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By: Preeti L.
Singh's Oceania Supermarket
Very nice store one of the best in Sacramento, they have everything it's a one stop store, I come here sometime and my parents come here also. Everything is fresh and they have a large selection of groceries from everywhere.The lady working in the front is very friendly but sometimes she looks very tired. Her daughter is there too, she doesn't talk as much but whenever I go there she's always working and if u say hi she will smile back a little but she looks pretty tired too. There is the old man over there he's the owner he makes me feel uncomfortable. He usually stands on the other register and just stares it feels really awkward and he carries around his little radio in his pocket. He should be working too his kids work more then he does and he should keep it equal. They used to put on great pumping music and I shopped even more but now it's dead silence. I think this is one of the reasons why a lot of my friends and family don't come here because the owner seems really conceited and rude and acts like he's all that. If he changed his attitude he will have all his customers back.
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By: Dot Q.
Fiji Mart
Funky little store with loads of imported foods, especially spices - you can smell the curry as you cruise the aisles. I shop here occasionally to get a few items from New Zealand, my husband's home country. Sometimes what I want isn't in stock, hence 4 stars, but call first and ask. The owners are very friendly and willing to make a deal if you buy quantity, as I do.Okay, so I haven't been there in a few years, they moved and are now in a strip mall behind Long John Silver's on Northgate. Still smal, but much nicer building and well-stocked shelves....and I didn't smell spices this time....I still recommend calling first to see if they have what you want, or just go by and see what they have....New Zealand green mussels were in the freezer as was NZ butter, the best on the planet! (pricey, but Grocery Outlet doesn't get it very often, so if you're looking for a treat, Fiji Mart has it!
By: Jasmin B.
Singh's Oceania Supermarket
A great Fijian Indian Store! Whenever I need to restock on my Indian I always groceries I make a trip to Singhs Oceania Supermarket. This business has been here for a long time and is loved by alot of my family and friends. It's like a nice neighborhood store to go to get alot of great products from back home. The people of the store are very warm and welcoming and will go out of their way to help out. They always say that if you don't find something let them know and they will order it. The store is very clean and I love the way their prayer sections is organized and clean. I am not gonna name any names but there are Indian stores you go to and the prayer section is collecting dust. I really enjoy coming here.
By: rosy.p
Singh's Oceania Supermarket
My family actually told me about this store. I live in Vacaville and I come to Sacramento to buy my groceries. Normally I go to sikandar but thier prices are way over priced compared to this store. I was so awed by this store that I bought things that I didn't even need. The products are super low and the family is really helpful. They helped me out to the max. There store was busy yet they took time out to help me. Thank God for Singhs!!!
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By: Jen P.
B & E Market
B&E is great! It's so convenient to have a little market with gas at this location. The little market is pretty typical, including prices, but I can usually find what I need in there when it's inconvenient to go elsewhere. It's also family owned and operated and they're very nice, friendly people. We like this place so much, my family calls it "Bees Knees" instead of B&E.And I've paid using credit and debit here countless times.
By: Ricky W.
Sprouts Farmers Market
A very clean store with local produce, fresh meat counter, bakery, organic and gluten-free selections. I thought that this store would just be an expensive farmers market, but surprisingly the prices are the same or less than the chain grocery where I nomally shop. There are several locations in the Sacramento area, so I can recommend that you visit one location near to you. You'll be glad you did.
By: Lillian Z.
Raley's Supermarket
I really love our local raleys. They have a large variety of fruits and veggies as well as seafood and meats. The location is not the best but the facilities and store are kept up nicely! The best part about this place is the service! Always willing to help anyone. I often see people whom are blind being assisted with shopping by the young people that work there!
By: S R.
Singh's Oceania Supermarket
Big store with a large variety of Indian groceries. Its good going to a big store that has everything you need under one roof. I do all my Indian grocery shopping here. I live all the way in Elk Grove but don't mind driving here. The woman at the counter is very nice and helpful. I told my family about this store and they shop here too. I really love their lamb.
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By: Cong H.
Goldstar Supermarket
I been your store on jan/31, bought some thing only cost $7.63, any way I lost recei, on line I see they take TWICE, I have statement number of bank is CAP00466031709899176 = $7.63 CAP00586031709237481 = $7.63card 74881/soap bee $3.19+coconut can $1.79+cream wafers $2.65 total $7.63I hope I hear from you, thank you
By: garywatts
Hothi Palace
An Indian market with a very good assortment of Indian products and spices needed to make authentic Indian recipes...Great Indian Cuisine next door sells Indian food that is of excellent quality...Great prices on takeout orders during lunch keep me coming back! Great Indian Cuisine Restaurant, and Hothi Palace Market are side by side...ENJOY!

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