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By: Derrick W.
612 Kitchen and Cocktails
I went to 612 last night with a group of friends and was truly impressed with the experience. The restaurant itself is very pleasing on the eyes, it has a level of class that I wasn't expecting when I stepped in that immediately let me know that I was in for a treat. The atmosphere felt very inviting and cozy even while the decor reflected a finer dining experience. I started off with a glass of their award-winning sangria, which was incredible. It was served in a little mason jar which reflected the Prohibition era theme that was subtle, yet apparent throughout the evening. For my appetizer, I had the pork nachos and they were without exaggerating, the best nachos I've ever had, mostly due to the smoked pork. I can't say enough about those nachos, my whole table devoured them. Next I had the Bugsy Malone, an original drink created by the owner with cucumber lemonade and gin I believe. That was unlike anything I'd ever tried before! The taste of the cucumber was strong with very light citrusy undertones that made for a really special drink. For my meal, I ordered the slider trio (beef, pork, veggie) while my friend ordered the taco trio (beef, pork, veggie). We both split our meals so that we could share everything. That's one really great thing about the menu: everything is designed to be very easily shared so you get to try a little of everything. There are also a decent selection of vegetarian options as well! The food was excellent, especially the veggie taco and pork slider. What really made them special was the sauces, which are all made in-house. The beef slider is topped with a bacon-tomato sauce while the veggie burger had this really great avocado aioli. You can also order any of their sauces separate if you want to dip your fries or something. My last drink was the signature 612 made with grapefruit juice and jalapeños. I will warn you, the grapefruit juice is pretty strong at first, but if you mix it up, the jalapeños give it that spicy kick I was looking for, what's especially cool is that the more you stir it, the spicier it gets, so you actually get to tailor the drink to your taste buds! I don't know that I could drink more than one in an evening, but it's a nice alternative to a Bloody Mary in that it has that spice and tastes almost like a meal in a glass. I was really glad I saved room for desert because the bread pudding was really good. What really sets it over the top is the scoop of fresh in-house made vanilla ice cream, it's optional, though honestly if you get it without, you're doing it wrong. I ended up spending about $50, which I thought was completely reasonable for a 3-course meal with three fine cocktails and an unpretentious classy dining experience. At several points the owner/manager came up to my table and chatted with us about our food and the restaurant. Another really special feature of the menu that I thought was awesome was that they had custom-made mocktails made without alcohol. I love this because it allowed for our designated driver to enjoy the full experience with us. At one point, the mixologist came up to our table and after asking my friend what kind of flavors she enjoys came back with a custom-made nonalcoholic beverage. That level of care and attention is rare to find nowadays and will certainly have me coming back! Five stars! Keep up the excellent work!
By: Kat S.
The Pageant
This is the best “small” venue in STL to attend a concert. The big arenas are nice, but this venue is all about the performer & the accessibility the audience has to the performance. They work their tails off to make it a great show and the acts, from music to comedy, keep me coming back year after year.
By: sylvia.becks
Club Elite
this is a very good place to give a party. I've 3 or 4 parties there and each time I had so much fun. I love Club Elite...
By: artistswave
Great for finding venues, studios, and radio stations across the U.S. Friendly customer service!

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