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By: cliffbaker03
Bracken's Auto Tech & Tires Inc
You may not remember us, but we sure remember you. This summer, we left our home here in La Habra, California, to go to a family reunion in the Black Hills in South Dakota. We were driving my “baby”; a 1991 GMC ½ ton pickup which had always been dependable and which I love to drive.About halfway between Las Vegas and Mesquite, the transmission got crazy on us and we managed to limp into your place. You were very busy but told us if we could come back the next morning you would look at it. We were hoping for something relatively simple like the governor, but no such luck. The transmission needed to be replaced. Fortunately, you had one in stock that fit in our truck. Although it was very expensive to do, your price was better than what we would have paid at the dealership or here at home. I don’t know whether you two sensed our discouragement and that’s why you worked so hard and fast, or whether you are just naturally kind people, but Saturday was amazing. I have worked in car dealerships and done some mechanic work so he had a good idea of how long it should take to replace a transmission. You told us to be there by 8:00am and Jerry said he should be able to start work on the truck by 9:00am. We were told to call back at noon to see how it was going.I thought it would take probably 5-6 hours to do so we were prepared to spend most of the day in St. George. We debated whether to turn around and go home or continue on and arrive a day late. We decided to go on as this was an important reunion in my family. You can imagine how amazed we were to check with you at noon to find the truck completely finished! I still don’t know how you guys did it, but we were VERY impressed. Not just by the work you did, but also by your attitude and the way you made us feel you are honest people. Honesty is a blessing to find in today’s world. Since we left, my “baby” has taken us to the Black Hills and all though them, brought us back home by a different route, and has safely taken us through the desert. We took it to our mechanic when we got home and had it checked out like you told us to and everything is working fine. We haven’t forgotten your kindness and the effort you both took to get us back on the road quickly and safely. Thank you again.
By: willsharpton4
Bracken's Auto Tech & Tires Inc
I would very much like to extend an extra “Thank You” to your driver, Chris (invoice # 76248). I feel he went above and beyond what would be expected of an employee. On my trip to St. George on July 4th, 2013, I became the victim of a stalled/distressed vehicle. I called AAA and your service was dispatched to assist with my dilemma. The driver arrived in a very reasonable amount of time. He was very courteous and immediately put me at ease with helpful hints to resolve the situation. The situation was resolved by delivering the vehicle to the Hyundai Dealer almost 140 miles away from St. George. The time was early afternoon and the trip would take approximately three hours one way. He didn’t seem to be bothered that this was the Fourth of July and might interrupt any plans he might have. He made my situation less stressful and I’m so grateful to him for that. Brackens Auto should be proud to employee such a person and I hope he will be recognized in some way for his extra-special care in fulfilling his work obligations. Thank you.
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By: Lynn D.
Bracken's Auto Tech & Tires Inc
Just a quick note to thank you for our gratitude for your services, especially from your driver, Dev. On June 30th we were making our way up the i-15 from Las Vegas to Brice Canyon. It was also my wife's birthday. We first stalled out around Crystal, NV. We were then able to make it to Mile Marker 96 around Moapa Valley. After waiting over 7 hours in 117 degree heat for a tow truck that Enterprise Road Side Assistance said would take up to 35 minutes. We decided to try and make it to St. George. Our final stall-out came in the Virgin River. Gorge! With no cell service, a good Samaritan stopped and called your shop. We made it to Bangs by 9 A.M. We had an awesome time there and Zion as well. Much appreciation to Dev for getting us to the St. George airport just in time!
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By: Lea V.
Bracken's Auto Tech & Tires Inc
I was on my way through St. George when I suddenly realized I had a flat tire. I called AAA, who sent me a person from Bracken's Auto Tech & Tire. The eta for arrival was 25 minutes, and he arrived within 15. He of course recommended his place for a new tire, which he said would have them as low as $80. I shopped around, and prices were between $120 - $180 for my tire! I went to Bracken's. The lady at the desk was super calm, and friendly. She checked to see if they had my particular tire there, and they did. $80! What made the experience even better was that they took it in immediately, and it was done in less than 1/2 hour. I highly recommend Bracken's Auto Tech & Tire!
