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By: Andrea M.
Little Sprout Centers
Little sprouts is a very dedicated, Love based, facility. They use no abrasive or loud words, no timeouts or harsh form of punishment, just loving, uplifting, positive reinforcement that works better than any form of crude speech could ever work while making your child feel good about themselves, know they're safe, and better their actions and attitude long term. The teachers are very involved. Instead of just standing back and watching, they teach them songs, and dances, and help them with activities and crafts. They feed they children nutritious balanced meals and snacks that they love, and they even have their own song they sing to say they're thankful for their meal. All of the children there are very accepting and play with everyone. This place will not only keep your child safe and entertained, but will put your mind at ease knowing that your child is being taken care of in by the most qualified loving staff in St. George.
By: Marilyn E.
Little Sprout Centers
The review by Amy McMicken, is a revenge posting. She is an ex-employee who was fired due to the fact she could not perform her job responsibilities. She was the Center's closer who would bring her young children to the center when she was not working only to have them fed breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Her husband would come to the Center and "hang out" until the children were finished with dinner to take them home. If the food is burnt, why did she subject her children to the food instead of feeding them at home. When she was called out on this behavior, her excuse was "she had to sleep" (her latest shift ended at 1am). If she thought the Center was filthy, shame on her for not doing the job she was paid to do. It was her job to deep sanitize the Center as the closer when the children were asleep. Please come see for yourself, and you will find happy children cared by loving professional staff.
By: Jessica S.
Dixie Kids
I love Dixie Kids. I have taken my kids there for 3 years. I was in the middle of a divorce when I had to go back to work and if it wasn't for the teachers and staff that loved my children when I had to go to work, I would have never made it. It is nice to know that I can go to work and pick them up and they are happy. They provided a second home for my babies. I can not express my appreciation enough. LOVE DIXIE KIDS!!

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