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By: Taylor L.
Sono Bello
I am so happy to give Sono Bello St.Louis a standing ovation of a review. I’ve changed my eating habits and have exercised regularly. There are still areas on me that are stubborn and lack the look I’m working so hard for. These areas include the upper and lower abs, waist and hips. For these areas, laser lipo was the best choice for me. I shopped around at two other body contour centers-One in O’Fallon and one in Clayton, before finding Sono Bello. The following reasons are why Sono Bello was the best choice:Online presence- I went to sono bello’s website to get information before scheduling a consultation-which is free! Everything you need to know about the different procedures, before and after photos, reviews, you name it and it’s there. Every certified doctor they employ is on the website alongside a photo and a resume. They even offer a chat with a representative. I chose to do the chat because I had questions about bmi and possibly scheduling an appointment after store hours. It was very clear that I was speaking to a real person. Representatives- From start to finish, everyone at Sono Bello has been so incredibly kind. There are a lot of people to thank for making me feel comfortable and confident. Everyone I encountered was completely professionalBrittney, the receptionist helped me organize all of my appointment times-even with my crazy schedule. I had my consult with April. Besides being friendly, she gave me the in depth information I needed about the process, what to expect and financial options. There was absolutely no pressure and I felt like I was talking to a friend, not a sales person. I was able to email April directly for any questions. As busy as she is, she always responded right away.Medical Staff- My nurses-Kat and Jen were so fun and helpful. I was nervous to have the procedure done but they kept me in good spirits the whole time. I had my procedure done on 2/22/14 with Dr. Shatz. I met him during my post op-one week prior to the procedure. He was very kind, professional and told me exactly what to expect during and after the procedure. During, he made sure that I was comfortable regularly, as it was done with local anesthesia. Dr. Shatz also called me on two separate occasions post procedure just to see how I was doing.The Procedure- On the morning of the procedure, I took the required medication for pain, nausea and anxiety, a pregnancy test and I was ready to go. At this point, I was feeling very comfortable and relaxed. All nervousness was gone and I was ready to sleep. During, I was instructed to turn and do foot pumps regularly. It honestly felt like being woken up from a nap continuously. I remember feeling the incisions made but they felt like a routine shot. The tubes inserted into those incisions tickled. I remember giggling during and Dr. Shatz told me about it during a check up call. I don’t know if laughter is a typical response, but I did! Before I knew it, it was over. My nurses bandaged me up and put me in a compression garment Post Procedure- my guardian took care of me for the next 24 hours. There was leaking of the tumescent fluid for the remainder of the night. It is red in color but not blood. I was sitting on towels and constantly changing out of clothes. None of my clothes stained but use clothes you don’t mind getting stained anyways. I stopped leaking fluid the next day. I would recommend having a family member or friend watching over you the following day as well.Progress: During my first shower, I could already see my problem areas improved already! My upper abs shocked me and the indention that I have in their lower abs was almost nonexistent. My back muffin top is flush with my bottom and I can’t believe it. I was able to return to work two days after the procedure.
By: Kewana B.
Sono Bello
Ok everyone, Sonobello advertisements are true. I did my research. I went online, looked at other companies, but decided to do the consultation with them. They answered my email request within 5 minuets of sending. My consult was real. Katey was not only my consultant, she was a able to look at the areas that I wanted done and give me real insight, cost and did I mention she was a financing guru. They have financing to meet everyone needs. After my consult within 2 weeks I was schedule to have my upper and lower waist and sides done. I have lost about 38 pounds within the last 6 months, but after 4 kids my stomach muscle are shot and the fat just was not moving. Ok guys don't be shy. At your pre-op they give you this really ugly 2 piece paper bra and panty set so the Doc can take a look at you and give you the 411 (information). Dr. Lionelle made me feel comfortable first and foremost. He listened to what I wanted and what I wanted to achieve. He then took a look at what he had to work with. He explained what he could do with every part of the areas that I wanted done and the end results. He educated, informed, but made me laugh at the same time. I knew with Dr. Lionelli I was in good hands. The day of surgery guys my nurse was so awesome. I dont like needles, but she made sure the process was quick and as painless as possible. My procedure was 3 hours long, but felt like one. I was able to pick my own music while the procedure was being done, but the the great part about the whole experience was that Dr. Lionelli and I talked all throughout my procedure. I was even joking. My friend that came along was in the waiting room and was like amazed and listening to our conversation and didnt know what was going on. Thats just how comfortable and at ease the Sonobello team makes your procedure. I'm almost 3 weeks post-op, and believe you this, my waist and stomach has already went down and I have curves already. Just imagine in 6 weeks. I cant wait to show you my before and after pictures. Ladies and Gents there is hope. Thank you Dr. Lionelli and the Sonobello team...YOU ROCK!!!
By: K W.