By: stewlittle6
Bracken's Auto Tech & Tires Inc
I came in on a Sunday night to Brackens Auto with the rear axle bolts sheared off on my truck. Frank gave me hope that the bolts could be drilled out and new ones installed. Jason took the time, after showing up to do a personal job, to drill out the bolts and install new ones. Justin continued to stay late just in case I needed to have him tow my truck to town. If anyone had said that the job couldn’t be done that night, then I would have been forced to stay at a Motel plus extra costs. This was alleviated by the great service by your crew. Thanks for the extra labor and over time you provided me so I could get back on the road.
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By: Michelle L.
Bracken's Auto Tech & Tires Inc
Thank you for being our HERO!! We had a breakdown with our RV and truck in the Virgin River George. We could not have chosen a more serious and dangerous place for our truck to have a front wheel bearing go out. We were able to get through to the after hours answering service and they assured us help was on the way. Within an hour Jerry and Brandon arrived with the two tow trucks for our 350 Ford truck and 5th wheel. Their competency, quickness, courteous manner was immediately obvious to us. They were very calming and reassuring that they could get us back on the road the next day.
By: ranaefisher31
Bracken's Auto Tech & Tires Inc
Brackens Service – Just a short note of appreciation for the service you provided husband and I. One has a tendency to be short tempered when something goes wrong with a job. My husband does not hesitate to show his anger, and too many times we fail to take the extra effort to show appreciation when things are corrected. I want to thank you for your service and if it’s any consolation to your folks – (you and your workers,) your men were very friendly to me while I was there. Thanks again and good luck on future work.
By: Prince Q.
Bracken's Auto Tech & Tires Inc
Our RV suffered a tire blowout on the way into St. George, and it was late in the day. Roadside Assistance put us in touch with Bracken's, who showed up in no time at all to change our tire and make a recommendation for overnight RV facilities. The next morning, their sales person did an outstanding job of evaluating the remaining tires, which resulted in a new set of rear-axle tires at a fair price. We had no further tire problems on the entire trip, thanks to Bracken's excellent service.
By: dhoskins2255
Bracken's Auto Tech & Tires Inc
I just had to share my lovely experience in dealing with Bracken's. Our motor home had a blown tire last April and it was late in the day, probably the worst timing ever! Well, within no time at all Don appeared and changed our tire and also made a great recommendation for overnight RV facilities. The next morning we had a full evaluation and found a couple more tires needed to be replaced. Thanks to the great team at Bracken's we did not have a single problem the rest of our trip.
By: cheyenneneal707
Bracken's Auto Tech & Tires Inc
I have always taken my car to Bracken's because they are honest and get the work done fast. On my last visit they went many extra miles for me. I came in because my car was over heating, so they fixed that, plus they fixed my AC, my gas pedal is much easier to push, and my check engine light is finally off. They did so much for me and I am so thankful. The mechanics at Bracken's really do care. I have over 200 Facebook friends and I will be telling them how great this place is!
Tips & Advices
Yes. New tires purchased online can often be priced lower than ones at a tire dealership. Buyers can often avoid state sales taxes and locate hard-to-find tire styles and sizes, but will still have to locate a local tire installer and pay sometimes high shipping costs.
The average cost of a set of new tires is $637, with a range of between $525-$725. In addition, installation includes mounting and balancing, alignment, and disposal of old tires.
The vehicle is raised and the old wheels are removed, then the old tires are removed from the wheels. The lug nuts, wheels, and valve stems are inspected and replaced as needed. The new tires are mounted and sealed, then inflated and balanced. The wheels are then replaced on the car. The average installation takes approximately 45 minutes.
Agencies such as the Tire Industry Association promotes tire safety through advocacy and education to the industry including: manufacture, sales, repair, service and recycling. Seek a full-service tire dealer who carries a wide variety of tire types and brands and asks about the type of driving you normally do.
  • Move your car to a safe location.
  • Turn on your car’s safety lights, apply the parking brakes and remove the hubcap if there is one.
  • Loosen the lug nuts with a lug wrench (but do not remove them), raise the vehicle with a jack and then fully remove the lugnuts.
  • Remove the flat tire and replace it with the spare tire.
  • Tighten the lug nuts by hand, lower the car and then tighten them fully with the lug wrench.

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