• 1.Chipotle Mexican Grill

    5107 N Belt Hwy

    Saint Joseph,MO

    3.66 mi$

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    food is amazing! service is good, atmosphere is ok. could use a bigger location and bigger parking lot. lines are usually long but not their fault.

  • 2.Chipotle Mexican Grill

    8600 N Boardwalk Ave

    Kansas City,MO

    37.24 mi$


    Wow! this place has some big burritos! Also, the food is truly authentic Tex-Mex. Just the right combination of spice and cool. The lines sometimes looks long but they move really fast. You can get in

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By: ned.holness.7
Taco John's
Oh for fraks sake already! WHAT ARE THE HOURS!! Seems like i've been out there at 7am before, and they were open for breakfast, but I don't wanna drive all the way out there and be wrong. Darn it. As a review, I go to this location only, in town. They almost never fail on accuracy of order, which I always feel like is the number 1 when it comes to any fast food restuarant. And when they do fail, a simple phone call is all it takes, and they always make it right, usually with a refund via mailed coupon, which is super convenient. Only reason for sub 5 star rating, is they play it fast and loose with the amount of hot sauce cups ordered vs recieved.
By: cuivre
Panda Express
I was disappointed in the food. The crab-rangoon was small and tasteless. The fried rice seemed as though it had WAY too much sodium in it. The mushrooms in the entree seemed to have a weird off-flavor (marinade?). This was my first visit to Panda Express and didn't know what to expect from it. I think I'll drive further to get more traditional Chinese food prepared at the time I order it- not off a buffet food bar.
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By: Dustin H.
Food is excellent, customer service is usually amazing. The employees that suck at it, are redeemed by the few who go above and beyond, to ensure that your bad day is not caused by their mediocre performance. The owner is a dang decent fellow, and the pretty girl with the colorful hair, always has a smile for you, free of charge.
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By: Crystal W.
Fords Drive In
Ford's Has Been "My Absolute Favorite Place To Eat" Since I Was A Young Child. Still To This Day, Every Chance I Get & I'm In My Home Town Of St. Joseph, I Choose To Go To Ford's Over Any Other Restaurant. Definitely Brings Back A Lot Of Great Childhood Memories.Excellent Food, Reasonable Prices & Friendly Service.
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By: Denise L.
The food is usually always good but the employees often times are rude. If people want to talk about customers at least have the decency to wait till they leave.i could talj about alot of people but I have more class then to act like trash. Do your job and keep your personal feelings to yourself.
By: Jesse C.
Chipotle Mexican Grill
Food really good people in charge of the store really nice they move quick as they can maybe to fast parking sucks big time no where to park ever but the back of the building then got to walk all the way around to front if you get a spot in the front go play the lotto
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By: Bobbi S.
Chipotle Mexican Grill
food is amazing! service is good, atmosphere is ok. could use a bigger location and bigger parking lot. lines are usually long but not their fault.
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By: co_exist_121
The creamiest soft serve frozen ice cream custard that is heavenly and emotionally soothing and makes you feel happy & satisfied!
By: hazardoustohealth
Taco John's
Service almost as bad as the Lower Lake rd. Mcdonalds. No quality control.

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