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By: gin1012
Hannibals Catering
We received many quotes from caterers recommended to us by friends. We finally got a quote we liked, and we went to a tasting. We weren't that happy with the food, so we continued the search. We found Hannibal’s catering & events on line, and it looked too good to be true. They were very affordable and were also able to provide the rentals of all of our tables, linens, glassware and utensils. We scheduled an appointment but had to reschedule on the day of due to an emergency. Phil was totally flexible and was able to move our appointment to later that day. We met for at least an hour to discuss what we wanted our day to be like. They are very professional, detail-oriented, accommodating and friendly to work with. We went to a tasting a couple weeks later and were sold. The food was delicious! I was skeptical that the food could actually be that good on the actual day after having to mass produce it. We were indeed so happy and grateful to this caterer because the food served on our wedding day was indeed perfect yummy and beautifully presented. Everyone of our guest we talked to after our wedding raved about the food. Great caterer! Highly recommended!
By: Preeti L.
Singh's Oceania Supermarket
Very nice store one of the best in Sacramento, they have everything it's a one stop store, I come here sometime and my parents come here also. Everything is fresh and they have a large selection of groceries from everywhere.The lady working in the front is very friendly but sometimes she looks very tired. Her daughter is there too, she doesn't talk as much but whenever I go there she's always working and if u say hi she will smile back a little but she looks pretty tired too. There is the old man over there he's the owner he makes me feel uncomfortable. He usually stands on the other register and just stares it feels really awkward and he carries around his little radio in his pocket. He should be working too his kids work more then he does and he should keep it equal. They used to put on great pumping music and I shopped even more but now it's dead silence. I think this is one of the reasons why a lot of my friends and family don't come here because the owner seems really conceited and rude and acts like he's all that. If he changed his attitude he will have all his customers back.
By: cottage8
Hannibals Catering
I've been to a lot of big catered events like fundraisers, galas and most of all weddings. Most of these events are usually lacking in food quality and flavor. Buffets usually has long lines and takes forever to get your food. However, to my surprise, this is not the case with all caterers, especially when it comes to Hannibal's Catering & Events. I recently attended a wedding and they're a surprise. Their food is AMAZING in both quality, freshness and is so yummy and beautifully presented. Most of all there is no waiting to get our food though it about 250 of us. To be honest, I've not like anything that they served on the buffet that night. The chicken skewers , the mini beef wellingtons and the Prime ribs were just so perfect delicious. The chocolate fondue with the strawberries and dark chocolate were scrumptious! The three servers at the wedding were very friendly, helpful and busy serving all of us. Great food and outstanding service is what I can only said of Hannibal's catering and Events.
By: 2012social
Hannibals Catering
Hannibal’s catering & Events was so reasonably priced and you get so much in your package. Everything is laid out in front of you so there are no surprises. It took so much stress away from our planning because all their staffs were very professional and friendly. The attention to detail and amount of support that Phil and his staff give is well beyond any other catering company we have ever used.This is indeed a top notch company and yet they make you feel like part of the family. On the many occasions we used them as our caterer and the latest in August 2012 for our daughter’s wedding, we are well pleased with their excellent service and exquisite food styling. And each time we received so many comments from our guests of how delicious the food was. With their varieties of menu it gives us so many choices and made everything so much easier. Will used Hannibal’s catering and Events for our Christmas party again. Highly recommend to ANYONE!!!!
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By: Dot Q.
Fiji Mart
Funky little store with loads of imported foods, especially spices - you can smell the curry as you cruise the aisles. I shop here occasionally to get a few items from New Zealand, my husband's home country. Sometimes what I want isn't in stock, hence 4 stars, but call first and ask. The owners are very friendly and willing to make a deal if you buy quantity, as I do.Okay, so I haven't been there in a few years, they moved and are now in a strip mall behind Long John Silver's on Northgate. Still smal, but much nicer building and well-stocked shelves....and I didn't smell spices this time....I still recommend calling first to see if they have what you want, or just go by and see what they have....New Zealand green mussels were in the freezer as was NZ butter, the best on the planet! (pricey, but Grocery Outlet doesn't get it very often, so if you're looking for a treat, Fiji Mart has it!
By: David H.
East Meets West Supermarket
I'd really hesitate to call it a true "Super market". It's a crazy little place though with all sorts of random things, plus a ton of alcohol. As the linked review pointed out, in addition to the chicken they also have a bunch of other things on the menu including tacos and hamburgers. The broasted chicken is cooked earlier in the day and then left under some heat lamps. Hardly the ideal conditions, especially if the chicken has been sitting for awhile. For $8.99 I got a 4 piece combo with some cole-slaw, potato wedges, and a drink. The chicken was good but kinda dry. I think if the chicken had just been freshly broasted, it would have been just as good as what Joe Marty's used to offer. But... I guess we have to take what we can get. Will I go back? Heck yeah, even just average broasted chicken beats any of the fried chicken chains by miles and miles.
By: lou4989
Hannibals Catering
Hannibal’s catering & events made us so happy and proud to be able to give our guests such a grand wedding reception filled with delicious and beautifully presented food. Is our first time using them, having found their website online and was amazed by their varieties of wedding packages so we decided to call them. Their staffs were so friendly, helping and guiding us in deciding the choices of food. During the tasting when we find we needed some changes with the food they happily adjusted every thing to our taste. On our wedding Day, all the dishes were all served so perfect good from the comments we got from our guests. We are indeed very thankful to all staffs of Hannibal’s catering & events and will recommend all our friends to use this caterer as we find all their staff, even their servers very professional.
By: hanie1010
Hannibals Catering
The food from Hannibal’s catering & Events was so delicious - everyone really enjoyed the food. Between the time of our initial tasting and the wedding I changed my mind a lot about what I wanted and spent a lot of time find out how much something would cost, and Hannibal’s staff was wonderful, always answering my questions and being very responsive. The setup at the wedding was beautiful - my mom really appreciated that our buffet was served so beautifully. Also, the seated salad first course was a hit with the guests. On the wedding day, everything was so organized and everyone happy. All their staff were so attentive to every details during the reception - it was nice that I could just enjoy myself and not worry about anything. I would highly recommend Hannibal’s Catering & events to anyone getting married.
By: helrob
Hannibals Catering
Hannibal's Catering did a terrific job catering for my mum"s birthday party! I loved how they elegantly presented their food and cooked everything perfectly. Normally, I assume the chicken is always bad when its catered to you, but in this case, it was my favorite dish! The servers were polite, and very respectful to all of my guests.The food was amazing and the service was very good NO COMPLAINTS AT ALL! We got many compliments on our food. We couldn't been happier that we chose Hannibal's Catering for this happy occasion of my family. My mum too was well pleased with Hannibal's catering and events service and food and praised me for hiring such an excellent caterer.Thanks to all staff of Hannibals and we have already book them for our thanksgiving and christmas party.
By: m-mabel
Hannibals Catering
PHENOMENAL!!! We could not have been happier and worth every single penny!! Our event coordinator, was absolutely perfect at keeping us on task while at the same time making us feel at ease and comfortable. She was so meticulous in all of her communications and work. We never felt lost, unsure or confused at any point during the coordinating process. On the day of our wedding anniversary's reception, she could not have been more attentive making sure everything was totally taken care. The food freshness, flavors, textures, presentation was beyond anything most of my guests had ever tasted! The price was very reasonable and especially for the quality of service and food!! Many of our guests loved their food so much that they already booked Hannibal’s for their parties

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