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By: Jesse S.
Sara Vidan, Other
Dr. Vidan and the rest of the family at Vidan Family Chiropractic are amazing! I can't say enough about them. The staff is beyond friendly - always remember you by name, are extremely friendly and personable, and make it easy to setup, change and remind you of appointments! They also ensure my visits are enjoyable, and are mindful of the busy lives we all lead.. They get you in and out of the office without any sort of long waiting room times.Dr. Vidan, himself, is absolutely one of the best in the business! Just follow him on social media and you will see how many awards and recognition he gets from the chiropractic industry. I 100% trust my well-being in his hands and expertise.I am not a "newbie" to the chiropractic world. I have been to more than 5 Chiropractors in the past 10 years for both injuries and regular adjustments. Hands down, Dr. Vidan is the best of them all! Not only is he clearly a true expert in the field, but he sincerely cares about your health and wellness. From my first visit I could tell that he does everything in his power to help me feel better and live healthier. He isn't there to just collect your payment and move on to his next appointment. He works with you; giving you the time and attention needed, and proves to you that he really can help. And, in the case that your injury needs additional expertise / other methods of remedy, he points you in the right direction to other trusted resources. It's clear that he is looking out for your overall health and well being..I really can't say enough good things about Dr. Vidan and his whole team! If you're reading this and in question, just give them a try and I promise you will see the difference after your very first visit. Thanks Vidan Family Chiropractic!JS
By: tonyd1
Metro Chiropractic Centre
Dr. Rob is more than a Chiropractor. Since I have seen him over the past two years, my overall health has improved substantially. In general, I feel better and have more energy. In any case when I have been under the weather, Dr. Rob has gotten me back on track and quickly. Once I felt like I had flu-like symptoms, so I went to Rob early. He adjusted me, gave me some supplements, and advise on how to take care of myself for a couple days. The next day I felt 100% better and never got sick!Recently, I've begun a nutritional program with Rob and I am very excited about the progress. He is showing me how to care for myself and is addressing underlying issues with my health that no doctor has even tried to see! The best part is that he is so practical in his approach. He really works to make it easy for people to follow a program, taking small, but important steps.I am so bless to know Rob and the staff at Metro Chiropractic. Thank you guys so much!
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By: Daniel H.
Accident & Pain Relief Of St Louis
I had been plagued with lower back problems for over 10 years. It all began in high school as I was pursuing dreams that most high school boys have when it came to basketball - increasing my vertical so I could dunk. I lacked knowledge on how to stretch properly before workouts and it resulted in back spasms and pain that I only addressed with temporary relief. Finally, I decided to pursue a permanent resolution and was recommended to Accident and Pain Relief. Initially, I was very concerned with the cost of this type of treatment, the time commitment and the possibility of getting taken advantage of, but the team made me feel comfortable the moment I walked in. Dr. Holland addressed all of my concerns and questions, even the difficult ones. I don't write reviews very often, but the professionalism that the A&PR staff has demonstrated motivated my to provide positive feedback.
By: candice.appleby.92
Accident & Pain Relief Of St Louis
Got back or shoulder pain? Go see Dr. Mark Holland, ASAP! My upper back, shoulders and neck were in pain for weeks; heating pads, ice, icy hot, yoga and pain relievers did nothing to help so I made an appointment w/ Dr. Holland. Last Tuesday, I walked into Dr. Holland's downtown St. Louis office w/out an appointment and w/in minutes of completing my paperwork I was getting an exam and having x-rays done. My initial visit included an exam, x-rays, aqua massage therapy and an adjustment; obviously I wasn't free of all the pain on my 1st visit but today was my 3rd visit/adjustment/day of therapy and I AM free of all my initial pain!!! Long story short, Dr. Holland knows what he's doing and provided SERVICE BEYOND MY EXPECTATIONS...I'll be going back in a week to follow up and of course in the future, I won't go to anyone else but Dr. Mark Holland!
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By: tm1974
Citrin Chiropractic Center
I needed a new chiropractor closer to where I work so I could make appointments right after I got off rather than trying to find someone who was so far away closer to my home and Dr. Rutherford's office is SO easy to get to and I LOVE HIM! He has a fantastic 'bedside manner' and his staff are very fun and make me laugh every time I am there. Sara his message therapist is so friendly and very comfortable to be around. At this point I don't care WHERE I work or LIVE I am never changing chiropractors again. They are a great team and I would recommend them to anybody. My treatment is going well too. I was in a car accident and got rear ended and have major lower back and neck issues. Thanks to our 'plan' my migraines have stopped and we are getting better results every week with my back! Thank you Dr. Rutherford and you team!
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By: Rachel P.
Neifert K Shane
Dr. Neifert is a rare find. You won't come across a chiropractor with as much expertise, care, and personable service. We have come to him for years and recommend him to all of our friends. Dr. Neifert has helped our family in so many ways live full and healthy lives. Even our daughter who is 6 asks to go! He is positive and very sweet with her. He is a great chiropractor for patients of all ages. She has been adjusted by him since she was a tiny baby.When we have gone to other chiropractic clinics nothing is as professional or PERSONAL as St. Louis Spine and Health with Dr. Neifert.Just try once! He is VERY affordable and you will leave feeling like you were treated like gold.All stars deserved!
By: Erin W.
Healthcare Complete
I have been a patient of Dr Casey's for a long time and cannot say enough wonderful things about both the staff at Healthcare Complete and Dr Casey! The office is such a positive healing environment and I have greatly appreciated the help I have received for my sinus issues! After years of chronic sinus infections, I have been antibiotic and sinus infection free for about 5 years. I am currently on an as needed basis and see him for wellness care. So many positive changes in my health! I was also treated during my pregnancy for pelvic issues. It helped so much! Thank you to Dr Casey!
By: mpstein
Lask David
Dr Lask is the best!!! He was so gentle and explained everything to me about my problem. I had never been to a Chiropractor before and Dr Lask made the entire process a pleasurable one. He was so professional and took so much time to explain and treat me. I felt so much better after I left and I was basically done with my problem after seeing him. I would highly recommend him or any of his staff in the office. If you have a chronic pain or just want to learn how to live healthier call Dr Lask. He knows his suff!!
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By: karagia
Chiropractic Care & Sports Rehab Inc
Excellent bedside manners and very thorough exam. I brought past MRI scans and got immediate care and actually an adjustment. I left there feeling pretty good and after 8 hour later, I felt pain free. I had a sciatica nerve impingement and a sore left sided neck pain, they did an excellent job. I would recommend anyone that has pain and needs relief right away. Just be a smart patient and bring in the appropriate medical information that would help the doctors.
By: kg0923
Citrin Chiropractic Center
I was 5 months pregnant with our first baby when I was injured at a local grocery store. An employee, while stocking items on a top shelf, accidentally dropped a box which caused 32 ounce bottles of soda to fall on my head. Dr. Jeffrey Citrin and his staff were incredible. They helped me get the treatment I needed and were able to direct me to the appropriate counsel to help me settle the case. I paid nothing out of pocket during the whole process. Amazing service.

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