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By: Maeg A.
Alpha Property Management
I have rented more than one home from this company for over 9 years and they have always been awesome to rent from! They are very polite and professional and always answer any questions I have without any BS. Their staff is helpful and always gets back to me in a timely manner. Their maintenance staff is also very helpful and accommodating with repairs I have needed in the past. I'm not sure what these other people are complaining about on here, but I have NEVER had any late fees or other fees that I have not honestly owed. As long as you are honest and pay what you owe on time, it's never a problem. The few times I have had to pay my rent late, I paid the late fees as well and they have never harassed or bothered me in the least! I believe this is a smaller family owned business and I have always had great interactions with everyone that works here! I have referred numerous friends and family members to them that have also rented homes and are very happy with their professional service! I would definitely rent from them again and refer anyone who is looking for a great rental experience! They have always followed through with anything they have told me they would do, and always let me know what is required of me to keep in good standings with them. I love this company and would rent from them again!
By: Jul I.
Alpha Property Management
Sally was my property manager for 8 years. She managed two of our properties and in that time, one of the homes turned over three times. After each tenant, Sally and her team did a great job at getting the property rent ready and selected good tenants. I read Alpha's reviews here on Yelp and as an owner, I'm actually glad that Sally is tough as nails. Some might say she's too tough, but I like that about her! She definitely prioritized our interests, made sure our property was well taken care of, and that tenants paid on time. When it came time to sell the first property, Sally did a great job at making the property ready to show. I feel that this was above what we agreed to in the contact but she was happy to do so. We're in escrow for our second property and the process from eviction to completing construction was easy. There's a lot involved with owning investment property and Alpha PM made owning investment property "set it and forget it." The peace of mind from Alpha is priceless! I highly, highly recommend Sally!
By: Cuppari J.
Alpha Property Management
I have been a customer of Alpha Property Management since 2005. I have had nothing but exceptional service from Sally and her team, managing multiple high end properties for me over these years. Not only have I found Alpha Property Management to be professional and competent, but they have even successfully protected me from several "not so fair doing" people - which is exactly what you need from a Property Management Company in the first place.I would highly recommend that potential customers take the time to speak with Sally and understand her perspective and approach. While Sally might not always tell me what I want to hear in the moment, to my understanding she has always told me the truth and done what is both legally correct and in my family's best long term business interest.I also speak as someone who has experience with different PMs across several geographies. I will definitely recommend Alpha Property Management to anyone who needs one! Sally is my go to Property Management Company - case closed.
By: Baily S.
Alpha Property Management
I have rented a home from this company for 8 years and I couldn't be happier with their service! They are extremely helpful and professional, as well as timely with repairs and work orders to my property. They have always followed through with what they said they were going to do and taken the time to explain their policies to me in length, so I am never left questioning what is going to happen. I have even moved from one of their rental homes to another, and they worked with me to find and rent a second home in the area I needed. Again, they were very polite and helpful with the whole process. They let me know what they expected when I moved and I even got my deposit back for the first home in a reasonable amount of time! I am still currently a tenant with Alpha and I would recommend them to anyone who wants an honest and straight forward landlord experience! They are polite and professional which is hard to find these days! I would definitely rent from them again if I ever needed to!
By: Sammi J.
I have been working closely with a gentleman by the name of Andy Pokorny in regards to becoming a future tenant. I just wanted to take a moment, and say a few things about him. First of all, I work in an industry based on customer service and superior patient care. Most of my experience with other people in a similar line of work fall far from my expectations. It is very rare that I meet someone who is exceptional in their line of work; especially in the property management field. From the very first time I spoke with Andy, he has been on top of his game. He was very polite and answered all of my questions. Believe it or not, it is a rare quality now a days in people. I bombarded him with a million questions, and he answered as many as he could. The questions he could not answer on the spot, were followed up with an e-mail the next day with the answers. His customer service is amazing. It is only because of his hard work, that we are going to move forward with renting this property.
By: carmichael53
Sac City Property Management
Good Value and Great Service!I had a leak in my main water line and the water company said it was my responsibility to fix, because it was the line that feeds into my house just past the meter. I called Sac City Plumbing and Mike arrived at my house within an hour after my call. He gave me a quote for 2 hours of service to fix the problem ($150). Between having to leave to buy parts and the time it took him to fix the line, he was here for 3 1/2 hours. However, when he finshed the work, he honored his original quote of $150. He was knowledgeable, professional and a very nice man. I was so pleased with his service, I ask him to give me a quote on replacing the toilet in one of my bathrooms and replacing all of the pipes in my home because of age. I had received quotes from other people for the same work and Mike's quotes were a bit less expensive than others I had received. I will call him again the next time I need a plumber and would be very comfortable recommending him to others.
By: Lynn V.
Alpha Property Management
I have had my rental properties professionally managed by Alpha Property Management for over ten years. I can say without a doubt that using them gives me peace of mind knowing that my property as well as my tenants are in good hands. From their prompt service and response time to maintenance issues, or getting estimates for repairs and professional services and especially when it comes to placing quality tenants in your properties, Alpha Property Management is first rate. The advantage you have as an owner when hiring A.P.M is the 30+ years of experience that Sally has acquired being in the property management business. I can remember when I started, I was managing my own properties, I got into a jam with a difficult tenant. After going back and forth with the tenant I finally decided to hire A.P.M to manage the units. It didn't take long for Sally to remove the tenant and rather quickly replace them with a new tenant, one that I still have to this very day.
By: Angie G.
I would like to thank RAM for 11 years of wonderful customer service and always dealing with me in a professional manner. I lived here for 10.5 years and had many calls to RAM for repairs. Repairs were always done as soon as possible and were always neat. I recently moved and realized that the place needs some major work to be livable. I sent my amendment sheet to Homepointe and was contacted by RAM within 48 Hours. I was surprised to have several appointments set up for repairs and it gives me a sense of relief to know that things will get fixed. Thank you and your crew for all the hard work and dedication you have, not just to the owners, but the tenants as well. I am glad that there are still people who care about their work and who still know what customer service is. You guys are awesome!
By: Christopher G.
Mariposa Management
My family and I lived in a 4 bedroom (3 bedroom and office), 2 bathroom home in Natomas for 2 years that was managed by Mariposa Management. They were the best property management company I have ever been with. Any repairs were quickly taken care of and any questions were quickly answered. The only things remotely close to complaints were that they were a bit slow on their email responses to questions but never anything that I couldn't resolve with a phone call. And we did have to put down a double deposit because we had two dogs, but I believe this is probably standard. But we also received 100% of our deposit back, they were very good about providing us with precise instructions and requirements for the care and cleaning of the home. I would definitely recommend Mariposa Management.
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By: Anthony M.
AMC - Association Management Concepts
As president of Greengate Homeowners Association I've taken the opportunity to attend two seminars at AMC. Our association is comprised of 70 individual homes whose total care is the responsibility of the owner, and common areas consisting of landscaping, some fencing, private roads, and a lift station, responsibility of the association. We have no recreational facilities and no other buildings for the convenience of our homeowners.Both seminars have bee helpful with managing our association. However, this one was extremely helpful. In the past I've looked at our reserve study as a money saving device, a one time event, rather than as a tool to assist in managing our association. So I wish to thank you for the opportunity to attend and learn.

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