By: Nancy N.
Liz Nails
Manicurist Needs Attitude Adjustment.First, I will say that the salon is clean, and it's refreshing to have relaxing music playing in the background instead of the usual screaming TV talk show found in many salons. However, the manicurist I had yesterday needs to learn some people skills. She did not smile, greet me, or act friendly in any way whatsoever. The first "conversation" that she initiated was to ask me if I wanted to put her tip on my credit card--and that was after my pedicure and half way through my manicure! She wore a sour expression, carried on a conversation with co-workers, looked around to see what was going on in the salon, and generally looked like she would rather be doing anything other than giving me a pedicure and manicure. No, I do not want someone talking constantly; and yes, I realize that many of these workers have limited English. I'm simply asking for common courtesy. A smile! A greeting!. That is not too much to expect from anyone. With so many salon choices, she should be aware of this. If I do go back to this salon, I certainly won't let her perform the service.
By: eqhntr78
Fashion Nails & Spa
Took my 12 year old goddaughter with me to get our toes done before our trip to the beach. We were both less than pleased. Honestly, I could have done a better job myself at home. The people are very nice and polite, and the store is clean, but small. I got a french pedicure, and it was done very sloppy. He ended up pulling a piece of skin and causing a sore spot on my cuticle. They were very harsh and rough when exfoliating my feet, to the point of it being painful. Her nail polish was not neatly done and the missed a few spots. They asked if we wanted flowers on our big toes, so we said sure...I am not sure what type of flowers these are suppose to be, but they are pretty sad. Nice thing is they do give a discount to 7-12 year olds that would like to go, but honestly I would rather pay more and have a nice job done than pay less. Guess you get what you pay for.
By: froggywoman
J Hair Gallery
The salon is strictly professional, don't understand the review about the stylist on the cell phone, after going there 2 times a month for 8 years have never seen this happen. Also, have never seen anyone have a problem with what was done to their hair, I think someone is just being hateful with their review. Everyone there has always been professional and done a good if not excellent job. The shop is the cleanest, most friendly shop I have ever been to. They go out of their way to make sure you are taken care of in every way. Love all the girls and the owner, Jessica, is a gem.
By: kimberly.dreherknowles
Hair Extensions by Dawn @Main street salon
I LOVE this salon!! Everyone is very friendly, and my stylist is amazing, Dori has been cutting my hair for the last 5 years, and it is perfect every time. I constantly get compliments on the cut, and have even been asked by total strangers if they could take pictures of my hair! Recently I decided to go from very blonde to dark brunette, and it turns out Dori is great with color as well. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a wonderful salon experience!
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By: Melinda A.
Liz Nails
The best Salon I have ever been to, yes the wait time sucks, I wonder why. Because they are the best. Everyone there does a great job and is always so friendly. I have taken my sister and a few girlfriends here and they are always saying how its the best salon they have seen in years. They take their time to get it right, And they always pickup my shoes and purse for me to move over to the next station. They care. they laugh, they smile.
By: jenniferdavis
Fashion Nails & Spa
The best pedicure I have ever had, and I've had many. The technician is great and experience. I hightly recommend them, the pedicure is worth of every penny! And your feet would be grateful. The place is very nice and clean. It is owned by a couple, both very hard working. They are very pleasant and friendly. You will be relaxed when you get your nails done there.
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By: Kelly H.
Jane's Nails
I didn't get an exact price before I went for a shellac manicure with design. When the lady started her work, I began to worry how much it would cost because she was doing such an amazing job. I couldn't believe it when she told me the total was under $25. They have a ton of color and design options and take pride in their work, friendly too. Found my nail place!
By: Danna H.
Liz Nails
This is the second time have been to this nail salon. I absolutely LOVE this place. It's professional and calming. I always get the same lady, she sits right behind the register, as a walk in. I have nothing but great things to say about her and this salon. Thank you thank you. I would recommend this place to everyone. They are efficient and do an incredible job.
By: virginmark
Le's Nails
I love this place, i am so comfortable got my nails done here. The workers' friendly, they spent time to make their customer happy. Their price's reasonable. They offer manicure, pedicure, acrylic nails and waxing. They also do free hand designs look so awesome. I am very please when I left, I will tell my friends about this place.
By: Michelle C.
Bt Nails
Full acrylic set with gel polish. As for me, I loved them. Super friendly! Lots and lots of colors, about the same as my old place. Attention to detail was great. Lots of room and lots of workers. The price was the same as my old place. I now have a new place that's closer to my house!! Beautiful Nails... husband approved.

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