plenty of glass!

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