By: 1612carr
Incarnate Word Academy
I will strongly recommend IWA to any parent. This would be based upon the great teachers and the school's ciriculum. But in the same breathe warn them of a very disturbing admin policy. This policy will forbid your daughter or daughters from taking their last exams if your family has fallen into financial distress and have not paid her tuition to date. I understand that the teachers must be paid and the school has bills to attend to. What is this action doing towards the positive. My daughter has maintained a Gpa of 3.3 and above and to hear that she is unabled to take her last exams was not only degrading but hurtful. She believed in their so called sisterhood as they sung on their youtube videos. She even performed the community service hours that was required by all students. Her understanding of the school she once admired so much is that they can care less about her academic abilities, content of character, or her future as a female leader. This school is for the well-to-do families. Being Christian based and a school committed to community service is just a lure because they don't act on it in the school itself. Because this has truly hurt my daughter in ways I thought was not possible because she is strong, I will continually warn others about this private privilege Catholic High School. Do not believe that this school will assist you. Make sure that your finances are without flaws and stay in great health. You Have Been Warned!!!!!!
By: A S.
Logos Middle & High School
Logos School literally saved my life. After being bullied in middle school and being diagnosed with anxiety disorder and depression, I went to a large public high school. I was filled with high anxiety every moment of every day, so much that I even stopped attending school for quite some time.I was so close to running out of options (other than dropping out), but I decided to give one last shot to Logos... That was the best decision of my entire life. The therapists there were SO helpful, and they really understood my specific needs. I met the best friends I could ever ask for at that school. Logos made every day an exciting adventure and helped me overcome so many struggles, both therapeutically and academically.Very recently, I graduated from Logos School, which was something I could have ever imagined myself doing just a couple years ago. I am currently attending my dream school for college and pursuing my dream career.I could not thank Logos enough for giving me my confidence back and helping me discover who I truly am. I would recommend at least checking out Logos because attending school there was a life-changing experience that will help me cope with things a lot better in my future. I have learned so much about myself, mental health, and forming strong relationships with others over the two years I was there. Thanks to Logos School, I now have my life back in order, and I know I am capable of doing great things in the future.
By: Stephanie S.
St Mary Magdalen School
My two sons have attended the JRK3, JRK4, and Kindergarten programs at St.Mary Magdalen school and have had an outstanding experience. The environment is just wonderful - mostly due to caring, devoted teachers who are dedicated to the social and academic development of all the children. Having a full-day Junior Kindergarten program starting at age 3 was a great convenience for us, as working parents, to be able to have one place to have both our 3 and 4 year old go at the same time rather than two school drop-offs to daycare and preschool. This is a rare find amongst Catholic schools. The Junior Kindergarten years prepares them well for Kindergarten. Kindergarten is academically challenging, yet makes learning fun and encourages continued social development. Music, Spanish, Art, PE are all offered beginning at the preschool levels.Their after school program is also excellent - lots of well-supervised time for creative free play outside and inside.The school has a true community atmosphere where the students and parents are very friendly and make an effort to get to know each other even amongst different grade levels. If you want a supportive environment for your children to have an opportunity to grow and learn, and your family to feel welcome and at-home, this is the place.
By: Nova D.
Gateway Science Academy South
I was leery of writing a review because I dislike those who only write reviews when they're negative. I will try to be balanced and fair. The academics are strong, the principal is fair and a good human being with an incredible work ethic, most of the staff are generally happy and overall I was feeling glad we found the school. The one thing that is discouraging is the prevalence (from our perspective) of negative reinforcement by teachers (not administrators). I think the teachers could use some professional development in the area of compassionate guidance and positive redirection. This would be a great school if those were more standard. I know how hard it is to be a public school teacher, at least I can only imagine, so it's hard to be too critical.
By: sh1972
Logos Middle & High School
Logos has been a life-saver for our family. Three years ago, our daughter was in a school setting where she was misunderstood, bullied, and singled out as a “bad” kid. In an environment without anyone to care or advocate for her needs, she became angry and isolated. She had no friends, and school staff chose to look the other way when conflict arose. Since starting at Logos, our daughter has blossomed. She has been acknowledged for her many gifts and talents, made wonderful friendships and enjoys school again. Best of all, she has developed a strong sense of self respect, compassion and understanding for others. Our home life is so much more pleasant, and we are finally able to relax and enjoy our family time together.
By: Stephen W.
St Catherine Laboure School
SCL is a truly remarkable parish and school. The teachers have a real passion for educating young minds and the entire parish family is very supportive. We are lucky and blessed to send our kids to SCL.
By: Erik T.
St Louis University High Schl
Great high school. The education is top rate, but the atmosphere and the Jesuit influence are second to none. Consider being a Junior Billiken (and you can learn what a Billiken is). Great school!
By: Mike M.
Vianney High School
This is an amazing school! They truly develop and prepare young men for their future! It truly does feel like a family while you are there & after you graduate!
By: Erik T.
Webster Groves School District
Some of the finest public education you can find. The principle is amazing. The staff is renowned for caring for students. Great sports and camaraderie.
By: Erik T.
Mary Queen of Peace
Best phrase I could use: inviting community. The school is excellent and the opportunities to grow are available. All are welcome.

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