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By: christyjcole
Future Ford of Sacramento
First off I want to start off by saying that I had been to several dealers in search of someone who would finance me and my unique co signer and credit situation. When I had gotten in contact with Daniel Telllez from Future Ford of Sacramento from the beginning he had the most confidence that he was able to get me financed and in a reliable vehicle in no time. At first I skeptical but once he was willing to get in contact with my dad and explain the entire situation from beginning to end I was then as confident as he was. When I got there he was on the phone with my dad reassuring him that I was in good hands. From that moment I knew even if wasn't able to get a deal that would work I would still come back. I explained the situation and my past experience with the other dealers and he made it a point to make sure I wasn't treated that way. He went very thoroughly through all of the vehicles I was interested in and showed me what I needed to do to stay within my price range. After a very long process with the banks we were finally approved through Ford Credit with little down and for a brand new 2014 Ford Focus .After going through the entire process I was at the dealership very late and didn't feel comfortable driving home and as the truly amazing soul that he is , he was kind enough to drive my new car all the way to my home to make sure I made it home safely. I absolutely love my car and the experience I had with Daniel. He treated me like I was family and was very honest the entire time. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Daniel if you are reading this just know you have changed my life and you really are an amazing person I hope for nothing but the very best for you. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!
By: Frankie G.
Maita Mazda
I thought it would just be a simple trip to get something to eat with my parents but i was oh so wrong. I began my journey instagraming in the car, just like i always do, and after several unfamiliar turns we ended up at this fine establishment. My father went to grab an auto part that he had purchased and i followed him inside because of a strange urge stemming from my lower abdomen. While he handled business at the front desk, i decided to handle my business in the direction of the small blue sign that read "rest rooms". When i turned the corner and grasped the door handle, i encountered something that i could have never imagined. It was beautiful, it was awe inspiring, and it was all mine. This lavatory greeted me with the most decadent of aromas and i was in a state of pure bliss. Between the lovely scent, the comforting cleanliness, and the motion sensing hand soap/towel combination, this pot had it all. To top off this glorious journey, my lips met the refreshing kiss of delightful glacier water, straight from the fountain, just steps away from my oasis. I recommend this place for all of those who battle with the struggles of everyday life. Live. Laugh. Enjoy the finer things.
By: me3232
Future Ford of Sacramento
Tyler Swedensky at Future Ford of Sacramento was awsome.I went to future ford of sac to look at new 2014 ford fusion on black friday to become my new daily driver. I worked with Tyler Swedensky in checking out different versions of the 2014 ford fusion. He was great about letting me take my time finding one i wanted in the color i wanted. Whats nice is that both sac and roseville share the same inventory so tyler was able to take me over to the roseville lot to see what they had too. when i picked the one i wanted tyler was great about not pushing me trying to sell me the car. Inside we were able to settle on a price pretty easy as they agreed to sale price advertised even thoe they had sold the special priced fusions already. We did go back and fourth on the trade in I had. But in the end we were able to work out a great deal and tyler was even able to get me some upgraded 18in black powder coated fusion rims for my new fusion.I would highly recommend Tyler Swedensky at Future ford of sac for your next new or used car.
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By: Robert L.
Quality Auto Sales
- We recently went to Quality Auto Sales looking for a family car, they have a wide variety of cars at reasonable prices and we were able to find just what we were looking for. The people there are really nice and treat you well and with respect, they let you look around without bothering you. They explain everything you may have questions about, which we appreciated a lot. The sales guys that were helping us with the process made us fell really comfortable and were really really nice with us. Being first time buyers with no credit we thought that it was going to be difficult to be able get accepted to buy a car at a good price, but we were actually impressed at how easy it was and at the price that we got our car. They understood our need and tried to accommodate everything they could to make it possible for us to get the car we wanted... They even gave us gas money for our New Car !!! :) I highly recommend this place
By: csmith99
Future Ford of Sacramento
Came in to the Future Ford of Sacramento dealership and was greeted by Kevin Ross and told him I was looking to buy an SUV but wasn't sure which specifically, he led me to all the SUVs and worked with me until I was comfortable and happy with the car I ended up buying. He was very patient with me and happily took me on test drives with all types of SUVs. I was not sure if I was ready to purchase a vehicle that day and Kevin did not put any pressure on me to buy and encouraged me to come back when I felt ready. I ended up coming back in the following weekend and Kevin recognized me the second I came back into the lot and again was very patient with me. I ended up going with the Ford Escape. He made the process move smoothly and I would definitely recommend him to potential buyers. I am very happy with my experience and am very satisfied with my new car! Thanks again Kevin!
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By: Tanja W.
Roland On Broadway Discount Auto Sales
I was going to buy a car from there, but the salesman named Danny is nothing but a scam artist. I wanted a BMW that I saw on the lot so I made a down payment and the he sold me the car like it came from a private owner. After 7 days there were some problems with the car. He towed the car and had it fixed at my expense. Now he claiming that there are all kinds of problems with the car. So I asked him to return my money so I can get somesomething different and he refused. Now the owner of the dealership agreed to get me some of my money back. Roland was very polite an helpful. Now I got my money back but please do not deal with Danny. Roland on the other hand is absolutely honest. DO NOT MAKE ANY DEALS WITH DANNY HE IS A CROOK AND A SCAM ARTIST!
By: dwayne2897
Maita's Scion of Sacramento
I went to Maita just with questions about a new Prius because I had bought my 05 Prius (which I loved and will never own anything but a Prius) from them and have had all my service done there. Dave Lundgaard answered my all my questions and then told me the 2011 that I had seen online was available at a very good price and would give me close to full blue book for my 05. So I bought it that day and was very happy with everyone during the process. Dave has called since then to make sure all is well. One of the best features of the new Pruis is the voice activated phone....I wasn't even looking for that and now can't imagine living without...Thanks Dave and everyone.
By: Jessica A.
Maita's Scion of Sacramento
I bought a new highlander from Mehdi Raza. The experience was absolutely wonderful!!! I came in just took look at the highlander, but after him letting me test drive I was ready to buy. I had certain options that I wanted in my car. Mehdi took the time to make sure that I got everything I wanted. It actually ended up being the one I test drove. I wanted to go home and talk over my decision with my spouse. Mehdi never pressured me into buying that day. When I called Mehdi letting him know that was the car I wanted he took it off the lot and got it all ready. The actual purchasing process was a breeze! I was so happy with my experience. I am happy to recommend my friends!
By: kelly594
Future Ford of Sacramento
I went to Future Ford on a Tuesday evening to look for a new car. I was not sure exactly what it was I was looking for but upon my arrival I was immediately welcomed by Denny Weaver. Denny took the time to listen to what it was I was looking for in a vehicle and suggested I consider an Escape. At which time He then took about 15-20 minutes going well over what seemed like every inch of the vehicle. Let me tell you He loves Ford and it shows. Long story short Denny provided to me a car buying experience that you would never believe unless you experienced it yourself. I highly encourage you to ask for Denny Weaver the next time your at Future Ford in Sacramento.
By: cecill182
Maita's Scion of Sacramento
As far as I am concerned Maita Toyota is probably one of the best dealership so I've ever been to. They treat the customer with respect and kindness. I had a tremendous issue that I was dealing with for over three months which nobody could actually correct. Not only did Maita Toyota correct the issue which nobody else could they called and followed up with me for the entire week before and after I parked the car. I appreciate all that they did and they really took care me and my car. Consider me a very satisfied customer and special thanks goes to TAmmy and Sean for their extremely perfect customer service.

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