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By: susan.biernat
The Salvation Army
This store has some nice items. The 5 for 5 item days are fantastic. However, there are a couple of employees who are quite rude and inconsiderate. They are the equivalent of adult verbal bullies. I sell things for charity and therefore buy a lot of items on Friday because of the deals. There are two employees who say things to each other for me to intentionally overhear. This goes on and on. They giggle and whisper. They are more busy mocking me than working. It is both embarrassing and disturbing as they call attention to me.The comments are such: " I hope she be washing them before she puts them up", "There that lady is again", "Don't take a gift from her, you never know where it be coming from", "They should put limits on buying", "They should tell her at the front door". . .They repeat these things over and over again. The store wants to sell these items because they have remained unsold for to long of a time. Plus they get a lot of donations in daily and need to make space.
By: emilyallison
The Salvation Army
I went to this store on new years when clothing was half off and found some nice pants for my son, I got into line to check out and was directed to a seprate line for cash only but was told by the cashior for the cash only line that I wasn't suppost to be their, excuse me but I was just told to move over here! THEN 2 of my iems were rang up wrong so she had to fix it, I finally pay and am half way out the door when I see on my reciepet that she my have wrong up things wrong. I ask, im assumeing, the manager to check my receipt. The manager shows the lady that rang me up who automactically starts saying "NO I DIDN'T" "NO I DIDN'T." Totally rude, It's a shame because they seem to have decent items their but the workers ruin the store. I will continue to go the salvation army on gratiot where the store is big and the workers are friendly.

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