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By: Abigail Y.
Xceptional Prep
Too many breaks between school for me and I felt out of touch with math. I was actually very afraid of the GRE and at minimum the math side of it. It was very scary...Needed a class and signed up for the GRE Course. They started with math, that was a big bonus, and that allowed me to keep on working on it throughout the course.It was a big help and a big relief. I had to study, probably more that other students, but even not having maths for such a long time the class got me in the swing of things and I liked it.
By: ccslover
Cornerstone Christian School
Cornerstone Christian School is an amazing school. They have amazingly kind teachers who teach you about discipline even though it may not be fun, it will help you in future years whether you like it or not. I didn't like it at first but i learned to except it. They have a magnificent headmaster who is serious but also loves to joke around. He also loves to play soccer with his students. My point is if you had to pick a school this is the one to choose. Have an awesome day!!!!!
By: Gary B.
Xceptional Prep
It was recommended by a friend.One of my friends from high school recommended Xceptional Prep for the SAT prep class. I was accepted to UC Santa Barbara and will be going there this fall. My parents decided that this course was affordable and my sister and I took the class together. Check into it, it will help you improve your score, you can count on it.
By: Zeke T.
Xceptional Prep
The GRE Review Course improved my score, with my hard work. I worked all the problems, took notes in class and did the practice tests. I improved 7 points on the Verbal side and 6 on the quantitative portion. The structure and strategy of the course is what I think helped, but I put in the hard effort to make my GRE score rise.
By: Preet S.
Xceptional Prep
I bawled my eyes out after my GRE. After the test you get your unofficial scores, right away, and I did great! Yes! All of the work I put in, all of the sacrifice, all those hours studying PAID OFF. The class was real, and it HELPED! I did so much better than when I was studying by myself. I WILL get in to my graduate program.
By: Abe S.
Xceptional Prep
GRE Course (Absolute Best!)The GRE Course provided a clear way to study for the exam. It helped to reduce my stress level. The instructor was amazing. I'd say this course is worth way more (it was a relative bargin), they are amazing that they charge as little as possible. I got a whole lot and it was worth it.
By: Robert P.
Xceptional Prep
Xceptional Prep SAT Reviews was a great course for my son. He is now choosing between a few top schools and was wait listed on two others. He said it was an amazing course and his scores did go up from when he took a practice test that was offered at school. I highly recommend the SAT Class. Good price.
By: Ella J.
Spray Tan Education
I took their Spray Tan and Teeth Whitening course in November 2013. Let me just say that this class changed my life! I just quit my full time job. I now have a successful business. The best part is that now get to be home when my kids get out of school.. I am so glad that I decided to take this course!
By: Jamie W.
Xceptional Prep
ACT Course, 6 Weeks of pure ... ok. It wasn't that boring, got thru it, didn't fret. I give credit 2 them for helping me score higher on most sections. The instructor wasn't a hipster but was cool and friendly. I recommended the class to a number of my friends.
By: Kent R.
Xceptional Prep
I suggest taking their course. The plan they have worked for me. It was just too much reading all the books and things alone. About each week you go over a different section or question type of the test. This is what made it easier.

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