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By: jordan1966
Rent Source
Due to a job promotion, I was relocated to the St. Louis Area in October 2012. Not knowing anything really about the area, other than the Arch and the Cardinals, I sought out professional advice in locating housing for my family. I am a single father of two girls, ages 15 and 12. We were staying in an extended stay hotel until we found a home. I am very picky. I wanted to ensure my family would be in a solid home, in a safe neighborhood, and my girls would be in a good school district. Like everyone else, I searched Craigslist and realized there was so my listings to choose from, too many in fact. (If that make sense) I came across a home that had the amenities I actually liked. I called the number and spoke to a lovely woman at Rent Source who gave me the details about the house. She told me she had other homes similar, amenities wise, to the home I was looking at, and that I could come to her office or visit their website and view the homes. I went to her office on Natural Bridge and within 10 minutes or so I had a listing of 14 homes to choose from, all exactly what I was looking for…3 Bedrooms, in North County, under $900.00. My daughters and I looked at all the properties in four days. We narrowed our options to just one of the homes and then chose to go to the Rent Source website and get an updated set of options to look at the next day. We had an additional 4 homes to look at. The following day, in about three hours, we had walked through the additional homes. What we found was we loved one of the homes that day and could really see ourselves living there for a long time. We negotiated our lease terms with a very cooperative landlord and started moving in two days later. That was almost three weeks ago. We have painted a few walls, moved our furniture in and really made this place our home.I must say, I am not the type of person who takes the time to write a review of a business I use, lord knows with all shopping we do every month for groceries, household goods, clothes and so on I would spend every waking moment typing. However, I just wanted everyone to know that my experience with Rent Source on Natural Bridge was fantastic. I would highly recommend them to anyone seriously looking to make a good informed decision on a home for their family.
By: Jeremy L.
Covington Place Apartments
Well after reading all these reviews and hearing the good and the bad I visited Covington Place in September 2013 and met with Keyounia and she showed us two units and we chose the one on the main floor. We moved within a few weeks and loved the location and our new apartment, as with any new place we started to find something’s that needed to be fixed and the maintenance staff while not the quickest did a good job and took care of all the issues. Going through this bad winter the staff was always out making sure the sidewalks and roads where as cleared as possible. We have met many people in our building and we have not had any issues with other tenants fighting or loitering like others have posted. We did have some young guys move in above us and we can hear them moving around but that happens in an apartment, we have had to ask them to turn down the music a few times but they have always said they are sorry and turned it down right away. You just have to treat people with respect and you will get back in return. We have never had any issue with our car being damaged or kids hanging around where they should not be. We have used the dog park for our dogs and it is an old tennis court but it has been completely mulched over and there are a few things for the dogs in it but it is just a good place for them to run around and get some exercise.
By: macdaxon
Park Val Apartments
After living here for a year I'd have to say there are definite pros and cons. The pros are the neighbors and maintenance staff are friendly and it is very centrally located. That is pretty much the end of the pros. The management has a snotty attitude, and poor communication skills. Haven't seen her here until recently and I am thoroughly unimpressed by the way she presents herself. They present any issue as all encompassing and leave threatening letters on your door when you have not committed the offense, under the reasoning that it is required by the DOH. The floors and ceilings are thin and you hear pretty much everything through the oven and bathroom ventilation. They will tell you the appliances are fully updated, once again not the case. Maybe in some apartments, but it wasn't so in mine. The floors in my hallway are uneven, the doors have a half inch of space open on the bottom, The entrance into the building is secured, but you don't get a code just a keybob and must let any visitors in by walking to the door. It is quite the pain when ordering delivery. My neighbors are sorry to see me go, I was sorry to go until I had a conversation with management today about having to go. Like I said very snotty with a poor attitude. My advice find somewhere else to live.
By: sirval
FrontDoor, LLC
Front Door STL is truly an amazing place to live. My friends and I signed our lease last year (renewed lease for another year) and to this day, I have had zero complaints with them. Whenever I need to make a maintenance request, it is always addressed in a timely fashion. I live in the Theresa Park Lofts and it is wonderful how they took an old school and transformed it into a modern living space for all sorts. The apartment is equipped with a fitness center, surveillance cameras everywhere, washer/dryer in each apartment and so much more. The staff are super friendly and relate to students and/or families so well. They always make sure that the property is kept clean which is a plus for me because I hate clutter. Another perk about FrontDoor is that I can pay my rent online and request maintenance fixes there, as well. Overall, I would recommend FrontDoor to friends, co-workers, and incoming SLU students because I enjoy where I live and I believe other people should get a chance to experience what I've gotten to experience.
