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By: nicknjimmy
Wholesale Bird and Cage
Make sure to read my entire review so you can find out facts.I have got 7 birds, and 4 cages from Wholesale Bird & Cage. I have bought a Blue & Gold Macaw, Goffin Cockatoo, 4 Cockatiels, and a rescue rare Camilla Macaw that they rescued. I have shopped the other places, and this is the only store I will ever go to for all my bird needs. They carry a huge selection of cages, and can custom order special ones also, and at cheaper prices and higher quality then other stores in the area. They have more toys then any store in the area, and a bunch of made in the U.S.A. toys and hand made toys. They can custom build you Dragon Wood perches on site. Which I have had done 4 times due to the size of my cages. They also have a tone of playgrounds, and will also custom make one for you on site if you want different things. I take good care of my kids (that's what companion birds are they're life long pets) . Each of my Cockatiels is in a flight cage, my macaws each have their own double macaw cage, and my Goffin has its own flight cage. If you don't listen to anyone else take it from me I pamper my companion birds, and I have a very rare birds, and a Macaw so rare that there is only one for sale in in the U.S. , and this is the only place I will shop. I will not buy from any other store in the area or online (though I have heard that they're going to start selling toys on their website in the near future). People knocking this store have the store mixed up with Bird & Cage Warehouse about 8 miles down the road which is nasty, and gross. They treat their birds like crap, and have animal control, and the health department called on them. Bird & Cage Warehouse breeds birds on site, and has horrible breeding condition. They have hundreds of Cockatiels in just one flight cage. Their food bag will have mice droppings in them or the mice have chew holes in them. They do have plucker breeders.Wholesale Bird & Cage doesn't breed birds there. All their birds come from one breeder in Florida who only breeds birds for them. The owner Dave of Wholesale Bird & Cage is friends with the top avian vet in the area, and his med. & big birds come with free vet checks, and if they find out something genetically wrong with the bird Wholesale Bird & Cage will either refund your money for the bird or if you keep the bird pay for the costs of its care due to the genetic defect. So them having a plucker, and saying they're taking it to the vet next week would not be something they would do, and those of you not familiar with birds pluckers you can't put them on medicine or something, and just make it go away. nutrition, and certain social training has to be done, and the bird might never stop plucking or never grow their feathers back. SO even after taking a bird to the vet, it's still going to look pretty sick with no feathers even though it can be in perfect health. As far as the lady with the bird that didn't sing I asked them the other day about it when I was getting more food for my birds, and I told them about the review. They said "Did she mention we gave her a full refund of her money when she brought the second bird in."
By: Evy W.
Wholesale Bird and Cage
I have purchased 3 birds from Dave. I buy all my toys from his shop cages and perches. I have even traded a play stand for toys. Dave is very knowledgable about parrots more so then anyone I know. My birds are also boarded there when I am on vacation. Anytime I have questions I know I can depend on Dave or Tara to answer or get the answers for me. They do not sell the birds to just anyone. They make sure you are comfortable and know what you are doing. I will do all my business here for my babies and keep making referrals for others. Thanks guys ,
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By: Velvet L.
Wholesale Bird and Cage
I love these people. They go above and beyond for their clients and birdie buddies, wether in person or over the phone. If they don't have what you need --- they find it quickly. And Dave --- God bless you my friend! !!! You didn't know me, but you've touched my heart and our family so deeply. Ms Lizzie and I are hanging tough and it's because of you, and the God that fills your soul, and your love. We're praying over our little girl, but her life is improving due to you. Thank you soooooo much. I have no idea how I can thank you more.
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By: Cindys P.
Wholesale Bird and Cage
It just doesn't get much better than this. We walked in and they helped us to identify the bird for us. The bird was tame the moment we got him, and we all bonded with him instantly.We love our bird, and felt that this store had a great deal of integrity. There was no way they were going to let us purchase a bird we could not handle.It's been a month now, and the bird is still the delight of our household, actually more so.
By: cle4289
Wholesale Bird and Cage
AMAZING prices,quality, and selection! They have XL toys that other stores don't have( and they make their own dragonwood perches! All their prices are cheaper than anywhere else I've seen including ebay and online! Their birds are always out on display and you can visit with any you like. The staff is nice and knowledgeable and I'd buy another bird from them in a heartbeat! Don't waste time at other stores, go here!
By: Pamela M.
Wholesale Bird and Cage
The only place I shop!! ITS AMAZING!!! Lots of toys, food and assortment of REAL BIRDS! My birds love to visit!

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