By: adelphi23
Riverview Church Of God
riverview has the best pastor ever,thats if you want the word of GOD to find you and convict you,fix you. the only problem i have experienced is most of the black men i encountered because they are saved dont believe they are still apart of the nego race,well atleast they dont act like it. that they are exempted from even caring about thier own young negro men and women , as to say i got mine get yours the best way you can.ready to clean house of another race while thiers is a pigsty.i think its a shame that someone from another state has to raised the issue of blacks helping thier own . if we dont help our own who else will? what are we to do throw them away cause they dont know like we know? we cant leave fixing our people our comminties in the hands of the enemy i dont understand how GOD can bless this church if this attitude and mentatility continues.

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