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By: Steven E.
Kinswood Apartments
A few months back, during 2 days of heavy rain, my bedroom ceiling collapsed. Wet insulation, plaster and water all over my bed and floor. It happened on a Sunday afternoon, so luck was on my side this didn't happen in the middle of the night. Seeing there is no manager OR maintenance person on site, there was nothing I could do until Monday morning. Maintenance was pretty quick to fix it..............I thought. Tonight, heavy rain again. The ceiling sprung a leak just to the right where it had collapsed before. Being a late Friday night, I fear nothing can be done until Monday. I also do not want to chance sleeping in there until it's fixed. No telling how bad it is. I have to make this my last lease here. I can't take this much longer. I have lived here for a long, long time and would have rated this place much higher when I first moved here. It's been a slow decline ever since. Having no manager or maintenance on site is inexcusable and is my main reason I cannot renew my lease.
By: Ari D.
Merchandise Mart Apartments
i wish their was all carpet. The walls are tooooooooo thin. The sinks in the 2 bedroom apartments/lofts are from the high school years. The water in the shower gets cold after 11 minutes. Its okay. The people living here are afraid of their own shadow. Horrible location. The bus to Soulard Market has to go down Washington ave towards TUCKER and around the city, instead of directly to Soulard. Coming from the West coast i hate it here. We can only get Direct TV and only AT&T, but it would be much better with Charter and Dish. iF THEIR WAS FANS IN THE BATHROOMS IN THE APARTMENTS IT WOULD BE MUCH MUCH BETTER.. takes 4 days to get a new water filter in the fridge/freezer and it was put in 1 week and 2 days before they did something about it. They said that i never told them on Saturday to fix my problems in the loft and they said it was called in Monday, but i told them Saturday. I had to get my parents to call in from another state to get the order done. UGH
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By: Gayle M.
Dolan Memory Care Homes
When we made the difficult decision to place my mother in a residential care, our family was determined to find a facility we would all feel comfortable with. As soon as we toured Dolan Memory Care our decision was made!The environment is a small, warm, homelike community geared towards allowing the residents to be as independent as possible. The staff helped facilitate the move by coming to my mother's home to meet her; assisting us with the logistics of the move; and most important- providing us all with compassionate emotional support at a very difficult time. Now- a little over a year later - we are all so grateful for the kind and compassionate caregivers - and the peace of mind in knowing mom is receiving wonderful, personalized care. There are activities every day- she especially enjoys the musical performers! I would highly recommend Dolan Care Memory Homes for your loved one.
By: mmk364
FrontDoor, LLC
I just moved into a FrontDoor apartment at the beginning of the summer, and I've been nothing but thrilled! The apartment itself is beautiful and well built, and any maintenance concerns I've had have been promptly adressed. When I first moved into the apartment it was still a little bit messy, but when the leasing staff saw it during the inspection they immediately had cleaning go back into the apartment until it was up to their standards. The leasing staff has been nothing but friendly and helpful to me whenever I've had questions! Tons of my friends live with FrontDoor as well, and all of them are very happy! I'm not sure why this place gets such a bad wrap on these sites--I think it's just people that have one bad experience and choose to publicize it. I can't tell you what a great experience FrontDoor has given me in my very first apartment!!
By: matba736
FrontDoor, LLC
I'm honestly really surprised to see a few bad reviews for FrontDoor, as I have nothing but really nice things to say about them. I'm a student at WashU School of Medicine and I have been living in The Grove for the past two years, and I just renewed my lease for yet another year. They have always treated me with extreme courtesy and have responded to any service requests incredibly fast (They even come change my light bulbs!). Paying rent is online and easy. I have a in unit washer and dryer, dishwasher, central air and all the amenities my classmates that live in the CWE are jealous at a fraction of the price they pay. All in all, I haven't had a single problem with the management or hidden fees like some claim here. I'm truly happy and looking forward to another year in The Grove with FrontDoor!
By: dirame
FrontDoor, LLC
The Front Door community is a great place to live! I live in one of their buildings near the SLU medical school, and I just renewed my lease for my fifth year! They keep rent prices competitive- especially when you factor in the workout center in my building and the individual washer/dryer in each unit. A lot of their properties are renovated so that everything is relatively new and stylish, but with accents of the original architecture. I also love that I can pay rent and submit maintenance requests online... and rent isn't considered late until after the 5th of every month. My maintenance issues have been few and minor, but maintenance has always been very quick to respond. I have never had a bad experience renting from Front Door, and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a new apartment.

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