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By: sheldon.beck.14
Pumpernickles Delicatessen
Lots of positive changes since the new ownership. The name of the restaurant is now Pumpernickles Delicatessen. I have eaten here before and after the new ownership change, April 2012. The restaurant has gone through a renovation, new booths, new table tops and chairs. The bathrooms are brand new and very clean. The decor is very comfortable with a contemporary look and feel.Deals - I've been there on Sunday's and Monday's when the restaurant is pretty busy. Monday they offer a great deal: 1/2 off the price of a Non-Specialty sandwich with the purchase of a beverage. Pick Two offered anytime and another good deal. - I've had the chicken salad sandwich and it was very good. I usually get the "Pick Two", which is a 1/2 of sandwich and choice of soup or salad. I get 1/2 a chicken salad sandwich and the Mish Mosh Soup (basically a mix of most everything else in addition to the traditional chicken noodle soup) The soup is great. In addition to the chicken noodle soup, it has a matzo ball, kasha, and had pretty good chunks of pulled chicken. All for only $7.99 (add $1.00 for the Mish Mosh Soup).Other foods I've tried - The cheesecake is pretty darn good here.Corned Beef - Since the new ownership the portions have increased and even the slice of rye bread is a bit thicker. Corned beef sandwich is very good and enough meat to satisfy. Want more, then order the NY size. The basic sandwich is $8.50 and if you want all lean you can get it for a little more. The NY size sandwich is $13.50.Salami - I've had it and pretty good too.Smoked Fish - Bagels and Lox: I've had it and really good. They even have hand carved off the fish Nova lox for only an additional $1.00 when getting the platter; and the Nova lox platter is only $11.99. Comes with the normal sides of choice of bagel, capers, onion, cream cheese, and tomato.
By: adrienne.jones.1656
Snarf's Loop
Sandwich shops are a dime a dozen, but Snarf's is worth at least a quarter. Cheesy? Sure, but it's true!We ducked in on a cold January day to warm up and try out the food. We shared their broccoli cheese soup and an Italian sandwich to delightful effect. The soup was creamy and filled with little cubed potatoes that warmed us up nicely. It came with toasted, seasoned bread that was far better than what I was expecting from a small sandwich shop. I appreciate that the Snarf's folks know the first rule of soup: hot, crusty bread is better than old crackers.The Italian sandwich was my husband's choice. I generally don't go for sandwiches with more than one type of meat on them, and this one has four: Salami, Pepperoni, Capicola and Mortadella. But, with the toasty bread, provolone, onion, seasoning, tomato, hot peppers, pickles and crunchy lettuce it was just right. Given that they also add mayo, mustard and oil to all their sandwiches you'd think that the insides would get gooey. But, the sandwich arts are not lost on Snarf's employees. They make sure the inside is soft but not sloppy.If you're tired of Subway and Penn Station you should give Snarf's a shot. Not only will you not be disappointed, you'll see Snarf's in your sweet, sweet dreams.
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By: dfwdean
Eovaldi's Deli
I was craving a sandwich for breakfast: on the way to another Hill favorite of mine I took a wrong turn and ended up at the corner where this place is located. So I decided to try it.Glad I did: family run hole in the wall place, very friendly, large menu: I ordered the Salsicia plus Meatball sandwich, aka The Daddy: delicious. And huge.It was charming to get a glimpse of their family life: as I waited for my sandwich 'mom' dropped off some groceries for the kitchen then settled behind the counter to wait on customers.
By: mk123456
St Louis Deli & Grill
Went there for the first time today and was surprised by the food. I ordered the Reuben to go and was pleasantly surprised by the quality and size. The sandwich was delicious and was a large portion for the price. It was made with a lot of sauerkraut which is exactly how I like it. The bread was quality and still crispy which shows that it wasn't too greasy. Interested to try other items from the menu because it all looked pretty good. It was a nice first impression.
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By: Michael F.
Jimmy John's
This Jimmy John's is fantastic in all my experiences. I just ordered delivery for the first time, a sandwich had +bacon and -tomatoe/lettuce, with light mayo. I also are red drink and cookie, everything perfect, DELIVERED IN JUST OVER 10 MINUTES and I live 2.2 miles away. Always courteous and friendly staff as well in restaurant.
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By: Diann R.
Major Catering Service & Deli
They have the best food for lunch!! They make great home style food like mom made you will not find this anywhere else!!They are a great caterer too they can do food for any party or wedding reception I have been to several receptions and everyone was so crazy about the food!
By: Kat S.
Blues City Deli
there is not a better blues joint in the state. Blues City Deli is in the Benton Park area & is a sandwich shop by day & a blues venue by night. This is a unique juxtaposition that works well!
By: Kat S.
Pita Pit
Pita Pit is great for a quick & healthy lunch! At least once a week we would stop by for a quick bite. Now that we have moved offices, my only complaint is that there isn't one closer!
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By: rainymeeks
3s's Soup Salads Sandwiches Bistro
Great fresh food. Soups are homemade. Sandwiches are nice proportions. Salads are super yummy. Great atmosphere. Friendly service. Wait time minimal. Must try.
By: John L.
My wife and I love this restaurant, I love small type of restaurants that have a more intimate feel. I get the black bean burger a lot and it's good..

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