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3737 Harry S Truman Blvd Ste 500, Saint Charles, MO 63301

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  • If they call hang up the phone!
    The Fuzzy Dawg

    I will be reporting this business to the BBB. Last November I was called by premier impressions for my business to advertise on the local county ""community guide."" I was given a price for the year that seemed very reasonable until two things happened. One I got the magnet and I was one of two advertisers on it and they were NOTHING like I expected. Very cheap looking and really serve no purpose. The next came with the first of 4 phone calls to re-order and get my payment information again. I then learned the great price for the year was just for one installment. I NEVER would have agreed to pay that much for this advertising. I said I was not interested in advertising again and thought that was it. Two more phone calls and I explained the situation and said I was not interested. Then came a phone call today from someone called ""Peggy."" I went through the same conversation and asked again for them to take me off the call list. ""Peggy"" then proceeded to tell me she could not cancel the order and said call the 800 number. What 800 number? She then insisted on my credit card information again. She continued to be very disrespectful and I told her the company would not get my business and to please cancel the account. ""Peggy"" then said ""are you stupid? did you not hear me?"" I then replied with I need to speak to your superior. Guess what I was hung up on. I found the 800 number ""peggy"" referred to and called it and they put me on a do not call list however this company is not Premier Impressions? Now to the BBB website to file a complaint.

  • Be Afraid...Be very afraid...Scammers and thieves...

    This dude named Bill works for these theives...The first paragraph is part of their sales pitch...Your company sucks, your product sucks and I'd like to know who your company is paying off to stay in business...The place is full of ex-cons and druggies with zero scruples...They try to sell with fake accents and deception, and they pay big commissions so you don't feel dirty...for the lies you have to tell...Billy boy get a new job, so you can clear your conscience

  • Don't even think about it, 1 star is too many
    flyway construction

    I received a call the other day from Suzy saying they would not charge me a ""payment fee"" if i would give them my credit card information over the phone. When I refused she became outraged and wouldn't let me speak without talking over top of me.
    Today I tried explaining to her that I recently picked up a community guide magnet that we were supposed to have advertisement on. But we did not appear on it. so I refuse to pay for advertisement I did not receive. She became very defensive and would not allow me to finish speaking and went on to say they make multiple batches.
    Nothing was ever disclosed about multiple batches, etc. Another case of Lying and trickery.
    Run from this company and save yourself the hastle of dealing with a very shady organization.

  • Lying and Trickery

    I paid $200 to have my business put on a magnet. Received the magnets no problem. About a month after I recieved them I get a call on the phone with an UNAVAILABLE number. They call me and say the second batch of magnets is coming out and I owe another $200. I proceed to tell them I wasn't aware of a second batch. They say it was all in the information packet (which I never even received). We went on arguing for 20 minutes and they INSIST that I have to pay. The way they do business is to get you to buy something then try to bully you into doing it again. Very shady operation. My only tip is to stand your ground and don't be afraid to use a lot of four letter words with this group.

  • awful company made up of LIARS

    We are a small business, just 1 1/2 years old and just received a bill for almost $400.00 for advertising we did not purchase. They say they confirmed the order with someone who we don't even know and that since our ""ads"" are already in place we owe them this ridiculous amount of money. We don't even know where these ""ads"" are or who can see them, because we sure can't. Don't trust these people. However they got our phone number, address and business name I do not know but I guess that's all they need to screw you over. And they try to argue with you that you have an employee that you actually don't...

  • everything bad about America

    I agreed to buy advertising magnets from Premier Impressions over the phone. They took my money and did not deliver any product and are unresponsive. They are rip off artists who exemplify everything bad about American business.

  • Simple Idea, Great longevity.
    Bill Swaringim

    Being an independent ad agent for 5 [sometimes as much 8 on a good year :-) ] firms, I was somewhat skeptical when I recieved the call. I little common sense dictated that I look into the company first, and its product. Look, its not going to to work for every type of business, but for the carry-out/delivery place I work for. EXCELLENT. My brother-in-laws plumbing business. Also EXCELLENT. Everyone has a 'pizza' magnet on the fridge at home, and for a plumber...if your pipe burst in the middle of the night, are you going to dig in the phone book ? no...your going to call the # you've been staring at for the last 9 months.
    I believe they could use some work in the distrubution dept. The 'County Clerk' does have them sitting there..but could pass them out a little more forcefully.
    And last, in closing, this 'ddsmith99' is a former employee who was terminated for lack of production and not following the training.
    sour grapes ?
    Thanks all. and happy shopping.
    P.S. the BBB is in no WAY a ""not for profit agency"" A friend of mine 'sells' the right to have a BBB logo on your ads.

  • SCAM

    If you wish to sell your soul to Satan, work here. The entire program hones in on small town trust and how to scam them into thinking they are contributing to something. The whole company is a sham. Research the Better Business Buerau if you do not believe me.

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