Sono Bello
I had my liposuction procedure 2 weeks ago. I have dieted and exercised and lost about 30 pounds, but I could not seem to flatten my midsection and it bothered me. I saw the commercials for SonoBello and gave them a call. Everyone was very friendly at my consultation and I booked my procedure that same day. Honestly, I was later very nervous about the speed at which everything was happening (even though I had been contemplating the procedure for over a year). I looked at some online reviews and Sono Bello in other states did not have good reviews! I immediately became very nervous and considered cancelling my procedure. But I called and talked to the office manager Janice who was SO kind and reassuring. She even offered to hold my hand during the procedure! I went forward with it and BOY AM I GLAD I DID! My doctor was EXCELLENT. He was knowledgeable, kind, and very pleasant bedside manner. He answered all of my questions and didn't make me feel rushed. He even personally called me after my procedure that night to check on me. The ENTIRE staff was fantastic. The nurses were great and very comforting. Even the front desk staff was great. I have nothing but great things to say about this location and the staff and if I ever had anything else done, I would definitely come back here. If you are considering it, please do some research so you feel comfortable with the process, but please consider Sono Bello because they were really fantastic and I am very pleased with my outcome. Even only 2 weeks out I see a tremendous difference!
By: Kroninger L.
Sono Bello
I will start by saying my experience as a whole was positive from beginning to end. The entire staff was approachable and keen to answer any and all questions. Upon entering the office you are immediately greeted and acknowledged, no waiting around as someone pretends not to see you or act like they are to busy for you. The office is neat,clean and refreshing. Though i didnt have to wait long,they do have a TV and reading material,most important more information on the procedures they offer. I personally wanted my procedure done ASAP. Wow. They went the extra effort to accommodate me! Next I met my doctor. Dr Lionelli is amazing. If i had any doubts his expertise and knowledge and soothing manner just solidified I made the right choice. The day of my procedure went exactly as planned. My RN Matthews is very outgoing and peppy. She loves her job and it shows. Dr. Lionelli talked to me during the entire procedure and was utmost concerned for my safety and well being. Everything is spelled out in your information packet you receive. Follow the directions and all shall be well. Everything I experienced I accepted as reasonable and customary, there were no surprises. Except for Dr. Lionelli following up with a phone call,wow, what doctor does that? I was very impressed he took the time to check on my progress. If you want the best experience, I highly recommend Sono Bello based on my experience and would definitely use them again. So, don't wait go and get a consultation today. You will only wonder why you waited so long.
By: Kimberly B.
Sono Bello
My experience with SonoBello has been wonderful, from start to finish! I am in the medical profession myself, so I know what to look for and what to expect. Everyone from the receptionist to the physician have been personable, yet professional. The environment was warm and welcoming. I was able to get a consultation almost immediately. Everyone made me feel comfortable, that I scheduled my procedure two days later. Dr. Scheu was friendly and very knowledgeable. He took ample time to explain the procedure in detail, what to expect in the immediate post op period, and realistic results. His examination of me was thorough. I appreciated the fact that he has been doing these procedures for 30+ years. I googled him before my procedure as well and read awesome reviews. This made me feel even more at ease with my decision to move forward. Dr. Scheu even called to check on me later that night. The surgical nurse was also very nice and compassionate. I was able to see some improvement/results the following day after I took off the bandages, despite the swelling and numbness. I have not had any post op complications i.e. bleeding, excessive drainage, bruising, etc. I was quite sore the first 2 days, but this has dissipated and is minimal now. The post op follow up has been great too with frequent emails and updates. I can not wait to see the final outcome in about 6 months when all the swelling has resolved. I would definitely recommend SonoBello. Great job guys!
By: Meg P.
Sono Bello
I gained a lot of weight with menopause and stopping smoking. I needed "dynamite" to get me going to get my body back! I had two procedures, first lower and upper abdomen, second, waist chin and upper arms. The second surgery was a week ago and I can see such a major improvement. The staff at Sono Bello and Dr. Lionelli are the finest. If you are considering liposuction, look no further. I'm 59 years old and could go about my daily functions 3-4 days after the surgery. The staff is very thorough and do what they say. I see such a difference in only one week. I can't wait to see one, two, three months from now. Thank you Sono Bello! I just had my 6 month review. I have lost 37 lbs. and feel so much better about myself. Sono Bello gave me the before and after pictures. AMAZING! I knew I looked and felt better, but didn't realize the visual difference. Wow, the results are far better than I expected, and I should look even better by my year anniversary in September. Lipo was exactly what I needed to kick-start getting my body back after quitting smoking and menopause. You will truly love the professional and caring demeanor of all Sono Bello's staff.
By: Stephanie S.
