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By: Flow J.
Daden Investigative Services
Everything stated off great. I was very hopeful. She stated not to worry she was able to get what I need done. Well, that did not happen. Communication stop on her end, stop returning calls and text like she had. Never was told investigation was concluded or not. She did all the work from her phone. Not one was she out in the field with my case. This was a crime case I had her on. She might be good with other thing but please do not hire for crime case. You can get your money back, so be aware. Complete waste of money for me. I received nothing for the 500.00 I paid. I really thought she was going to be a blessing. Smh...
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By: Aneesah W.
Red Brick Management
I live in Mount Pleasant apartments and I have only been here since June and have had so many issues . Their has been a huge ongoing issue with a drug dealer dealing out the building and crackheads hanging around the building along with sneaking into the building behind people to get in. There was a drug bust in the buildings OWN parking lot with about ten police cars .My apartment was disgusting before moving in , I had to mop and thoroughly clean my place myself ! Their is also a huge gnat and bug problem as I've called maintenance about the issue two weeks ago and just lately roaches popping up . I moved my refrigerator trying to solve the mystery and stove and so many dead bugs underneath . Disgusting . I was offered a transfer but told to pay a 350 dollar fee and new deposit . Unfair, and an inconvenience . Not even morally right . I don't suggest moving under their management at all!
By: Matt S.
Ramled Enterprises
Very unprofessional and rude staff. Any time we needed a repair there was always an excuse as to why it wasn't fixed. If it was fixed it was never by a professional and was always a short term fix. Shower ceiling fell through and was left un-repaired for over 7 months. Neighbors were constantly smoking cigarettes and weed indoors (non smoking building). Played dumb and acted as if everything we called about was a dramatic over reaction. TRUST ME. What you save in rent money you'll lose in quality of living. Never rent from these people. Specifically the building at 7354 Tulane.
By: Linda B.
Voss Buys Houses
Our difficult situation was simplified by using VBH. The process went quickly and smoothly. We are glad we used them.
By: Sheri K.
Voss Buys Houses
Always available and very easy to work with. They made our experience easy and stress free! I would recommend them to anyone!
By: Lou E.
Voss Buys Houses
Jason's professionalism & thoughtfulness helped us make up our minds to use him. He took control & handled everything. We are very pleased!!
By: Jason V.
Voss Buys Houses
Jason was not only very easy to work with, his offer was fair. We were finished with closing in about three weeks time.
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By: Nick C.
Red Brick Management
As a preface to my review, I am an architect with a masters degree in architecture, a second in construction management.My wife and I rented an apartment that was slightly bigger than 600 SF in the Central West End ($940/mo). Due to an extremely cheap renovation of the building performed by Red Brick, we ended up paying around $200 dollars for just a heating/cooling bill. To put that into perspective, my co-worker who lives in a three story house pays an average bill of $150 per month. The windows are original single-pane (uninsulated), wood frame windows that make you feel as if they were wide open 24/7. There is literally zero insulation in this entire building, including aftermarket items (doors, windows, etc.) which are common sense locations to insulate if you know anything about construction, let alone renovation work. The flooring is so warped that there are major gaps in the entrance doorway which electric bills aside, allows bugs and mice to walk in and out freely. This past spring, Red Brick turned off our water to our apartment five times without giving any notice beforehand, which is very illegal. The final time they turned the water off, we had no water for three entire days. When I asked them to refund our rent for the days we didn't have access to water, I was told "We do not make it a practice of reducing rent for maintenance issues". This also, was very illegal to deny a refund for the days we had no water. However if you talk to anyone who has had issues with Red Brick, they definitely do make it a practice of taking you to court if you try to fight back. (Sidenote, our water heater was a 25 gallon tank, meaning you will not be able to fill the up the bathtub even half-way.)My wife and I have since moved into an apartment that is twice the size, a better location, and half the electric bill, for the same monthly price. Not to mention we were instant friends with our new management as they too had been burned by Red Brick.
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By: Skye ..
Njw Construction 3 Corp
This company needs to be investigated for contractor fraud. Do not let Kirk Nevils build/remodel your home. You will regret it. He left severely damaged load bearing studs, covered up wall sockets with drywall, stole house key and charged items to a card without knowledge.
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By: Rajesh S.
Upper End Properties
Liz helped us with our move from NJ to st louis and again when we moved to charlottle. would not have been able to do two cross country moves in 2 yrs w/o help. Her expertize and timely help made everything smooth, thank you so much and know your professionalism will lead to great success for you and your team.
Tips & Advices
Private investigators do not officially have to guarantee confidentiality within the same stringent set of regulations that govern attorney-client confidentiality. Most good PIs will not only have an explicit clause in their written material guaranteeing they’ll keep private information secure, but will have references to corroborate that they’ve done this in their previous assignments.
Private investigators primarily do background checks, perform surveillance (most often to corroborate infidelity suspicions), and gather evidence for civil investigations. They also do research on missing persons cases and domestic/family issues. Some private investigators have niche industry specialties such as process serving and insurance fraud investigation. Then there are corporate specialists who investigate potential business partners and employees. One primary function of private investigators for corporations is to implement other strategic security measures in the workplace, an offshoot of which is the “bug sweep.”  It’s illegal for a private investigator to plant “bugs,” i.e., hidden listening/monitoring devices including wiretaps, but it’s not illegal for them to remove them from the premises where they were planted.
Some private investigators work with police, and with the court system--some highly respected and experienced private investigators even assist state and federal law enforcement. PIs are called upon to support a broad range of functions, including search and surveillance, securing evidence, and giving testimony.
A private investigator cannot wiretap phone lines without consent from at least one of the people who will be having the phone conversation--and in 12 states, a phone conversation cannot be recorded without all participants consenting in advance. Exact laws vary by state, however, a private investigator can legally sweep for hidden audio recording devices and get rid of them.
The limitations to which private investigators are subject depend on the state, but for the most part across all states, private investigators cannot pretend to be members of law enforcement, can’t use illegal methods in the course of their investigations, can’t trespass in a home or business, and can’t place a listening or tracking device without at least the primary party’s consent. In some states, they can wiretap phones if one party is aware, and, likewise, with recording conversations. They also can’t hack people’s emails or private online accounts. Nor can they collect private protected data on their subject without a subpoena. They can only put a GPS tracking device on a car if the owner of the vehicle approves it.

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