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By: Jamie M.
Top Consulting
I have always wanted a job in advertising/pr, but when I graduated from The University of Illinois, I knew it was a highly competitive industry for people with no experience. Top Consulting was my first real job out of college, and I tell you, no other classroom; job; seminar; or learning environment would have ever given me the amount of professional, real life knowledge that I got there. I learned the value of maintaining a great attitude, building rapport with customers, closing a sale, and how to coach and develop others. No...My relationship with Top Consulting didn't turn into management, but I did get a job in the advertising industry, which is what I have always wanted to do. The skills that I learned at Top Consulting were the reason I was able to land my dream job. Any successful person will tell you that people skills are the most valuable asset to have in any business, and that is exactly what I was able to master by working with Chris and some of the other guys there. Sure, doing sales everyday can get tough, but it made me a more resilient, tough-minded individual ready to take on my advertising career. If you want a job where you sit in a cube all day, for a limited amount of money, then this is not for you. But, if you want a position that requires hard work and a student mentality with a real opportunity to advance where the payoff is UNLIMITED money-making and advancement opportunities, work here. Because, you will get exactly what you put into it. It changed my life for the better, and that is not an exaggeration, that is fact.
By: Kayla W.
Top Consulting
I have been working at TOP Consulting STL for 6 months. I didn’t know anything about this industry before I started, because I didn’t have a lot of experience outside of retail. After talking it over with my parents, I decided to accept the position as a Junior Consultant. They told me that even if it didn’t work out long term, then I would gain valuable business/sales skills. I have always been a hard worker, so I was up for the challenge. Also, I had interviewed with a few other companies that had similar structures (Management Training Programs), but they hadn't promoted anyone to management yet. TOP Consutling told me that they had promoted a manager to the Houston, Texas area, so I thought, that at least they have done it once. Since I started, I have learned about sales, training, interviewing, and leadership. They’re have been obstacles to overcome, such as tough customers, but I am making more money than I was as a retail manager. I have met some great people at leadership conferences and even won a trip to New York City, which I had never been to before.All in all, from my experience, things have been just as expected. I have learned a lot, feel more confident, and am excited about my future. Even my parents have noticed my progress. For anyone thinking about getting into this field, I would say to them, “Enjoy the ride!”
By: Dan L.
Top Consulting
I would venture to say the experience working with Top Consulting gave me skills that you simply can't learn sitting in a class room ie. how to read people, how to communicate your point effectively, and how to have someone invest in your idea. The team at Top Consulting have a proven track record of effective training, motivating, and incredible work ethic. Also, this is a place to succeed, you must put in the work, it only works if you work with the system, and I must say, they have had tremendous success with those who work with it.One of the biggest assets however, is their leader, and is a fantastic one at that. Chris has vision, competence, and flexibility, and is eager to share his employees' successes and work with them through their shortcomings, b/c he realizes that their success is his success, and their shortcomings, are his as well. VERY few employers have mastered that art. I will say that it is very tough if you don't do well in a performance based positions. However, those who thrive in it do great. Keep up the great work, and remember to constantly instill the good values you teach to your people, that they represent something bigger than themselves, and you will continue to be successful.
By: Victor V.
Top Consulting
Entry Level opportunityFast advancement (based on performance, not on seniority)Fun AND Professional EnvironmentExperience in business related fieldsThis is really a great company to start out in or start a new career over in. This company is a marketing and sales company. The people on this site calling this company a "scam" think every sales company is a scam. EVERY company does sales no matter what they do, this company just happens to focus on sales while building business skills. I left this company for personal reasons but I left with major business skills I would have never had. In the 10 months I was there, I went from no business experience to learning how to speak in front of people (I was very shy), do business presentations, conduct interviews, sales techniques, marketing strategies, team building skills, leadership and training skills...I could go on and on. The point of it is, is this company perfect? No. Is it worth going to and forming your own opinion about if you are called for an opportunity to interview and see what it's about? Yes.
By: Dylan M.
Top Consulting
I have been working at Top Consulting for about 6 months now. Since I have been working here I have earned a promotion, and have gotten to travel to a few cities that I have never seen. As a recent graduate from MIzzou, I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do in life (like most of us), but I did know that I needed to gain some experience in order to build my resume. Since I started working here, I have learned how to train other people and develop professional relationships with other people, which has really boosted my confidence. I started with the intention of just getting some experience, but there seems to be a lot of advancement opportunities in the future. Also, the President of the company had me and another employee over for dinner and took us to a Blues game for winning an office competition. I am a very competitive person, so I like getting recognized for doing a good job. So far, I have learned a lot about business and have had a lot of fun. Wish me luck!
By: Kaylie S.
Top Consulting
This company provides a great foundation for anyone's a career. Since joining the company a few months ago, it is high-energy, fun and exciting atmosphere. I have been learning many new skills including customer service, sales and how to train other people. The skill, initiative and drive I have learned constantly catches the eye of upper management. My leaders/mentors in the company have taught me that the value of hard work is what is going to move me up in the company, not the amount of time I have been here. This gives me limitless opportunity for growing both personally and professionally as well as my earning potential.
By: Jared K.
Top Consulting
TOP Consulting has a fun and professional work environment. They truly live to their motto "work hard play harder". It is the people that make this office number one nation-wide. Everyone is caring, compassionate and shows the true meaning of having a great work ethic. Management was patient and truly cared for my success. It was a great experience and really helped me personally morph my strengths to being a great leader in any future employer. The sky is the limit with this company. However, If your looking for a place to do bare minimum and just get by this company isn't for you.
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By: Melissa C.
Top Consulting
When I was job searching, I was looking for two main things : an enjoyable place to work along with a great work/life balance. The Managers who my interviews seemed to actually enjoy their position, which was kind of refreshing from the retail world I came from. When I asked about their work/life balance they went more in depth about the opportunity. They were able to give me a personal insight about the reasons why they chose this opportunity and told me about their personal and professional improvements.
By: pryingeyes
Skin Institute
I LOVE the SKIN Institute! The staff is always welcoming and treats you like family. They never offer services with high pressured sales tactics. All of the services I've tried there have been extremely relaxing. I've visited other medical spas and esthetic schools in the area but none compared to the SKIN Institute. I highly urge you to try their services especially when they host their Rx Peel events which are offered about every 9-10 weeks and normally around $10.00!
By: Meghan N.
Top Consulting
I've had the opportunity to learn a lot about business operations, management and was very hands on which is exactly what I needed. I've gained a lot of experience from working with them. Everyone that works there is very welcoming and fun to work with. Management takes the time to get involved which is great, and there is a strong team atmosphere especially with the growth and advancement of employees.

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