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By: derwood208
St Louis Car Museum & Sales
So how do I write this in the most objective voice? I guess I am somewhat to blame...I could have gotten on a plane instead of trusting them.I saw a car on EBay that I wanted, a 1976 Triumph TR 5.0. I called St. Louis Car Museum and inquired about the car. Being a first time, novice car collector, I thought I asked plenty of good questions. The car looked great on the website and I loved the details, photos and video.I asked about the condition, being I live in NY and there was no way to fly out and do an onsite inspection, or is there?Having asked all the important questions to my salesman, and I will leave his name out, as I'm guessing it would not have mattered who I was speaking with...my final question was, is everything in working order, and is there anything I should know that I may not have asked. "No, you know everything"Well, long story short, I love the car, its gorgeous, BUT I WAS SOLD A CAR THAT HAS SO MANY PROBLEMS. Im almost done fixing them all...7 weeks and 10K later.Truth is, I would have bought the car anyway, but honest and reasonable expectations regarding issues and repairs make for a more enjoyable purchase I MUST SUGGEST THAT YOU NOT BUY A CAR HERE WITHOUT HAVING A THOROUGH INSPECTION.while I don't expect them to have known that I needed to repair a defunct cylinder, replace the poorly installed head gaskets, replace the master cylinder, repair all 4 brakes. Repair a broken stud on the rear tire hub. Replace and repack the rear axels and hubs. Repair the A/C that does not work. ....and much much more...they did know the A/C was not hooked up at all, there were no dashboard lights, the drivers side mirror was loose, the drivers door gasket was hanging,the drivers door, the trunk and the hood that all were out of line or not operable The radiator was leaking due to a faulty hose installation, and so much more.So, to repeat...love the car...hate the misleading and unfair treatment.BTW...I emailed my salesman soon after getting the car...and he never responded...that's weak. I agreed to buy the car as is, I realize I have no recourse, so why not respond.
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By: Christina G.
Jimmy Kavadas Your Credit Man
I'm a woman, so what...skip to the end if u don't want to hear my yammering....I can't express the anxiety of getting more in debt felt to me after finding out my credit wasn't anywhere near where I thought it was. “All the work I put into to it over the years, didn't amount up to anything;” one salesman quoted. How humiliating & what a bubble burst. With all the other problems that come w/ life (you know the kind coming up all @ once). Buying a car was suppose to be 3 months down the road, saving a good down payment w/ a decent or low APR rate.I came across Jimmy Your Credit Repairman and thought; Hmm??? I was expecting a dealer (you know the kind to sell you, then the sale's over kind of thing when you need the customer service their true come out). Low and behold I found Jimmy's Italian smile sitting across from me, making me feel comfortable. Not pushing the sale on me, really trying to help w/ finding what worked for me. After this (here comes the true colors) Jimmy continued to help beyond the call of financing in sales advising how to build my credit (lowering APR rate) the right, easy, simple & most importantly the cheapest way. Would I go to Jimmy again?? YES of course in a heartbeat, when you find a good man you keep him, RIGHT..
By: Deborah B.
Plaza Jaguar
This dealership and employees are top rated A+. My husband and I was searching for a vehicle that we could not find in our Illinois area but found what we thought was the perfect vehicle, but we were hesitant on taking that long drive and the vehicle was not what we expected. We asked our salesperson Jason Gunter a bunch of questions about the vehicle and he took extra steps for us and video the exterior and interior of the car and it was just perfect. He made the process so simple and easy. Everything was done via phone and internet. When we arrived at the dealership, we were so impressed with the beauty of the dealership that we felt as though we were in an exclusive hotel. They even had our vehicle in it's own display room waiting for us and everything was describe just as Jason said. I would definitely do business with Plaza Land Rover and have already spread the word to everyone I know to please go purchase a vehicle from them, it was such a great experience to be treated as though we had a pocket full of money. I would also like to add if you are getting your vehicle finance, Angie McCants is the best!
By: Tedstr N.
