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By: jjsaltlake
Law Offices of David L. Altman
Attorney Altman is THE ABSOLUTELY BEST ST. GEORGE CRIMINAL DEFENSE LAWYER! Mr. Altman represented me this year in a serious criminal case. I was even thinking about leaving the state. I WAS CHARGED WITH MULTIPLE FELONIES and LOOKING AT JAIL TIME. MR. ALTMAN WAS ABLE TO GET ALL OF THE FELONY CHARGES DISMISSED. I could not believe it!I didn't even have to enter a plea in abeyance or be on probation. I now have NO criminal convictions on my record. Indeed, attorney Altman is very good for what he does.Mr. Altman was also very good in taking and returning my calls, quickly responds to all my emails and phone calls even on weekends. He is easy to talk to and can discuss matters openly and best of all, he always treated me with respect.For the number of court appearances and work that he did, his fees were a bargain and, I will use him again for any legal matters that I might have in the future. I have recommended his services to my friends and family. Thank you VERY MUCH! Mr. Altman
By: Maria C.
Law Offices of David L. Altman
I had two big auto accidents one right after the other. I lost control of my car in the second accident so it was my fault. My car was totaled in the second accident.The insurance company for the first accident tried to say that all my injuries were caused by the second accident and the insurance adjuster told me that I was not entitled to collect anything. Friends told me I would never get anything also! Mr. Altman fought the insurance company aggressively for me. I did collect a settlement and I received much more than I ever expected. I am very thankful for the effort Mr. Altman put into my case. He always gave great advice and stayed in touch with me throughout the case so I never had to wonder what was going on. He did an amazing job, I would definitely recommend him to anyone who has a car accident.
By: John A.
R 1 Appraisals
Not a good appraisal at all. As compareables he pulled in the cheapest houses that were not even close to what I owned. He did an appraisal 6 months after my original and came in (I wanted to refinance) with an appraisal that was $5000 dollars less than the original appraisal. I had spent at least $5000 in fixing the place up and yet came in a lower appraisal in a rising real estate market. I called him to ask why and offered to show him the original appraisal. He was very rude and he told me he worked for the bank and not me. Did not want to see the original appraisal and would not even consider the suggestion i offered. I strongly reccomend another appraiser
By: John T.
Law Offices of David L. Altman
David Altman Has been extremely effective in getting my charges reduced drastically, most completely doped. Also David has been very patent with me giving freely of his time. Made all my court appearances for me. David is Honest and Humble. If your looking for an outstanding Lawyer, a true professional, David Altman is the Lawyer for you. Thank you David for your service to me and, my family. John A Thomas
By: Peggy L.
Bryan T Adamson ESQ
I am very pleased and satisfied with Mr. Adamson , he is Excellent, Reliable and always on the top of the things. I was very fortunate to have him as my lawyer, He helped me beyond my expectations. He and I were always in touch, every step of the way very responsive always returned my calls and picked up the phone when I needed to talk to him.
By: Stacy C.
Bryan T Adamson ESQ
I found Bryan Adamson to be a very honest attorney, a kind and caring person. He was comforting to me and firm and eloquent in court. I don't know how anyone could find different. He let me make monthly payments and was the only attorney I have ever used that actually cared about me and my case.
By: Kelli J.
Bryan T Adamson ESQ
Bryan knows his stuff and whenever we walked into court together I knew business was going to be taken care of. His confidence is contagious! Whenever we left the courtroom, we sat and he took the time to explain to me what had just happened and what the next step was going to be.
By: Lillian J.
Bryan T Adamson ESQ
Awesome amazing attorney. What a great experience! Refreshing to talk to someone who is so informative and down to earth. Bryan is very smart and super personable. Most importantly, he cares and gets results. Thanks for everything !
By: Lawrence M.
Bryan T Adamson ESQ
Bryan Adamson met and exceeded every one of my expectations and achieved an outstanding result for me and my family. I would never use another attorney after working with Bryan Adamson.
By: Danny C.
Bryan T Adamson ESQ
I recommend The Justice Firm LLC very highly and if I ever need the services of attorneys again for any reason they will be my first call.
Tips & Advices
When it comes time to choose a lawyer, you should start by searching close to home. If you do have attorneys you are familiar with, ask who they believe would be best for you. After going through personal references - especially from individuals who had similar needs - you should broaden your search through public information resources. You can call your area's attorney referral service or check legal organizations like Martindale-Hubbell. There are other resources available online, such as You can check websites for client reviews and other third-party forms of approval.
If you sign documents and you come across a word you don't recognize, or you need help to navigate important employment or real estate paperwork. Also, during times when personal matters intersect with legal proceedings, you might need to have an advocate to prevent your emotions from getting in the way. If you've been accused of a crime or are in a terrible financial situation, you can find an attorney who will work with what you have available.
When you hire a lawyer, you're agreeing to work with someone over a certain period of time. The more forthcoming the lawyer appears to be with individual needs, the better.
  • You need to ask questions about how the attorney will communicate with you and what responsibilities you hold in the relationship.
  • The attorney should let you know the best channel for quick communication and you need to inform him or her when you want updates.
  • You should also ask questions to get to know the attorney as an individual in order to ensure this is a person you can trust. Ask about their legal philosophy and how he or she views the lawyer/client relationship. Ask as how to keep fees down or what daily disruptions you should expect from a long legal battle.
You need to ask about every possible fee that will come up when working with an attorney. You should request a list of all costs in advance so you won't be surprised by additional expenses like overhead. Also determine exactly when you will start being billed. You want to inspect paperwork carefully. If the attorney charges you for his or her experience, you need to make sure he or she will perform tasks personally and not hand it off to an assistant. Find out if the attorney has a flat fee or charges by the hour. Many civil lawyers work on contingency. Make inquiries about how the lawyer plans to provide service for your money and what you can do if you start to feel unsatisfied with his or her performance.
You can ask how many similar cases they have handled and if they have special skills or training that applies specifically to your needs. Lawyers can't mention clients by name, but you should ask for basic details about identical past cases. You should check their office for the appropriate certifications and diplomas. You can also ask how long he or she has practiced law and request information that demonstrates the practice's success. Look for precise details such as percentage of cases settled out of court.

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