Sono Bello
My experience at Sono Bello was great! I had looked into many different avenues and decided that Sono Bello was the best option for me. I was concerned about being put to sleep, the down time I would be facing if I had a tummy tuck, and the expense of the procedure. The staff and Dr. Lionelli were great! They were very thorough and guided me through each step of the process. I was also able to setup my surgery a week later which was very convenient. I felt relaxed and comfortable the day of the surgery and I was up moving around the following day. I returned to work two days after my surgery and although I was sore I was very happy that I was able to return to some normalcy so quickly. A week after my surgery I returned to the office for a checkup to see how things were progressing, and even though I was told that I may not see results that soon I was astonished by how great things looked! This was what I had waited to see for so many years of being uncomfortable in my skin; I finally had a jump start to a new healthy life! I can’t wait to see what is in store for me at my 3 month check-up!!! Thank you Sono Bello and staff for helping me on a new path.
By: Kimberly S.
Sono Bello
I was very nervous at first, about pain during the procedure, a long recovery period, and how my body would look. From the first consultation to a month after my first round of procedures my initial thoughts were the opposite of what I actually experienced. I had alot done, upper/lower abs, waist, chin, inner thighs, and bra back roll spread over two procedures. Both times I was comfortable to the point where i fell asleep, when awake barely felt anything. During the recovery stages, the all of the staff including my nurses, doctor, and consultant called and checked on me. I followed their instructions and experienced minimal discomfort (stiffness as if i worked out too hard). In both cases I was back at work around 3 days. As for my results, I personally did not expect them to turn out this well. I have done it all dieting, insanity type workouts, and a have always maintained a healthy lifestyle. That being said I have never looked or feel the way i do now! The best part is I could see a difference instantly and as the weeks go by my results have been getting better and better. I extremely happy that I followed through with my consultation.
By: Ladonna K.
Sono Bello
I was amazed at how relatively painless the procedure was. I talked through the whole procedure and relate it basically to the pain level of a tattoo. My downtime was basically one day. I had it done on a Saturday. I called Monday morning because I wasn't draining. A nurse called me back within three minutes to tell me it was normal. I taught classes that night. The hardest part of this whole episode has been getting the compression garment snapped by myself! The doctor and staff were all highly professional. They were also very friendly and I felt like they got to know me and they treated all my questions with respect and gave me detailed and knowledgeable answers. I've recommended them to several of my friends and can't wait for my three month follow up. At my one week follow up, I was 12 pounds lighter and one pant size smaller and thrilled. It's given me that bump I needed to start eating healthier and exercising. Before I was so depressed and embarrassed about my weight and my shape - I feel wonderful, now! I just keep looking at myself in the mirror and smiling!
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By: Theresa J.
Sono Bello
I can’t say enough about the friendliness of the team, the professionalism they provided to me and the actual procedure completed by Dr. Schatz. I appreciate and value them so much. What I like more than anything is the ongoing emails I receive on “what to expect” at different intervals. I had the procedure on Friday and was unpacking boxes in our new home on Tuesday. There was really no pain, just tenderness.Preparation is the key to reducing anxiety – Dr. Schatz and his team prepared me for the unknown and my results are more than I expected. I can’t thank them enough for assisting me in feeling good about myself again – feeling like my appearance is no longer frumpy and chunky. I now feel confident and positive about myself with my new reduced Curves that are in the right places. Thank you Dr. Schatz – you and your team at Sono Bello are truly a gift to all of us who do work hard and eat right but still struggle. In my eyes I am now a “10” and that’s what matters.
Tips & Advices
Plastic surgery comes from the Greek word “plastikos,” which means “to mold” or “to change.” Plastic surgery is a specialty in the restoration, reconstruction, or alteration of the human body. It includes cosmetic or aesthetic surgery, but also includes reconstructive surgery, craniofacial surgery, hand surgery, microsurgery, and burn treatment.
The vast majority of cosmetic surgical procedures occur on an outpatient basis. With more extensive surgery, such as a tummy tuck, a previous health condition, or monitoring is needed, the doctor might require a short hospital stay.
Depending on the procedure, cosmetic surgery can cost anywhere from several -hundred dollars for facial “filler” injections to $20,000 for extensive invasive surgery. In addition to the surgeon’s fee, the patient or insurance company will be responsible for a surgical facility fee, anesthesia, medical tests, prescriptions, surgical garments, and other miscellaneous costs related to surgery.
According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the top five cosmetic surgical procedures in 2016 were:
  • Liposuction (414,335 procedures)
  • Breast Augmentation (310,444 procedures)
  • Tummy Tuck (181,540 procedures)
  • Eyelid Surgery (173,883 procedures)
  • Breast Lift (161,412 procedures)
Common nonsurgical cosmetic procedures include Botox injections, laser hair removal, and laser skin resurfacing.
While there is no definitive age minimum or maximum for a given procedure, most doctors won’t operate on minors for cosmetic reasons. Beyond the actual surgery, the risks of general anesthesia should be a major consideration for elderly patients.  Good doctors will advise patients against a procedure they think is unnecessary, carries unwanted risk, or won’t produce the desired outcome.

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