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By: adrienne.jones.1656
Ginger Bistro
My husband and I love Asian food, so when I saw a gift certificate offer for Ginger Bistro I jumped on the chance to try out a place we hadn't been to before.There's a lovely, relaxed atmosphere inside Ginger Bistro that works whether you want a casual meal or something more sophisticated. Our server, Roderick, may have been the nicest, most helpful waiter I've ever had. He was also funny, polite and able to anticipate our needs without being at all cloying, and helped to make our meal pleasant and enjoyable.The food here is really amazing. My husband and I ordered several appetizers, including Vietnamese Spring Rolls, Cheesy Rangoon and Kim Chee Seafood Soup, which I added a photo of. The Rangoon was fried to perfection and had just the right gooey sweetness in the center. The addition of scallions there was a nice, unexpected touch. The soup was better than I was expecting, with a nice bunch of shrimp, scallops and lobster meat, plus shredded veggies and a nice broth.It was hard to pick a main course, because everything sounded so good on the menu, but I finally settled on the Curry Fried Rice (see pic). The portion was huge, but it was hard to stop eating when I got full because it was so good. This included shredded carrot and nice bits of fried egg and onion. You can also add one of four different meats. I went with the BBQ pork and was surprised at how good it was with the curry sauce of the rice. It was incredibly flavorful without being overly salty or greasy. Always a plus!My husband ate the Bulgogi Beef Rice Bowl (see pic). As someone who likes a well-cooked egg, I was intially turned off by the over easy deal plopped on top. After my husband cracked it open and I tasted it, though, I got over it. It was amazing! Almost better than my rice, and so different from anything we'd had at other Asian places. The beef was perfect: tender, juicy, seasoned and without an ounce of gristle or fat globs. The combination of beef, rice, veggies, egg and Korean hot sauce was hearty and filling.If you've never been to Ginger Bistro, don't worry. Go, eat and enjoy. This is certainly a good place to visit if you need to know your money will be well spent.
By: macomo55
I looked up Booster's Cafe after reading about it in St Louis Magazine. As I entered the door I felt like I was back in 1985 in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire. Why? The owner/managers first opened an American style restaurant there where one could get a real hamburger and fries, pancakes and other food that reminded an American of home. I was elated to find them in St Louis after so many years and the food lived up to my expectations. Gone are the hamburgers and in their place is a breakfast that is out of this world as well as sandwiches, soups and other delights. The carrot-ginger soup was smooth and tangy, although I would have liked a stronger ginger taste, it was devine. I am going back today and taking some of my family because this is a place that deserves lots of business for what it meant to so many Americans abroad and the delightful food they have brought St. Louis! Check it out!
By: seagrass
Monarch Private Event Space
I was a first time customer and very impressed. We had a large group and our waiter, Aaron, was marvelous. I had the oysters - and they were far superior than any I've ever had. Aaron suggested a great wine pairing that I instantly fell in love with. I was disappointed in the pear salad. I had hoped to try the fall salad that was described on their website, but it wasn't on the menu. The pear seemed out of season and tasteless but everything else was delicious. I came back for a second visit and this time I tried the Southern Bistro. This menu is very affordable. The gumbo and those boudin balls were very, very tasty. I am becoming a big fan and plan to go again soon.
By: bobby_obmaces
Altai Mongolian Grill
I had my reservations about this place at first. But it is convenient when I don't feel like cooking and have a craving for stir fry. The reviewer that said that some of the meats were frozen were accurate. But, the final product all depends on how you season it and what sauces you use. They have little cards to give you decent combinations. The cook and staff were friendly and there's a flat screen to watch the game or the news. So I felt like I was at home. I would go back. I wouldn't go out of my way. But if you are close, give it a try.
By: X R.
Tripe City
I went in and the food was good. The customer service left much to be desired. I have yet to walk into a business establishment where the person who takes your food order seems irritated that you are there. The prices are a little higher than what I am accustom to paying, however look to support any new black owned business that is brought to my attention. Needless to say I will not be back nor recommend this establishment unless they become a drive thru restaurant or they have better face representing them.
By: grace.o
Zia's Restaurant
$15 is around the max for an entree, non-pasta dishes come with a side of pasta (red, white, or olive/butter sauce), and a loaf of bread is free for each table. A nice little atmosphere, but it can be a bit loud if it's crowded. Parking is a bit tough right in front, and the restaurant doesnt seem to be handicap accessible, but there is easy parking within a very short walk. Portions are huge, service is brisk, and the food is simply heavenly. Absolutely superior meals and variety (no pizza though)!
By: msmoore
My Fiancé & I went to Copia for his birthday on June 10th and it was the most unpleasant experience. Copia is overpriced, the food is fair, the service is definitely below average, and they were out of 2 out of the 3 items I ordered! My expectations for this restaurant was high and i was sadly disappointed. To sum things up: You are paying for a nice ambiance w/ poor service.
By: Matt A.
Fro's Place
This place is a true gem on south broadway. So many of the other places are more on the dive side - but these guys nailed it. The managers are great and treat you like family, customers are friendly, staff is gorgeous, drinks are solid and it's cheap. Bar area is open and clean. If you visit during the day, the large windows make for a great view and light the place up.
By: mims21
Ginger Bistro
Great Food! and I mean GREAT! and Great Prices.... I mean GREAT! How the owners had enough humbleness to create an upper scale restaurant environment, yet make it cozy enough to relax, AND not break the wallet, I'll never know. I hope that it doesn't change and I hope to get back there ASAP!!!!!Way to go Ginger Bistro!!!See ya soon!!!!
By: tenant06
Drunken Fish
Food was great, but we were seated in the back of the empty part of the restaurant, and it seemed like our server forgot us. We eventually had to flag down another server just to get a glass of water. Seemed like they were under staffed even though they weren't incredibly busy. Would sit at the sushi bar on the bottom floor, though.

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