Weiss Toyota of South County
I was in for a 25K maintenance check as notified by my Avalon startup message. I expected an oil change and a tire rotation. I was told that my initial Maintenance coverage was for 2 years and 25,000. Unfortunately I purchased my Avalon in April 2013, over three months past the 2 year mark. I had also purchase additional years of Toyota service agreement. The agent told me that tires are rotated every 5000 miles and the oil is changed every 10000 miles due to synthetic oil. Because my Avalon was over two years old I would not receive the free tire rotation. I would receive the tire rotation and oil change at 30,000 because of my extended maintenance. I thought I would have continuous maintenance so there appeared to be a hole in my coverage because I did not drive the 25000 before the two year point. My Service agent Dennis Perry made a call to the proper person and I received my 25000 mile tire rotation at no charge. I appreciate the excellent service I received.
By: Perry J.
Glendale Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram
I had visited glendale for a specific jeep wrangler, and found they didn't have any on the lot, so told Mike exactly what I was looking for. A few days later I received a call from mike about an 06 wrangler, 6 cylinder, manual transmission, with only 21.6k original miles. The cleanest 06 I've ever seen, and he told me about it as soon as he got to work (the jeep had been there 20 minutes). He sent a video of a walk around while on the phone with me so I had the chance to see it before driving to the dealership. Not that it would have mattered, I was 15 minutes away and would've gone either way, but it was a nice touch. Mike knows his jeeps inside and out, listen to what he have to say! Very personable sales staff, and they will get you what you want. I never new going to a dealership could ever go so well. They're correcting the slanderous nickname "stealership". Kudos ladies and gentlemen of glendale, kudos.
By: Forest W.
Alex Autoplex
My wife and i purchased a vehicle from them in may of 2012 and we have yet to have any issues...i did not look at the reviews first but we like everyone should took it to our mechanic had it looked at and knew what we were getting into. besides basic maintaince we are very pleased with the money we saved , the overall quality of the car we purcahsed and the buying experince so satisfied in fact that we are going back to buy another car and thats exactly why im on here.So in short i personally think that its all in how you purchase your car and to the guy that said all he does is buy his cars from the auction ....thats where EVERY DEALER IN TOWN GETS THERE CARS !!!. uneducated people make uneducated choices . i would suggest alex autoplex to anyone and as long as your a smart buyer i think you wont ever go wrong here or anywhere .
By: rikkii.horn
In & Out Auto Plaza
I can express my gratitude for what they did for us at In and Out Auto Plaza! My wife and I were getting ready to start our next semester at college and then our car broke down the Friday before. We are full time students with very part time jobs and bad credit. We were turned down at two different used car lots that say they "finance everyone." Well, In and Out did what no one else could. Alina was amazing and worked VERY hard to find financing for us. Not only did we get financed, but when there was an issue with the car right after we left, they made it right. They fixed the problem in their garage at no charge to us. The mechanics were very friendly and helpful. They truly go above and beyond at In and Out Auto Plaza. Very honest and pleasant.
By: Will F.
Jerry Ackerman Toyota
I have been taking my '08 Scion TC here since I bought it (from another Toyota dealership) in January and my services have always been great! I will only go here for oil changes, especially after a terrible service experience at a Jiffy Lube a few weeks ago. These guys are always friendly, quick, and honest in recommending only the services you need, and without trying to convince you to buy a more expensive oil. The pricing is comparable to the quick change spots, and small services like oil changes, tire rotation, and tire patching, do not require an appointment. The employees are very professional and I always feels good about my car when I leave, no nagging "I wonder what they actually did" feeling.
By: David R.
Midwest Autoplex
I have worked with Midwest Autoplex since moving to St. Louis in 2005. Since then I have had I think 3 transactions with them. I remember the first one. I had done my research and searched all around for the best price on the vehicle I was interested. I called Midwest and asked if their price was negotiable. I was kindly told that they do not negotiate because they know their prices and the condition of their vehicles are the best around. I responded by saying, you are correct, I have done my research and checked around and you guys are the best in the area. I have always been treated very well by Midwest and refer everyone I know who is in the market for a vehicle to them.
By: audiwagonmom
Imports LTD
My nephew recently purchased a vehicle from them and he was happy so I thought I would give them a shot. I did the normal BBB look up, A rated, that was surprising for a car dealer, but good. I went to their main location on Chippewa and I was shocked at the type of cars they had in stock for being a city used car dealer. The lot was clean, the cars looked good, I was pleasantly surprised. I was greeted by Al (a little goofy) and I had a fun time buying my A6 wagon. So far so good, check engine light came on one time, but that was because my husband didn't tighten the gas cap when he got gas....2 clicks. Give them a shot, Al makes it a very fun if not goofy time buying a car.

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