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By: glock23
Sheridan Arms
Sheridan Arms has been and will always be my gun shop. I have never had a bad experience or been treated badly in there. The workers are very insightful and knowledgeable. My experience with the suppressor purchasing process was very much the same as the other person that complained about the length of time it took to get mine, but I do not hold the shop or Phil accountable for that. When I purchased my suppressor I got my paperwork a couple days after the payment. My process took roughly 11 months. Funny thing is that my check was cashed by the government about 2 week after my paperwork was submitted. So that being said, I'm not sure exactly what that persons problem was/is but I don't think it was the shop or Phil's fault but that of the governments. I think if you have had any experience with the powers that be you will soon realize that they take their sweet time to do anything.I should also add that I live down in the Detroit area and I pass by many other gun shops on my way to see my guys and gal at Sheridan Arms and I will continue to do so. If I could I would give 10 stars for this review but unfortunately I can't.Keep up the great work guys. Oh and by the way, I need another suppressor I will be up soon.
By: brad.larner.7
Sheridan Arms
2 things.First. As a business owner myself, I think if you are going to destroy someone else's business have the guts to give details. It doesn't sound to me that the person writing the review was there, and they should have had the other person write a reivew.Second, the only two things I could find wrong with the place were that it's too small and too many guns simply aren't available, but I'll give the government a ZERO stars for that since we are all having to buy every firearm that moves in order to protect ourselves from the real tyrants, not school shooters. Hope that wasn't too vague. lolAlthough I could write a 5 star review for having my questions answered as I asked them, I chose to write this because the negative review was so hot-headed I don't want to see one of the most important businesses in Saginaw lose out because the next person decided not to take the time to read the useless rant. I had no complaints and I'm pretty sure Phil was one of the guys I talked to.

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