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By: Andrew K.
Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Services
My experience with Roto-Rooter was amazing! I scheduled my appointment using their online form during my lunch break at work. It was really easy. I was able to pick a same day appointment and select a timeframe that was convenient for me; unlike other service companies that tell you a 4-6 hour timeframe which seemingly always end up being at the least convenient time… I got an email confirmation with my appointment details and even a 30 minute courtesy call from their customer service informing me my technician was on his way. My technician, Walter, was extremely polite and friendly upon arriving at my house (Seven Hills, Ohio). He quickly assessed the issue, explained the solution and drew up an estimate. I was shocked at how competitive the price was (I had gotten quotes from some other local plumbers) and that he could do the work right on the spot. They even honored a coupon I printed from their website! Within less than an hour, Walter had the issue resolved! They offered various forms of payments which is nice to have and even guaranteed their work for 6 months. I was even more impressed to find out that Walter had already worked a full shift and that he took my job last minute to help backfill with some delays. Dedication! Overall, my experience with Roto-Rooter was extremely pleasant. Convenient, great customer service, competitive prices, efficient solutions and a high level of professionalism all around. I would highly recommend using them for all your plumbing needs.
By: Elveeta M.
Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Services
Had a back up problem in December right before the holidays. Eric was very helpful and even gave me credit for a coupon I did not have. Did not purchase the enzyme flush he recommended because of Christmas. Surprised to discover i had a nother problem yesterday after my 30 day warranty had expired by about 15 days!! Jon worked that out wit the office and I was delighted "no charge". Becasue they were unsure of the solution to my problem he ordered a tech to come and take pictures of the sewer. NO CHARGE! In the past I have paid for this service. So along comes Tim Huff. Mr. wikipedia!! Not only did he find the problem and resolve. He gave me a forecast as to what may future problems will be and also maintenance solutions in the meantime. Advise on my walk way too! I learned SO MUCH from Tim! Gues what/ No charge! You know I bought the enzme treatment from them and this is the FIRST review I have ever written!! ROTO ROOTER STL NORTH are MY PEOPLE!! Elveeeta Macon
By: Rolla S.
Jackman's Fabrics
My experience at the St. Louis store was very different from Anna G. I had never even heard of Jackman's Fabrics until today, when I found them through an Internet search. I needed trim to match a dress. The color turned out to be very unique. One of the associates (Dee) patiently walked me through trims, lace, and fabric - in a VERY large store - and spent a lot of time on what was clearly a very small purchase by a first-time customer. She actually advised me against the final choice after taking the time to spread the fabric out in natural light. My experience was that they have outstanding customer service, a very large selection of beautiful fabric, and fair prices. I will definitely be a repeat customer.
By: patc818
Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Services
My main sewer line and shower in the basement backed up. There was water & sewer mess all over. I called one place and they said they could come at 7:00 p.m. but there would be an extra charge for after hours. I called Roto-Rooter and they said someone would be there within 2-3 hours and they would call before they came. It wasn't long before Carl called and said he would be at the house within 30 minutes. Carl came and explained that he would have to clean out the pipe in the front yard going to the house and out to the street. He cleaned everything out and said there were roots in the way. Carl was a very nice and pleasant man. I would call Roto-Rooter again.
By: Sandyt C.
Jackman's Fabrics
Jackman's Fabrics is the most wonderful quilting shop I have every visited. They have so many beautiful quilts and other items on display that inspire you to create your own. The displays change with the seasons, and there are always new and fresh ideas waiting to inspire your creativity. The staff is very knowledgable and always willing to offer their assistance. Jackman's Fabrics continuously offers classes in the many sewing arts, including embroidery, bringing in top artists in their field of expertise. They are a one-stop shop for purchasing your new machine, to sewing/quilting accessories, to home decorating supplies! A wonderful, inspiring shop!
By: Sara C.
Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Services
We made a reservation online for service on Saturday morning (Town & Country, MO) - after our sewer line in the basement backed up late Friday. I was a little frustrated that the estimated service time was 10am to 1pm; but the dispatcher was very patient and kind with me. Justin (tech #3455) arrived at the estimated time and was very professional. He quickly assessed the situation and got to work quickly. I had to leave my home unexpectedly and when I came back he had resolved the problem, walked me through what he had done and quickly processed payment so I could go on about our Saturday. We will definitely use Roto-Router again!
By: Curt C.
Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Services
Had a sewer back up New Years eve. Roto Rooter was able to come out rather quickly. I had Jason as a tech. He was able to remove my soft clog. 2days later it backed up again. Called Roto Rooter back out because they have a 60 day guarantee. Again they came quickly but this time my tech was Tim. Tim seemed a little more knowledgeable and ran a camera down my pipe to look for additional problems. They are very timely and stuck to their 60 day guarantee. My only issue is the up charges like the 159.00 charge to add an extra 50 feet to the snake to reach my clog. Seems outrageously high. Other then that decent experience.
By: dmoore1213
Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Services
Weve had some problems with roots in the pipes. My husband thought he could clear them himself. So after a trip to a rental store and a discussion with the clerk, he decided it was well worth the extra money to pay for a professional. He couldn't have been more right. The tech was able to clear the ball of roots in about an hour versus what probably would have been an all day job because the roots were 58ft down. He was in and out and definitely worth the money. Spend a little now vs a whole lot later if we had rented the tool and something went wrong. I will definitely be going there for future needs.
By: lesalupostewart
Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Services
I called Roto-Rooter for a back up of our main sewer line. The plumber, Mike (from either the Brentwood office or the St. Louis Hanley Industrial Court office) arrived earlier than what I was told--just 1 1/2 hours after I called. After I explained the issue I was having, he told me what the options were and how much everything would cost. He answered all my questions and was courteous and pleasant.I really appreciate that they also take care of sending your paperwork to St. Louis County for their Lateral Line Repair Program, since part of my line will need to be replaced.
By: Cara S.
Merlo Plumbing Co Inc
I am extremely grateful for the wonderful service I received! Mark in the service department in particular went above and beyond to provide some of the most outstanding customer service I have ever received. He demostrated patience, maximum effort to answer my questions and solve my problem, and followed up to ensure my problem was solved. His dedication and kindness has renewed my faith in others and was needed at a time when little had been going my way. I can whole heartedly recommend this company for your plumbing needs. Mark and Merlo Plumbing are top notch!
Tips & Advices
As part of regular home maintenance, you can look for signs up build-up or debris accumulating in a fireplace. n addition to practicing safe wood burning and cleaning the in-home structure, you can also use a flashlight on occasion to inspect for any obvious cracks or blockage. Strong smells emanating from the fireplace when not in use may be an indication of the need to consult with a professional who can handle the broader inspection and any major issues that arise from it.
It can be dangerous not to have your chimney inspected from the interior, since only a licensed professional can detect things like creosote build-up or a defective damper. Failing to address such issues can, at the very least, reduce the efficiency of airflow within your home, and at worst, lead to a fire.
Most inspectors are called chimney cleaning professionals these days, but the term chimney sweep traditionally refers to the person who evaluates the flue, damper and roof, and then cleans them from the inside. A certified chimney sweep will also inspect your fireplace and the room in which it operates, checking for any structural inefficiencies or signs of leakage. When looking to hire a chimney cleaner, it’s best to seek one who is certified by the CSIA or NCSG.
A chimney flue is essentially a duct that runs from the fireplace to the top of the chimney, helping convey the gas and heat out of the home. It must be properly sealed in order to protect the home and withstand the exhaust that passes through.
The damper is the device that seals the chimney shut when it is not in use. It usually operates as a small flap inside the flue, helping retain warm air and insulate the home, even when there is no fire going.

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