By: sheldon.beck.14
Pumpernickles Delicatessen
Lots of positive changes since the new ownership. The name of the restaurant is now Pumpernickles Delicatessen. I have eaten here before and after the new ownership change, April 2012. The restaurant has gone through a renovation, new booths, new table tops and chairs. The bathrooms are brand new and very clean. The decor is very comfortable with a contemporary look and feel.Deals - I've been there on Sunday's and Monday's when the restaurant is pretty busy. Monday they offer a great deal: 1/2 off the price of a Non-Specialty sandwich with the purchase of a beverage. Pick Two offered anytime and another good deal. - I've had the chicken salad sandwich and it was very good. I usually get the "Pick Two", which is a 1/2 of sandwich and choice of soup or salad. I get 1/2 a chicken salad sandwich and the Mish Mosh Soup (basically a mix of most everything else in addition to the traditional chicken noodle soup) The soup is great. In addition to the chicken noodle soup, it has a matzo ball, kasha, and had pretty good chunks of pulled chicken. All for only $7.99 (add $1.00 for the Mish Mosh Soup).Other foods I've tried - The cheesecake is pretty darn good here.Corned Beef - Since the new ownership the portions have increased and even the slice of rye bread is a bit thicker. Corned beef sandwich is very good and enough meat to satisfy. Want more, then order the NY size. The basic sandwich is $8.50 and if you want all lean you can get it for a little more. The NY size sandwich is $13.50.Salami - I've had it and pretty good too.Smoked Fish - Bagels and Lox: I've had it and really good. They even have hand carved off the fish Nova lox for only an additional $1.00 when getting the platter; and the Nova lox platter is only $11.99. Comes with the normal sides of choice of bagel, capers, onion, cream cheese, and tomato.
By: Mark W.
Uncle Leo's Pizza
Best pizza in Saint Louis:I have been to Uncle Leo's four times now, and have had great experiences. The people that answer the phone were polite and informative. They told me up front about their specials. I asked them about their ingredients and was told that most of all the ingredients come from the hill, but the pizza dough is made from scratch every day from a family recipe. I have had Pizza, Italian sub, Hamburger and fries and an appetizer called Spinocci (WOW). I have had several pizzas, even picked up seven for a party. The pizzas were hot and loaded with ingredients. The crust is thin and more like a cracker not dough. The Italian sub was unbelievable and loaded with meat. Now for the Hamburgers, my wife had the regular cheeseburger and fries and I had the double cheeseburger. You had better be hungry because the double was about a pound of meat, and cooked just like I ordered it. The last pizzas I ordered were half baked. The next day I baked them at 475 degrees for 10min and they were perfect!!! Keep it up Uncle Leo's
By: johntpublic
Rigazzi's Restaurant
Hey, i'm not a profesional food critic, so i won't try to tell you how anything "should be" I have been going there for years for lunch & I bring my family for dinner.I think they have great food! For lunch I get the Herb Chicken with pasta & a vegetable for $8.50 tax included.When i go with my family, I always get the Hill pizza, ( i'ts not the usual pizza you get everywhere you go.. it has a crispy crust and they use provolone instyead of mozzarella.) My wife always gets the Chicken Parmesan. the kids like that they get an ice cream bar.. lol.I think what I like most is that they don't pretend to be something that they are not.. they just serve great food and i have become freinds with many of the staff. It's always fun to go there.. don't expect a fake "Hello, How do You do Sir"...instead ecpect to experience a working italian restaurant thru & thru... Like i said, i don't prtend to be some expert.. i just tell it like it is!
By: adrienne.jones.1656
Fortel's Pizza Den
I didn't know about Fortel's until I moved to Kirkwood, and it really is one of the best pizza places around.The crust has a wonderful, crispy, olive oil crustiness to it that always holds up well to whatever toppings you add. We always get two 10 or 12 inch pizzas to maximize pizza variety, and to guard against a soggy middle, which we've found can happen at Fortel's with the larger pizzas.That's a small concern, though.You always get just the right amount of toppings and sauce. Plus, those toppings are gourmet level and they've got seven different sauces to choose from. Not many pizza places can say that!They also have some of the best fries and house salad dressing around. Put the Bottle neck French Fries together with their House Dressing and you will not stop eating until it's all gone!I've never had a bad pizza, salad or appetizer from Fortel's. Do yourself a favor and give them a call the next time your need your pizza itch scratched.
