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By: David A.
Almost every time I go into this krogers store the staff, workers and customers play some find of games. Just because you have to deal with this situation about the food being tampered with does not mean you need to play games
By: Carmen O.
Godwins Appliance & Furniture
Wow! Worst customer service ever! Was told I wasn't a priority after waiting 3 weeks for hem to fix my chair although they told me they have the part in the office sitting. Came today with yet no part but wanted was to sign something. Shop elsewhere!
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By: Joe S.
Platinum Electronics
Fix my iPhone screen in 15 minutes. Will definitely recommend this place to other!
By: Traci N.
Godwins Appliance & Furniture
Shop elsewhere! Worse customer service I've ever had. I purchased a bed frame and most of the parts needed to assemble it were missing. The service manager told me 1-2 weeks for parts. It's been 4 and after multiple calls I was just told it would be another 2 weeks. Service manager does not return calls and her boss, the owner, is in Florida until June. I was told there was no one in charge while he was gone. Really?!?
By: iforgoot
Manager trying to keep organized, having products out in the morning, easy to find stuff.
By: Liz E.
Best Buy
I dropped my laptop off for a repair the Geek Squad claimed would take 24-48 hours and would cost 100 dollars. One WEEK later, I received a call notifying me they could not repair my device. They had not even looked at my laptop until the day they called me. A total joke and waste of time. Do yourself a favor and drive to the best but in Flint.
By: Daniel H.
bad pharmacy staff. unknowledgeable about medications. unsafe
By: Daniel H.
be careful with scripts taken to this pharmacy, lots of errors made.
By: Jennie W.
Art Van Furniture
Bought a kitchen table a few months ago and the finish is peeling off already.Art Van says its not covered if damaged from water or heat. ITS A KITCHEN TABLE, there is going to be water on the table. Run from this store. Prices are good because you need to rebuy the furnitute somewhere else.
By: josephpra
Best Buy
After visiting this store multiple times and giving it several chances, my wife and I are convinced that this Best Buy in Saginaw, MI, is an EXTREME MAJOR FAILURE. If I could rate it 0 stars or negative stars for the traumatizing moments it has caused me and my wife, I would do such. The attitude of the employees at Saginaw is extremely convoluted. The pattern we see is the same though, over and over. 1. If the customer brings up any issue, find any way to deny or reject it - it doesn't matter whether the customer is happy or not, 2. If the customer persists with problem, ask another employee who will support the original rejection, 3. Go into many "huddles" and keep finding problems so that the customer with the issue eventually leaves the store in extreme anger (the reason for this review :). Here is an example of what happened to us once out of many times we tried to do business with them.... As soon as I walked into the door, an elderly couple were sitting by the customer service area while 5 of them were joking around in the corner like a bunch of high school kids. Their case took way longer than ours and we were trying to trade in a laptop which was rejected with excuse upon excuse (i.e. they claimed dust, fingerprints, different windows system), even though we originally purchased it at this location. Plus they rejected the laptop for their current promotion, and said if we wanted to trade it in, we need to update the system back to the original OS and would wait while we did that. We asked for the CD and they would not even provide it to us. As we argued (without screaming nor threatening) the pretty boy "mobile manager" (mobile???) by the name of Jason CALLED SECURITY ON US who came over and was dumbfounded by the absence of a threat. All we kept saying was that we wanted them to do the trade, that fingerprints and dust is not damage, and somehow, that made him feel threatened or offended! I guess those young'uns get red easy :) The "general manager" came over as well and initially offered to do the trade, but she was later coerced into rejecting the laptop (which was in perfect condition for the 8 years we used it by the way). We were there for about 2 hours and had no results nor empathy from them at all. By the way they all kept laughing at my wife and me for no apparent reason, maybe because we're Asian and we felt extremely offended. I'm planning to make a call to corporate and the BBB about this.We took a chance and drove to the Best Buy in Flint. We were glad we did. The Best Buy at Flint was a real store with employees who did their job. They took the laptop in for return immediately and gave us the promotion bonus as well within 10 minutes. Their hierarchy was way better as well - they said if we wanted to trade in a cell phone we would need to see the mobile manager in the MOBILE department.

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