By: Ken D.
Freds U-City Barber Shop
I've been going to Fred for a year. That plus 5 stars could say enough, but I'll give a few more opinions. Fred's is a two chair traditional barber shop. Fred knows how to cut hair and does a consistently excellent job for me. I'm picky. He's punctual and efficient. Sometimes he's moderately talkative and sometimes he's relatively quiet. Fred is easy to talk to but he's not a jabber jaw. I like that. He's also got strong opinions, which make conversations fun too. Not everyone can tolerate differing opinions, and frankly we don't frequently differ. Anyway his prices are competitive and he is very reliable and punctual so I'm in and out on time and in 20 minutes like clock-work with a great cut. He has a partner who does walk-ins as well. Try them out - I recommend Fred's.
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By: Darcie B.
Pizza Hut
I knew someone who worked at the Pizza Hut on tesson ferry road in the St. Louis mo 63128 area code. Unfortunately I heard that an employee went to the restroom in the fryer once and that drugs and alcohol were frequently used at the establishment by employees on the clock. As well as some employees were having sex w minors in the storage shed that belongs to the business corporation and is located right by the dumpster. Thank you for your loyal concern as a Pizza Hut customer. God Bless. Btw another person who used to work there had there car stolen by some of the employees then vandalized followed by the corporation impounding the car and the former worker couldn't afford to get their car back so their car is permanently vandalized in a city impound lot.
By: matthew.hundley
Domino's Pizza
The Dewey's off Delmar is our favorite stop for pizza. So much so that I have made this my birthday dinner stop for the past 6 years and counting. I love that they rotate their beers on tap. Their calzones (our kids favorite item) are amazing. Their marinara has a bit of a bite - which I like but turns some people off. The crust is amazing. Love their salads and their specialty pizza options. Their plain cheese pizza is amazing as well. Lot's of options for non-meat eaters like ourselves. Amazing team service. Windows to the kitchen allow kids to watch as they toss and top the pizzas. Highly recommend. (Warning: This is NOT St. Louis style. No provel in this pizza house.)
By: adrienne.jones.1656
Ami's of Rock Hill Inc
Sometimes you just can't beat the appeal of a hole-in-the-wall storefront restaurant. When you find one that works, you're almost guaranteed to have a culinary resource that few people know about. Ami's is just such a spot.The wait staff is friendly without ever trying too hard. They make you feel at home and like a valued customer all at once. Order anything and you will get a huge amount of food. Their rigatoni con broccoli is a creamy delight, while the pizza has a great chewy crust with the right amount of give and crunch.Ami's has great, filling food you'll want to keep to yourself; but find that it's so tasty you just can't keep quiet about it.
By: Nico K.
Maurizio's Pizza
At my old job, my boss bought us all Maurizio's pizza one day, after scoring a huge contract with the boss. This was back when the location was still under construction. At any rate, I can honestly say it was one of the best pizzas I've ever had. Not in the sense that all the toppings *I* would have picked were on it, but rather, being what it was (I think I had sausage and mushrooms), this pizza was the booommmmbbbbb. I haven't been to their location on-site, and also haven't given them any more patronage just 'cuz I'm not in the mood for pizza too often, but still, this was one of the best pizzas I've ever had! Two thumbs up.
By: Lianne H.
Maurizio's Pizza
We ate at this restaurant on a rainy, week day night with few patrons in the bar at 8:00 pm at night so we sat in the bar area and watched the FIFA women's USA soccer tournament and ate the best Mostaccioli that we've ever had. We shared a dish and it was more than enough for the two of us. Thought we'd have room for dessert but the main dish filled us both up. Wonderful service from the bartender and great food. Might be hard to access this restaurant if the Cardinals are playing since it is located downtown and close to the stadium, but we were not rushed and had fabulous service and food.

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